Little Black DressABOUT THE BLOG

Welcome and thanks for stopping by.  I have created this Blog to share my passion for sewing, and to encourage others to do whatever it is that they're passionate about.  Think about your last shopping trip to buy new clothes.  Were you totally satisfied with the style, fit, quality and cost of your purchases?  Sometimes it's difficult to get all four of these elements in ready-to-wear (RTW).  In order to have one of these four elements, means you will more than likely have to sacrifice the others.  

What to Expect

What if I told you it's possible to have it all?  What if I told you that the perfect garment is within your reach?  This Blog is here to help you accomplish exactly that.  Through this Blog, I'd like to encourage you to use your creativity, to sew your own clothes, and wear them with confidence.  You may have heard that sewing is expensive.  Yes it can be, however, you CAN create quality, stylish, and perfectly fit garments with high-end department store looks for a fraction of the high-end price tag.  I know this to be true, because that's exactly what I'm doing.  Whether you are new to sewing or a well-seasoned seamstress, you will be inspired to take your craft to the next level.  Don't know how to sew?  No problem!  You can learn by following my Blog.  In fact, this Blog is especially for you.  There will be inspiration photographs, video tutorials, sew-alongs, and a beginner's sewing course to teach and help you get started.  I invite you to join me on this journey into the world of "Do it Yourself," where you will experience an amazing feeling of accomplishment with each completed project.  Come, let's have some fun creating our own wardrobe.  Stylish and perfectly fit garments await you.



My name is Anita Morris.  I am a child of God, wife, mother,  seamstress and mentor.  I'm a girly girl, who loves fashion, tea parties, and getting all dressed up for any occasion.   Sewing is my passion.  I get such a thrill when bringing life to an outfit I've sewn.  Taking a simple dress that I've made and pairing it with a lovely pair of high heeled shoes, giving it pizzazz by adorning it with pearl earrings or rhinestones, adding a beautiful necklace, pulling on a pair of elbow length gloves, and topping it off with a stylish and classy hat makes me squeal with delight.  God has blessed me with an amazing talent and I want to share it with anyone who will watch, listen and learn.  Sewing makes me happy and provides me the perfect opportunity to express myself through creativity. 


How I Got Started

My first experience with sewing was in 8th Grade Home Economics Class.  I absolutely loved the class, but didn't take an interest in pursuing it further at that time.  Years later, I had a friend who was a seamstress and I was very impressed with her talent.  She made me a dress for a special occasion, and the moment I put on that dress I KNEW I needed to learn to sew my own clothes.  It was the first time I had worn anything custom designed, but I knew it wouldn't be the last.  I took a few sewing lessons from a very talented lady, named Regina, at her private studio in Los Angeles.  She taught me the basics of sewing, and from there I continued to learn by reading books and practicing.  About 18 months later I got married and started having children.  Sewing took a back seat to family life, except for an occasional project (mostly for the kids).  In 2013 I started sewing again.  Then in 2014, my best friend, Tina, introduced me to the Mimi G. Style Blog.  Once again, I became greatly inspired by another amazingly, talented lady.  I found out about her conference that year but it sold out before I could register to go.  I decided then that I would NOT miss that conference the following year.  In 2015 I purchased my ticket to the conference the same day that registration opened.  I almost didn't make it because my tire blew out on the freeway while I was driving there.  My husband came to the rescue and brought his truck to me so I could continue my journey.  I made it to the conference and enjoyed it.  The highlight of the event for me was meeting so many women who spoke my language -- sewing.  That was my turning point.  I'm BACK and I'm on a mission!  I continue to learn new sewing skills and perfect the ones I have through video tutorials and reading.  As I work toward mastering my craft, I look forward to sharing it all with you.

 MEANING IN THE NAME - Anita by Design

What's the meaning behind the Blog name?  Here it is! As a believer in Jesus Christ, my desire is to honor God with my life.  The only way I can do that is by living according to the way He designed me.  I call this "living in my design."  Everything He has given me -- personality, desires, strengths, talents, gifts, voice, etc. -- all work together to demonstrate my design.  The design, however, comes with purpose.  The purpose is to please God and make Him the focus of attention.  As I reach out to others: to listen, to encourage, to teach, to uplift, to speak life, and point them in the direction of Jesus Christ, it is by His design and power.  Therefore, my aim with this Blog is to give what I've received, living out my purpose, as I serve you and share my love of sewing.  When we embrace who we are, it positions us to operate from a place of authenticity, where we're at our best.  Then, as we live in our own unique design, it increases our opportunity to gain the trust of others, so that we may serve them better, by simply being who we're created to be.  All the while, God is the One who is being lifted up.  He is the One who is being glorified, as He should be.  We are designed so that He may SHINE.  So let's do this!

My motto:  "When I live in my DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES." (Anita Morris)