You are currently viewing 2K Subscriber GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

2K Subscriber GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED)

Hello everyone!  Ooooh, I’m so EXCITED!!!  So here’s the deal.  Today I’m announcing that I have reached over 2,000 YouTube Subscribers!  That may not be a big deal to some, but it is for me.  I’m SHOCKED!  When I launched the Beginner’s Sewing Course, I was hoping that someone would watch the videos and become interested.  I had absolutely no idea how this would be received, but I wanted to give it a try.  The response has been AMAZING!  I reached the first 1,000 Subscribers before I completed the Beginner’s Course.  WHAT?!  I wasn’t ready!  So here I am, saying THANK YOU to all my subscribers, with a 2K Subscriber GIVEAWAY!

Watch Video HERE

2k Subscriber GIVEAWAY!

2K Subscriber GIVEAWAY!

I am giving away two $25 gift cards to JoAnn’s Fabric Store.  There will be 2 Winners!  To enter for a chance to win, follow the instructions below.  The gift cards may be used in-store or at

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  3. Comment at the end of this post
    1. Leave your First Name
    2. Tell how you found out about Anita by Design

Winners will be announced here on the Blog next Friday, July 15, 2016.  I will also announce the winners on Instagram @anitabydesign.  Please feel free to follow me on Instagram.

I will be back with more tutorials later, so stay tuned.  Again, THANK YOU for SUBSCRIBING!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!





Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Felicia

    I am so happy to have found your channel. I have been listening and watching all of your videos since I found the first lesson. I love being created but could not understand the patterns to save my life and the book was no help. I can’t wait to begin my first real sewing project. Thank you for taking the time to be thorough. I can’t express that enough. You have explained it all. I can’t wait to post a pic of my my first skirt from lesson 1.

  2. Michelina

    Hi Anita

    I have been a fan and admirer of your work from the Make It, Mix It, Rock It Group and the RedPants Design Group. Your work and style is classy and elegant, and you always accessorize your outfits.

    I am a bigger fan now that I had the pleasure to meet you in person at the Mimi G Conference. You are amazing in person.

  3. Jazmyne

    Hey Anita

    I’ve always wanted to learn to sew so my boyfriend brought me a sewing machine for my birthday. One day I was in Hancock fabric, they where having a going out of business sale so I decided to stop in. I went to the back of the store to browse through patterns. As I went through them I struck up a conversation with 2 young ladies who introduced me to your blog.

    Jazmyne ❤️

  4. Sandy

    Hi Anita.. I stumbled upon your Youtube while attempting to learn how to sew. 🙂 And you’re teaching me a lot. Thank you!

  5. Monique

    Greetings to you,

    I found you via youtube soon after you posted your first lesson. You have a talent for teaching and your instruction is very thorough. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Chrishana Fields

    Hello Anita! I found you by your beautiful posts on Mimi G’s Make it Mix it Rock it page. That red pea coat was the business! Jackets scare me, but your tutorials have really been great and I know my sewing will get there with time and practice. Many blessings to you and it was so nice seeing you at the conference.

  7. Debby

    Hey, this is Debby. I found you through a google search.

  8. Florence Brown

    Hello Ms. Anita. Florence here. I was surfing the Internet and happened upon your blog. I was elated that you finally took the leap as I have seen many of your beautifu creations in a Facebook group. Thanks again for all you do in making this journey of sewing easier for some of us.

  9. Patricia

    Hi Anita,
    I found your blog on Facebook where I saw your yellow Easter Dress and I’ve searched high and low for that color fabric with no success. I love the video’s for beginners that you do even though I’ve been sewing for years it’s always good to go back for refresher courses every now and then. Keep up the good work and God Bless you.

  10. SaDetra


    I I found you through a Facebbok group. The green coat is what caught my eye and I’ve been following you every since.

    Congratulations on your 2000 subscribers and I’m sure there will be more added to that!


  11. peace to you anita,i found out about you via youtube.i was looking for free sewing lessons and came across your video’s.what is different about your videos is the way that you take great care to explain and demonstrate in full detail.oh and the trip to the the fabric store was priceless,encouraging and much appreciated,for newbies like myself i think that it’s awesome and selfless that you share for free.Yah willing i will get started this summer.thanks again..peace ?

  12. Kim Johnson

    My name is Kim and I found out about you on youtube. Your videos are very thorough for a beginner sewer such as myself and look forward to more great videos from you.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  13. Cindy

    Hello Anita. I love your video’s. I love that you give such great details on a sewing project from start to finish. Your beginner course was awesome. I will be watching that again. Other video’s just take for granted you already know how to sew. I have started so many sewing project that I never finish because I get to a point that I just don’t understand what they are telling me to do…. I can’t wait to tell the next person that likes my outfit yea “I made it” !!! THANK YOU!!!

  14. Rochelle Miles

    Hello Anita, I am Rochelle and I found out about you through a Facebook post by Blogger That Black Chick. From there I watch your first video and I was hooked. I am a beginner. I should say intermediate beginner, but I am still learning the ropes and can’t wait to see more. Thank you for sharing your work with all of us.

  15. Danielle

    I’m Danielle and I found you by searching for a circle skirt tutorial. I looked at your video and you taught me a new thing. So I wanted more of your tips and decided to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Thanks for being brave!

  16. Judi

    Hi! (Waving) I’m Judi. I found your channel while looking for some additional helps for a homeschooling home ec. Course i teach. So glad i did!

  17. roxanne

    Hi Anita! I’m Roxanne. I believe I found you from Patternreview. I’m such a newbie at sewing and seeing your videos have been such an inspiration for me to start. I just purchased the pattern and fabric for the skirt, and will be starting this week. I’m so excited and absolutely been loving your videos! They have been super helpful for me as a beginner. I’m so excited for the next classes from you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  18. Cheri Sparks

    I love your posts and seeing your beautiful creations in person at church !!!!

  19. Lori Morton name is Lori. I found you thru my Daughter! She was looking for some sewing advice ..on You Tube..& found you! (& shared with me)

    I follow your You Tube, and now thru Email too 🙂

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!! Looove Jo-Ann’s! giggle…

  20. jeannette

    Hi anita, my name its Jeannette, i found you by looking through videos about sawing, see im a mom & wife also like to keep thing withing my budget, so i been wanting to lear how to saw, and there you were. Thanks for this giveaway

  21. Yvette

    HI Anita,
    I learned about you as a Mimi G follower.
    I started following all of you because of your awesome seeing
    Talent and all of the gorgeous outfits you would post
    On FB. You’ve also been so kind to me to help me
    With sewing questions.
    I feel like I know you. That’s how sweet and kind you
    Continue into let God use you. Everyone will benefit
    From that to include you!! ☺️❤️

  22. Tonja

    Hi Anita, I discovered your channel by strolling through you tube for some guidance on sewing a maxi skirt. After looking at your tutorials and how you give step by step instructions on making the latest designs I knew I had found the right person to help me make my sewing easy. Thanks for your Godly gift of patience and teaching.

  23. Camille Bess

    Hello, my name is Camille. It was by happenstance that I found your YouTube site (first). I was looking for a tutorial on how to sew a circle skirt and found many other learning videos. At that point I subscribed because I wanted to see a woman of color sewing, being professional, a professional site and also one that would show quality work. I then ordered the pattern to make the skirt in the video.

    Though I’m not a “beginner” per se, I am still what I call an “advanced beginner” because I haven’t sown anything for many years. I gave up because I was told years ago when I wanted to pursue fashion design that I’d have to know how to draw. Drawing is definitely not my forte. If it can be done on a computer – I’m your girl! However, back in the early 90s that was not the case. So, I have to pick up where I left off and continue to build on the skills I do have.

    Thank you for taking the time to do what you do.


  24. Rebecca H

    Hi Anita, I found you blog surfing. My sewing has been pretty maddening lately! seems like when I sew something it never fits. I’m a size 12 but when I looked at the sizes on the pattern it was a size 16 I should have sewn, what…arg so had to add fabric for it to fit. maybe they shouldn’t have sizes just the measurements. But congrats on all your followers and I love JoAnns, so this would be fun to win, thanks for the chance.

  25. Jackie

    Hi, Anita. My name is Jackie. I came by your YouTube channel by chance. It was on my recommendation list two days ago. Your videos are so wonderfully made and so detailed. I felt like I was in a real sewing classroom (which I cannot afford, LOL). I was thinking on picking up on sewing and you just motivated my creative side. I have a sewing and serger that I have not touch in a year. Thank you so much for taking your time to share your knowledge with us. May God continue to Bless you in your new endeavors and with God by our side nothing is impossible. Very anxious to see your future videos. Once again, thank you. God Bless.

  26. Shantina

    Hi Anita! My name is Shantina and I discovered your channel while searching for how to videos on skirts. I enjoy watching your videos. Please keep them coming.

    Congrats on 2000+ subscribers!

  27. Aisha

    I am interested in sewing while I was searching for sewing lessons for beginners I found out your YouTube channel

  28. Rene

    Hi, my name is Rene, congratulations on 2k sub. I found you on YT, because i was looking for
    A beginners class in sewing. I have always wanted to learn to sew and make chic clothing that I could wear right away….and became inspired by your style.

  29. Eugenia

    Like I mentioned on your YpuTube page, true and honest. I’m motivated by your confidence. My name is Eugenia. I came across through suggested videos within YouTube. I was inspired by your story and presence. Your choice of clothing/patterns are flattering and elegant. You taught some important side information like, pattern altering that I’ve been craving to learn. It almost caused me to give up. Thank you for that.

  30. Ashley

    Hi Anita! My name is Ashley and I found you through my YouTube recommendations. I can’t wait to follow along with your beginners projects videos.

  31. Phyllis

    Hi Anita. My name is Phyllis and I found your YT channel by YT recommendation and I have really enjoyed your videos. Congrats and thank you for entering my name into your drawing.

  32. AnTia

    Hi my name is AnTia and I found Anita by design while on Instagram searching for fashion, sewing, and design pages.

  33. Lorelei

    Hi my name is Lorelei. I found your channel by searching for sewing lessons.

  34. Mitzi Griffin

    Hello Anita, first off I would like to congratulate you on acquiring 2000 subscribers that is truly a blessing. My name is Mitzi and I came upon your channel as a suggestion through YouTube and I must say I could not be happier to have found your channel. I have always wanted to learn how to see. Both my mother and my aunt were sewers, my aunt to this day makes all her own clothes my mother focused more on things like seat covers for the kitchen chairs and curtains. My mother was planning to teach me how, but passed away before she got the chance. It’s been 17 years and my desire to learn is just as great now as it was then. I am truly enjoying watching your videos and hope to become as great a sewer as my mom. God Bless you Anita and I can’t wait to celebrate your next milestone with you.

  35. MirlineK

    Greetings Anita,

    I’m Mirline – I’m found your blog/YT channel from my YouTube recommendations since I’m always (nonstop) viewing sewing tutorials? Congrats on reaching 2k subscribers!? No its surprised your an amazing teacher and Iby the grace of God I’m looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations and to excited to learn more??

  36. Theresa chesterfield

    I’m Theresa and I found your channel under suggested channels on my YouTube page?

  37. Raliat

    My name is Raliat. I found your blog through McCalls Pinterest Fan Gallery Board and I absolutely loved your style right after seeing it. You inspire me with your sewing and picking of fabrics.

  38. Patricia

    Hi Anita

    My name is Patricia. I surf YouTube for sewing tutorials and love your sewing fashion style. In a world where people are scared to honor God, thank you for reflecting Jesus!

  39. Tracey

    I’m Tracey, I found out about you on youtube searching for sewing tutorials.

  40. Teresa

    Hi Anita, I found your youtube videos 2 weeks ago by searching “sewing tutorials” on youtube. I watched the first project, you are a great teacher! You have given me the confidence to try sewing projects with zippers. You are such a blessing, I am a new Christian and finding out you are a Christian is a bonus. Thank You for making videos.

  41. Emerald

    Hello Anita. My name is Emerald and I found you on YouTube. I am always watching sew along tutorials on you tube. YouTube recommended your channel based on my viewing history. I saw you first basic tutorial and was a fan. I spent the weekend watching your entire series. Looking forward to seeing what other creations you have in store.

  42. Nina Salter

    Anita,I found out about you from our sewsister group and fellow mentor Mimi g. I aways admire what God has allowed you to create & make! Thank you for stepping and following your God given you talent! “YOU TRULY HAVE INSPIRED ME”?

  43. Stephanie Jevyak

    Hey Anita…it’s Stephanie. I’ve been with you since before the sewing lessons and honestly I can’t remember how I found you?. I’m guessing it was through youtube, but it may have been pintrest. All I know is I’m so happy I found you. I absolutely love your style. I love you’re a God loving women. I also love how well you teach and explain things. Thank you for taking the time to help teach others a valuable skill. God bless you and may you thrive in all you do!

  44. Julia

    Hi Anita, I’m always looking for sewing techniques and was so happy to find your videos, which led me to your blog and just a whole host of wonderful ideas. I sew about anything that is not tied down and make quilts for people in need; i.e., coworkers and friends with cancer diagnoses, illnesses or surgeries, and have found it not only helps the recipient but me too (amazingly), and Girls Inc, which I designate as my donation organization. So I’ve developed a personal mission of sorts. BUT, OF COURSE, my first love is Fashion, and one of my goals is to make all my clothes–Haaa! I’m pretty sloppy in my technique in that area, so you have joyfully awakened me from a deep sleep! I just want to say thank you, and may He bless all those you touch.

  45. Eula

    I found your blog via You Tube.

    1. Anita Morris

      Congratulations, Eula! You’ve won a $25 gift card to Joann’s Fabrics! I’ll send you an email shortly. Thank you for subscribing!

  46. Natasha

    I first saw your picture on Pinterest and saved it to my sewing board because I liked your style. Then I found you on Instagram while searching sewing hashtags and was so thrilled that you not only made that outfit I liked, but we’re willing to teach others! I too have dusted off my sewing machine after almost a year hiatus!

  47. caroline

    found you by googling free sewing classes on line and so happy I did. watched a lot of your videos and love your teaching method. you’ve made me start sewing again! thank you so much.

  48. Arlita

    Hi Anita
    Arlita Lee here and I found your by a comment you put on another IG I follow…thatblackchick!! I wanted to get involved with a sewing community and checked out your IG and then your blog, then your youtube channel and subscribed!! Im so excited to find someone who is as talented as you and willing to allow those who desire to make their own clothes see that it is so doable with the right tools and desire. Thank you, thank you!!!

  49. Donna

    I found your blog as a YouTube recommended channel. I’ve watched all your sewing videos and really appreciate your clear, concise instructions.

  50. Pam

    I found you on YouTube. I’ve been watching your tutorials ever since.

  51. Brittany Jones

    Hey Anita!!! I found you a couple months back over on Instagram and I was instantly in love!! From your sewing creations, your beautiful presence and let’s not forget the hats!!! are amazing to me!! You are one of the sewing vets I look up to admire?

  52. Tekera

    Hello Anita… I found you on the Make It, Mix It, Rock It group page on Facebook. I remember asking when you were going to start your own blog and so glad you did. I really enjoy seeing your creations and style and always providing positive feedback.

  53. Angela Hill

    Thank You Anita, my name is Angela and I found you on YouTube while searching for some videos on how to sew and I saw your Beginner learn how to Sew learning how to sew and I have been watching you every since, Anita I just want to say that it has been a pleasure just to watch you, every thing has a purpose in life and I believe God showed you how to spread it around I’m so happy to be able to be a part of your sewing group, God Bless you and I can’t wait to see some more videos.

  54. Roshelle

    Thank you. My name is Roshelle and found your video on YouTube and have been living following he sewing course. Rather I win or not, I want to thank you for helping me through the craft of sewing. I have learned so much. Continued blessings and success on your growing subscribers as well as allowing others to see God through you.I love the new motto. Be blessed.

  55. Yolanda Williams

    Hi Ms. Anita,
    Congrats on reaching 2000+ subscribers! I found you on YouTube and loved what you were doing with your beginners course so I shared your channel in a Facebook sewing group that I am in asked them to subscribe and share as well! Also, the sewing blog “That Black Chic” sung your praises too! You have been a blessing to so many already, including myself and you really a great big ol jar of AWESOME SAUCE! I wish you nothing but continued success in this YouTube journey and stacks on stacks on stacks of blessings!

  56. Mary

    You are wonderful. A friend introduced me to your blog.

  57. samantha edu

    Hi there! My is Samantha Edu. I found your site by googling a simplicity pattern I plan to sew and clicked on your image.

  58. Daphnée

    Hi, my name is Daphnée,
    I was on YouTube and your video came up as a suggestion 🙂

  59. Dawn

    I found you by chance on YouTube and I’m sure glad I did! I enjoy your videos very much!

  60. Hi Anita I found out about you on YouTube I was searching sewing for beginners because I’m starting my new business and I’m teaching beginner sewers so I was doing a search and I saw your video and havr watched them all since yhan. Awesome by the way and I do love the new model to God be the glory

  61. Faye Lewis

    Hi, I located you one day while sewing blog surfing. I love your blog and your designs.

  62. Mariela Alethia

    I hello Anita, you participated in the Amazing Coat Sew A Long last year. You made a beautiful light pink coat using MimiG’s coat pattern and you made the hat to match. I love the way you styled your coat. After I realize that you were a Pericrafter and that you seem to love wearing skirts and I love skirts. I absolutely love hats and I mostly wear hats in the summer. Unfortunately, I develop an allergy to wool and I was forced to give so many of my beautiful hats to Goodwill store. I wish I knew about you, I would have happily given you all my fabulous hats because I know you would have appreciated them. I appreciate your love of color,and your simple yet elegant style. I subscribed to your You-Tube channel to watch your sewing classes. After watching the first two classes I recommended your channel to my daughter so that she can learn to sew. Congratulations on the fantastic growth of your channel and the best is yet to come.
    Mariela Alethia

  63. Lorelei Barnett

    My name is Lorelei and I found you while looking for sewing ideas on YouTube. Keep up the good work!

  64. Patricia

    My name is Patricia. I love to sew and I found your blog through other bloggers that I am subscribed to. Though I am not a beginner I love watching your YouTube sewing classes.

  65. Shawn

    Hi, my name is Shawn. I stumbled upon you through YouTube. It came up as a suggestion as I follow a lot in sewing. I already follow the newsletter, IG and blog.

  66. Trenetta

    I found you on Instagram and I’m so glad I did. This led me to your blog then to your awesome YouTube videos. Thanks for what you do.

  67. Sharon

    Hi Anita…
    My name is Sharon. I learned about Anita by Design via Instagram. I also follow you on YouTube and subscribe to your newsletter & I’m in your Beginner’s Sewing Course. When I see good things…I follow it!! You’re doing awesome work…!!!

  68. Thomasine Singleton

    Hi Anita, I found you online when you were announcing the launch of your blog. I was so inspired by your classy style, so I continue to follow you. I thank you so much for the sewing tutorials for beginner sewers. I kinda self taught myself and you gave me the know how to create garments with a more professional look. I’m so grateful and truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your the best… I’m on all your sites. I have made me those beautiful skirts and working on more of your tutorial.

  69. Tammy Ellis

    Hi Anita! My name is Tammy Ellis and I live in eastern NC. I’m not sure how I found you, but it was well before you started your sewing lessons. I love the simplicity and beauty of your clothes. The colors are fabulous!
    I appreciate that each outfit is shown with complementary shoes,jewelry, handbag and/or other accessories. It helps me put colors and style together for myself.
    I have been making myself skirts this summer and am on love with sewing. I just have to keep practicing and watching videos so I can learn to sew more complex patterns.
    Thanks for the giveaway! And, congratulations on reaching 2,000+ followers!

  70. Laurel Thibert

    Hi Anita, I found you on youtube while searching for sewing lessons. I feel so blessed that I ran across you! Your tutorials are outstanding. As a new sewer with the basic skills- you have given me the courage to actually make a garment! I have straight sewed such as in quilting, but you definitely gave me the courage to try! You are refreshing- love your channel and now subscribed to your Blog. God Bless You- <3

  71. Julett

    Hi Anita,I found your page on instagram and loved it.You made me dust of my sewing machine and go pattern shopping at Hobby Lobby. My mom sews for a living and while I can do some really simple stuff I regret not paying more attention as a kid and learning from her. You’re my new teacher!!!

  72. Verlinda

    I noticed your blog on Carla Jacob’s Facebook page. Love your knowledge and designs.

  73. Margo

    I first found you on YouTube. I am blown away by your success – so glad and extremely happy for you. You must know I am following you and doing your tutorials. The videos are fantastic. Couldn’t have done it without your assistance. A huge thank you! Presently I am trying to make the pencil skirt with dashiki fabric!

  74. Vanda

    Hi Anita. I found out about your blog from YouTube. But I found you on YouTube when I was looking up sewing projects. I am so glad for your tutorials. They are very detailed and the projects are fun.

  75. April

    Congratulations Anita…I learned about Anita by Design through a search on YouTube. The video I watch as your first posted YouTube video “Beginners Sewing Course Information Video”. I appreciate your positive energy especially as I begin my sewing journey. Keep up the good work.

  76. Jeannie Jones

    Hi Anita ,I left a comment on your Youtube channel but I forgot to tell you that i subscribed. My name is Jeannie Jones, I’ve just started back sewing and I often go to Youtube to watch videos to refresh my memory or to learn something new. I also like to watch fabric hauls. I have become addicted to buying fabric.Lol. I just happen to come across your channel and you turned out to be perfect.Great new Motto, Glad to know that you are a believer. Maybe that’s why your beauty shines on the inside as well as outside. Can’t wait for more tutorials. Thank You!

  77. Kathyann

    I found your blog and youtube channel from one of your post on Facebook. Loved you creations and style.

  78. Shirelle R Chapman

    I was just going through youtube and saw your projects and loved how you teach.

  79. Freda

    Anita love your YouTube podcast. I’ve been sewing for a long time; currently I’m revamping a skirt and was looking for dart placement info and you podcast came up in my search. I’ve all your videos.

  80. Marilyn

    I just posted about how grateful I am to have found you and am beginning to sew. While I have some background, I by no means am considered intermediate. I forgot to tell you how stunning you looked at your son’s graduation. That dress is so lovely. Since I’m a beginner, do you think that would be too difficult for me? I really love, love, love it. JoAnn’s has Simplicity patterns for $1.99 for the next few days and I’m thinking of purchasing it for the future. Thanks so much.

  81. Marilyn

    What a blessing you are, Anita. I found you while searching videos for beginning sewers. All the ones I viewed claimed to be for beginners but assumed we all had background in selecting a pattern, measuring our body, reading the pattern, choosing the amount of fabric to purchase, etc.. While I do have some background, I was so grateful to see your attention to all the details from the very beginning. You remind me of my dear mother who always said it’s the details that people don’t notice but if you skip those steps, your garment will scream HOMEMADE. She will be so happy I’m finally learning to sew professionally instead of the sloppy manner I always did. I raced through a garment, didn’t press until the end and my garment did scream HOMEMADE. As a result, time and money wasted because the garments were so hideous that I couldn’t wear them. Thank you for taking us by the hand and walking us step by step with attention to every detail. Mom will be so proud of me; God bless her soul.

  82. Vee

    You inspire me to try sewing! Oh My!

    I learned of you from FB…a friend shared a post.

  83. Evetta

    Hi Anita! My name is Evetta and I learned about your beautiful and informative designs by watching sewing videos on youtube. I switched over and have been hooked ever since. I adore your new motto. It is very inspiring. Keep doing what you are doing and blessings will continue to come. I love your videos. They are very thorough and informative. Thanks!!

  84. JC

    Hello! I was already subscribing to your you tube channel for a couple of months. I found you posting on a few Facebook sewing groups & decided to google to see if you had a channel, blog, etc. Love your teaching style & how you remember us beginners! Thank you!

  85. Regina

    Hello Anita,

    I can’t remember what took me to your instagram page. I just recall how excited I was to see you stepping out in/on “FAITH” to begin your sewing journey. I have pretty much followed you from day one.

    The black dress with the 1955 red truck was when I realized I was “HOOKED”. Your style is so Audrey Hepburn(ish) “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. You are such a classic beauty and spirit and it radiates in all you’ve done so far.

    I have enjoyed the tutorials and have watched them over and over again. I look forward to seeing how your journey continues to grow.

    May GOD Continue to Bless You and Your Family!!!!


  86. Monica

    Hey Mrs. Anita! My name is Monica and we are sew sisters in the fabulous group Make It, Mix It, Rock It. I love the garments you make, they resemble a woman of class & sophistication. Keep up the good work,God bless!

  87. ayesha

    my name is Ayesha and I found your channel while was searching for top tutorial.I am lucky I found you as you explain the sewing techniques in variety of ways and in detail…

  88. Terri Newton

    My name is Terri and I found your channel while searching for a skirt tutorial. YouTube suggested you. I like how you explain things.

  89. Letisha

    Hi Anita

    I found out about you via youtube. I have subscribed to sewing channels especially those for beginners. You were in thw suggestions due to ny interest. I am glad that I found you as I brave my sewing interest to bless my family. Congratulations on your milestone.


    Thank you Anita for wonderful tutorials. I am just beginning to learn to sew garments for myself. I came across your videos on YouTube while searching for pattern tutorials. I would like to enter the giveaway for the gift cards. I love your new motto and thanks again for all that you do for the sewing community. Crystal

  91. Cree

    First, I would like to congratulate you Sis on reaching 2K+ subscribers. Woot woot!!!!I started following you Anita on Facebook. We are both a part of a few sewing groups.(teehee) I watched your designs and would comment.. like (before the LOVE button)your smile and designs would always catch my attention. I would immediately place the information in my phone and would say ANITA HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!….Thank you for always keeping the attention of little ole me.(teehee)I love that I can always say ALL your designs show the love, elegance, grace and class you put in EVERY piece. Sew excited for you in this journey of your life.. I know that God will continue to be a blessing in your life because you are always blessing to others.

  92. Darlene

    Hi Anita, my name is Darlene, and I found you on YouTube. I haven’t sewn in awhile and wanted a quick n easy tutorial. Now I’m hook!!! Please keep making tutorials!

  93. Dianne

    Hi Anita!! I found your blog by praying about it. Literally. I was so frustrated with how my garments were turning out and I asked God for help. I told him that I knew he put the desire to sew in my heart but I couldn’t glorify him by giving to others until I could get it right. Literally 2 days later, I landed on your blog. I don’t even really know what I was looking at that led me there but I found you! Praise His Holy Name!!! I can’t wait to see the next tutorial!! Thank you for sharing your time, talent and passion for the craft!

  94. Antoinette N

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    1. Anita Morris

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