Hello everyone!  Have you ever wanted something so badly, but waited with high anticipation because it wasn’t quite the time yet?  Sometimes waiting can be hard.  Many of us want it NOW!  Waiting on something that is outside of our control leaves us with no choice but to wait.  However, when it’s something that’s within our power to make happen immediately, then waiting becomes a choice.  If we are wise, waiting for the proper time can be quite rewarding, and in the end, prevents us from making bad, or untimely choices, which in return creates a vicious cycle of repeat.  We all know the saying, “Patience is a virtue.”  This is ture and will produce in us a level of self control that increases our maturity.  Patience doesn’t come natural to most, but with practice, and for me–prayer, patience has the ability to usher us into a place of peace.  So whatever it is that you’re waiting on, whether it be a material possession, a relationship, a job, or whatever, be still and wait, while carrying on with that which is for NOW.  Trying to force something to happen before its time will bring frustration and possibly leave you with an undesirable outcome.

MC CALL’S 6886 – My Version

Today I share with you the very popular McCall’s 6886.  This is the dress pattern that many of my sew sisters are rocking in every kind of way.  I have seen several variations of this dress, with ladies adding flounces to the bottom, changing out the sleeves, and color blocking with mixed prints and solids.  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  I’ve been anticipating my turn to “do my thing” with it.  Oh, how I wanted to jump in right away and rock it with the rest, but it wasn’t time–so I waited.  In my version I raised the neckline and added a turtleneck collar.  I used a different pattern to draw a new neckline for the turtleneck (pattern below).  I used a thin sweater knit fabric that I purchased from the Michael Levine Loft in downtown Los Angeles.  Because many of the fabrics from the Loft are remnants from the main store they’re not always available on the company website.  Therefore, I’ve posted a link to a similar fabric below.  I love the outcome of the dress and will definitely make more.  This pattern is a super easy sew.



Is there something you’re waiting on?  Are you willing to wait for the TREASURE that comes with patience?  Leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you.












All photos courtesy of CEMO

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