Sometimes you run across a pattern and think it’s cute, but you don’t try it right away. Then one day you find out about a very important event in your town and start thinking about what you will wear. While scrolling through your own pattern collection and inspiration photos on your Pinterest Board, you see it. You see the perfect dress for the occasion and envision how it will look styled with beautiful accessories. That’s what happened when I saw the KIELO WRAP DRESS by Named Clothing Patterns. And the best part is I had already sewn another one for Mother’s Day.


I learned about a Mother’s Tea in my community that was giving special honor to moms who have lost children. I knew immediately that I needed to be in attendance because they were highlighting a local organization started by a mom who’s son died several years ago. I had already heard her story and watched her launch a foundation in her son’s name, Erik Garcia “You Are Enough” Foundation.


In the midst of her own pain, Jacqueline Diaz-Fontana wanted to bring awareness to the world about mental illness and suicide prevention. When I look at her, I smile, because I understand the joy she has in her heart to help others from the pain of her own experience. The Erick Garcia “You Are Enough” Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and you can donate through the website if you desire.


The Mother’s Tea was beautiful and I really enjoyed spending time with the ladies as we listened to Jacqueline share her story. There were giveaways and a yummy brunch. Two of my favorite table decor items were the Scripture Frame and Rose Scripture Tag.


I’m so proud of my sister and what she has managed to accomplish through her trial. And God’s not done with her yet. Her grief and healing story is powerful. Many hearts and lives are being impacted through her words and service.


Kielo Wrap Dress

Now, let’s talk about the Kielo Wrap Dress. Named Clothing is an Independent Pattern Design Company. Let’s just start by saying I’m in love with this pattern. I’ve made it twice with long sleeves and I plan to make a sleeveless version soon. There’s also a jumpsuit option that I may sew in the future. I have lots of photos to share of both dresses, so get ready. We’re starting with the one I wore to the Mother’s Tea. WooHoo!


I used a rib knit fabric that I purchased from my local Joann Fabrics in this beautiful baby blue color.


The pattern is fairly easy to sew but be careful with cutting the pattern because cutting lines for the dress and jumpsuit are both intertwined. The pattern is available in Print or PDF on the NAMED CLOTHING WEBSITE. There are several video tutorials on YouTube for sewing the dress and I haven’t decided yet if I will create one. The company doesn’t have a sew-along for this dress on their channel.


Design Details

The dress has a front scoop neckline, center back seam, back slit, sleeve variations, and ties that can be wrapped for several different looks. I’ll show you four options for wrapping the dress.


Wrapping Options for Kielo

I love the versatility of this dress. Check out some of the tie wrapping options. Whether you like to wear your dresses fitted or loose, the Kielo Wrap Dress has ties that are long enough to wrap in front or back, with enough length to create bows or knots.

Wrap Option 1

Wrap ties from front to back, then bring them to front again and tie. I just lapped one tie over the other in front and added a brooch.


Wrap Option 2

Wrap ties from front to back, then bring them to front and tie into a bow.


Wrap Option 3

Bring ties to back of dress and tie a fitted bow.


Wrap Option 4

For a loose fit, bring ties to center front or center back and tie a loose bow.


My Mother's Day Kielo Wrap Dress

This was the first Kielo Wrap Dress that I made. I wore it to church all dressed up on Mother’s Day. Then I changed my earrings and put on flip flops to spend time with my family later for a more casual look. I had no problem wearing the dress all day because it is so comfortable. I used a coral, floral Brushed Poly Knit that I purchased from JoAnn Fabrics many years ago. Here are photos with all four wrap options.


How Would You Style and Wrap the Dress?

So, tell me, how would you style this dress? Which wrap option do you prefer? Leave a comment below.


Thanks for stopping by,

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES! 



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  1. Danette

    Beautiful dress Anita. I love the loose wrap tie option….it has an oriental flair tied that way

  2. Barbara Wray

    The blue wrap dress looks fantastic on you. It is a very elegant cut and I am sure after following you on YouTube I have learnt enough to make it myself. I would try but I have no special event to go to!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Barbara! Oh, you don’t need a special event to make this dress. You can choose dress it down and be very comfortable.

  3. Charisse

    GORGEOUS! The blue dress with its styling is my favorite

  4. Charisse

    GORGEOUS! The blue dress and the styling are absolutely stunning, Love it!!

  5. De

    This is a gorgeous, versatile dress and you wear it exceptionally well. I am partial to the blue version with the front tie. Although I’m not sure if it’s a style I can wear well, it’s worth a try to see. Without a doubt, I would be the “stand-out” at any event. Thank you so much for trying and sharing different styles. It helps us to stretch out of our comfort zones.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi De! Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s great when you know what style doesn’t work for you. It’s okay to just enjoy seeing others wearing those styles. If you know it’s not your style, don’t spend your time or funds to sew it, sister.

  6. Linda

    You look stunning in both dresses!

  7. Agatha

    I love the blue styling, the flowered one is a close second but you look just stunning in both. I do look forward to your creations.

  8. Dara

    Anita you look Beautiful! Both dresses are Fabulous! Unfortunately, I can not wear this style but you are rocking it!!

  9. MARY


  10. Linnea

    Beautiful dress, Anita! My preferred wrap is the front knot version. Second choice is the back bow.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Linnea! Yep, that’s my favorite option too.

  11. Madeline

    I’m in love with the dress and both fabrics ,and all the styles ?

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you Madeline! I love a dress with versatility.

  12. DJ Hall

    Such a beautiful dress. I loved the way you wore it to the mother’s tea. You did a lovely job on the dresses.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, DJ! That was my favorite version too.

  13. Rose Mary Jameson

    Oh! I so love this dress! Of course, the way you style it and wear it has ALOT to do with its success! It’s very inspiring and just the perfect (easy) dress I might be able to make by my next big event. And another to wear for my 50th HS reunion!!! Thank you SEW much for the tip. I love the front tied blue one the best.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, Rose Mary, for your 50th HS reunion–YES!!! With so many beautiful fabric options, you can get real fancy with it. It’s a beautiful dress pattern.

  14. LAURA O.

    Anita, you look absolutely stunning in both dresses! I especially love the blue one though! I may have to puck up some of that fabric!

    I’m amazed at how you always have the perfect shoes to go with everything you sew! Lol.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, yes, Laura! The blue fabric is absolutely delightful. I purchased it in three different colors – blue, wine, and cream. It’s so funny about the shoes because I’ve had the majority of them for many years.

  15. Charlene Oulton

    It looks beautiful tied in the front! Both dresses are gorgeous on you!

  16. Gaynell

    Hi Anita,
    I like them all! Option #1.

  17. Shon

    Absolutely stunning! Amazing dress fit and details . I love them all. May Heavenly Father continue to Bless the Mothers/Parents of children w/Mental illness . Many of us are now struggling with it God bless the world!

  18. Monica

    I love all the wrap styles, all are unique and changes the design of the dress. However, the first wrap is my favorite. I also like number 3, with the wrap tied in the back it leaves the front a blank canvas to add a touch of bling, like a scarf or necklace.

    1. Anita Morris

      Ooohhh, YES, Monica! I love the idea of adding a scarf with the wrap tied in the back.

  19. Lydia Finley-Disimoni

    I love the dress! The blue one is my favorite just the way you first tied it.

  20. Joan

    This is a lovely dress! Thank you for including so much detail. I love both styles! Hoping is fairly beginner friendly?

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Joan! I think anyone with basic sewing skills should be able to sew the dress. It’s the cutting part that needs special attention. It took me a while to cut because I didn’t want to mix the cutting lines.

  21. Gwendolyn Styles

    Hi, Anita, that dress is Simply elegant! The way you’re wearing it takes it over the top!

  22. Frances

    Luv this dress Anita