Have you ever wondered what a coverstitch does? When I first learned to sew, I had never heard of a coverstitch. It wasn’t until I returned to sewing around 2014 that I first learned about this specialty machine. Even then, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. If you’ve ever wondered how a coverstitch can enhance the sewing experience, then meet Baby Lock Euphoria. I am so excited to share with you about this amazing machine.

When I started to see others using the coverstitch machine, I became more curious and started watching YouTube videos to see exactly how this machine operated. Once I discovered how it’s capabilities, I knew that I would have to get a coverstitch one day.

Fast forward to 2021. On February 14th, I opened my front door and saw a huge box on the porch from Baby Lock. I I was waiting to receive the machine but did not expect it to arrive on the love day. WooHoo!!! That really put a smile on my heart. I wasted no time opening the box to see my new Baby Lock Euphoria.


Whenever I get a new sewing machine, the first thing I do is read through the entire Owner’s Manual. I want to know everything about the machine before I start sewing. I go through all the accessories to make sure I have everything, using the Instruction and Reference Guide to match all parts in the box to the illustrations. Then I practice stitching and using the features that are new to me.


The Baby Lock Euphoria comes equipped with some awesome features, but for me, the threading is the absolute BEST. Starting with the needles. This machine comes equipped with three needles, and get this: There is a needle threader that threads each needle individually (insert loud cheering). By simply moving the needle threader selector to the desired position, you can easily thread all three needles in a matter of minutes. 

But what about the loopers? Well, the coverstitch comes with one chain looper only. The Baby Lock Euphoria is equipped with an Electronic ExtraordinAir Threading System. That means “no drama threading” for the chain looper. LOL! After feeding the thread through two guides (no tweezers necessary), then pushing one button, the chain looper is threaded automatically. No long, drawn out process. Just touch the “Push-to-Thread Looper” button! That’s it!

On the inside of the front cover, there are printed instructions on how to thread the needles and looper. 



There’s a nice sized storage compartment for accessories on the right side of the machine, above the hand wheel.  It’s just large enough to store some of your more often used accessories. I like to keep my allen wrench, tweezers, lent brush, fixing screws, and a pack of machine needles easily accessible in that space.


Another amazing feature on the Baby Lock Euphoria is the extra wide throat, which provides a much larger work surface than other sergers. This is especially useful when sewing curves or decorative stitches because it allows you to make wide turns.

I practiced sewing curves and it was effortless.  Then I used the chain stitch to sew two pieces together to create a pillow. Using the chain looper thread on the right side of the fabric gives you a decorative stitch that can be used for various projects.

If you enjoyed meeting the Baby Lock Euphoria Coverstitch, then I have more. I wanted to give you some extra details, so I’ve created a 4-Part Video Series where I walk you through the entire machine and show you how to use it. You’ll find the series on my YouTube channel. Head over there to start watching now.

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  1. Marie Wilkening-Le Brun

    Hi Anita

    You have been a source of great inspiration and a joy to me. I have been sewing since I was 15 for over 30 years. I absolutely love your videos and site. I live in Melbourne Australia and have shared your site with sewing friends. I have taught a couple of people to sew through our never ending lockdown. It is rewarding to teach others to make beautiful garments and to feel positive.
    THANK YOU for your videos and site. Please keep going. May I please ask you what pattern the beautiful dress is on your cover page with the large pink flowers and green leaves. It looks like some sort of wrap dress. I have looked through your site but cannot find it. Thank you very much

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Marie! Thank you so much for your kinds words and for watching my videos. The pattern for the dress is Vogue 8825.