BURDA 6609

What is the first thing you think about when you see a beautiful print, plaid, or stripe fabric? I think about how gorgeous it will look as a garment. Then, the second thing that comes to mind is the extra effort and time it will take to match those prints at the seams (sigh). But this plaid shift dress that I made with Burda 6609 was worth the extra work.

BURDA 6609

I’m not gonna lie. There have been times when I’ve passed up a beautiful print because I didn’t feel like investing the extra time required to match the seams. But whenever I decide to do the work, I usually get a beautiful outcome, like this gorgeous piece.

This is garment #20 in my personal challenge to sew 22 garments in 2022. Oh my gosh! I’m almost there with over a month left and only two more patterns to go. WooHoo!!! Take a look at Pattern #19 HERE.


Burda 6609 is a shift dress with sleeve and pocket variations. There are three different options, and each has a shallow neckline, center back zipper and is above-knee length.

BURDA 6609

View A is sleeveless, without pockets. View B has short sleeves and a kangaroo front pocket adorned with side zippers. I decided to sew View C with the two front patch pockets and long sleeves.

BURDA 6609

The pattern is currently out-of-print but you may be able to find it online where older patterns are sold.

With some sewing experience, you should be able to sew this dress. The pattern instructions are clear enough that you can follow along without difficulty.

BURDA 6609

Inside the Garment

Now, let’s take a look at the inside of the dress. I used my Baby Lock Soprano to sew all the seams and darts. Then, I used the Vibrant Serger to finish the seam allowances. I had to be very intentional during the cutting process to ensure that all the seams matched as accurately as possible. Always purchase extra fabric when matching prints. If you get your cutting right, then matching seams at the sewing machine becomes a bit easier.

BURDA 6609

Fabric Options

The fabric suggestions on the back of the envelope call for: wool fabrics, jacquard, bouclé, and ponte knit. I used a plaid knit that I’ve had in my fabric collection for years. I was inspired by the model on the envelope. It doesn’t have a lot of stretch, which makes it a great fit for the design.

It’s slightly see-through, so I’m wearing a slip underneath. Am I the only one who still wears slips? Sometimes, I will skip lining a dress because I know I have a slip that will provide the privacy I desire with my garments.

Alterations Information

I should have done a swayback adjustment. I almost always have to make this alteration to prevent the excess fabric from bunching up at my lower, center back. But, I actually forgot this time.

Working with the plaid, I decided there was no need for a center front seam, so I removed it. This is done at the cutting table by placing the fabric on the fold ⅝” in from the edge of the front pattern piece. This will remove the seam allowance. If you are cutting on a single layer you will need to establish the center front on your fabric. Then place the pattern piece there along the center front stitching line (not the cutting line), and cut one side. You will then need to flip the pattern piece over and follow the same process to cut the other side.

I cut a size 12 but ended up taking in about ½” at the side seams after fitting. The sheath dress is supposed to fit loose, but mine was too loose for my liking.

Notions Information

The only notions suggested are zippers for the center back, and also for View B on the front pocket.

My Plans for the Garment

I’m gonna get lots of use from this dress. I can wear it to church, out to dinner, for speaking engagements, and many other occasions.

BURDA 6609

Styling Options

The dress would look nice for work, date night, or hanging out with the girls. Changing up the shoes gives it a different vibe. Check out some options below.

Shoe Option #1

I styled it with a basic pair of pumps. This is classic and appropriate for work, business conferences, or anywhere you want to look professional. Throwing on a blazer will give it more of a business look.

BURDA 6609

Shoe Option #2

When you want to wear it on date night with your husband or significant other, a pair of strappy high heels gives an extra punch.

Shoe Option #3

Then, when you want to keep those legs warm, throw on a pair of knee high boots and keep it stepping.

BURDA 6609

How would you wear the garment?

Would you sew this dress? Do you have the pattern? Which is your favorite shoe below? Talk to me in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

BURDA 6609

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. Gwendolyn

    Hi Anita! Madam, you did an excellent job of matching those plaids!

  2. Carla Leilani Holloway

    Love, Love, Love the dress and all the styling options, but I would choose the pump.

  3. Sandra

    Anita I’m in awe of your pattern matching skill. Your dress is gorgeous it looks couture!

  4. Delores

    I love your dress as well as all of your shoes.

  5. Vanessa Knight

    The dress is stunning and you look fabulous as always. I so glad I am not alone, I still wear a slip too. Can’t wait to see future makes.

  6. Dara

    Beautiful dress Anita! All your shoe choices look great with the dress. You are such an Inspiration to us! Thank you!

    1. Anita Morris

      Awww, thank you so much, Dara! You’ve always been so supportive. 💕

  7. Caroline

    Love this dress. I think it would look nice with a flat shoe or a boot that comes lower than what you have on. The model on the envelope is wearing the height I was thinking would be best. Your boot looks like it is in the middle of your knee. I think lower would look better. Just love your site. All the best.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Caroline! I didn’t like the shorter boot on the model at all with this dress. LOL! It’s cool, because we all have our own personal taste. I think it looks so much better with the tall boots. I’m so happy to hear that you like the site. Glad to have you here. 💕

  8. Charisse Colbert

    What a great fall look, awesome job matching the plaids, love all the styling options, can’t wait to see # 21 and #22

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Charisse! Looks 21 and 22 are underway. I can’t wait to show you.

  9. Bridgit

    I can’t pick a favorite look, I really like each! And the shoes match perfectly. I am old school as well. If I have the choice between a slip and lining a dress, I will choose the slip almost every time. I have a pattern that is similar enough for me to create something close to this; just need to figure out my new measurements and see if I still need a full bust adjustment. Great way to celebrate losing 125 pounds!

    1. Anita Morris

      Ooooh, YES, Bridgit! Celebrate! Congratulations, SEW Sister! Now make that dress!!! 💕💕💕

  10. Trish

    Anita, I am loving this dress and the fabric. Thank you for another fabulous look. For those that are interested, I found the pattern on Stay blessed.

    1. Anita Morris

      Awesome, Trish! Thank you so much for sharing.💕

  11. Patty

    I love this dress, and your smile says it all when you’re wearing it! I like all the shoe options, but I’m a pumps/boots kinda gal. I’m new to garment sewing and I haven’t tried a Burda pattern yet–are they good for beginners? Lastly, what is a swayback adjustment? I feel like this would be valuable to know, sometimes my dresses don’t hang right in the back. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Patty! I think Burda patterns are the same as the other Big 4 patterns. I’ve never sewn a Burda pattern from their magazine though. Whenever I see those with all the intersecting lines, I get cross eyed immediately. Burda has pattern designs for different skill levels like the other companies. A swayback adjustment removes excess fabric from the back to prevent the puddle of fabric that bunches up at lower back. You can see it in the back view photo. There isn’t as much fabric in this example, but I’ve sewn pieces where there was a lot of extra fabric because I didn’t do the adjustment. I plan to do a video on this subject to show how I do the adjustment.

  12. Vickie Skelley

    Like the dress but only with boots and plain pumps.

  13. Sheila

    Love the plaid, everything about the dress. Perfect fit. Definitely a must for fall. Looks good with the string up heals.

  14. De

    Yes, Anita; I wear a slip when necessary. I would like to wear this plaid dress with pumps and several long necklaces. This plaid and color combo doesn’t require much; that’s a plus. This is a great sew.

  15. Charlene Oulton

    My fav is definitely the pumps. Your dress looks exquisite on you. Matching plaids is time consuming, but finished product is horrible, if plaids do not match. You get A+.

    1. Anita Morris

      You are so right, Charlene. And I never paid close attention to plaids matching until I started sewing for myself.

  16. Janet

    A chunky heel pump would be cute too. I like the dress.

  17. Marita

    Love the plaid, and it’s perfect for a shift. That dress looks great on you.
    I’d have to wear some flat shoes or boots with it.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you Marita. I think it would look good with flats too.

  18. Carmen Chavis

    I live this dress and the fabrics. There’s something about plaid that always gets my attention. I love all styling options (on you!). However, the pumps & the boots are my fave. And yes, I always where a slip uf the dress/skirt is not lined. Not only do you have that privacy but ut makes the garment fall nicely over your body. I guess I’m old school- lol. But I’m good with that.
    Thanks again for shsring another great make.

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, Carmen, you’re absolutely right. The garment does fall nicely with a slip. I’m good with only school too.

  19. Christine

    As soon as I saw the dress (before scrolling down) I expected to see tall boots. I just needed to wait to the end. Such a cute dress and I like that it could be made for multiple seasons.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hahaha! Yes, Christine! This dress screams for boots.

  20. Anne Hyatt

    My favorite is definitely the pumps. Love the burgundy plaid and matching shoes!