Bath Robes = The Perfect Gift

Hello everyone!  It’s that time of year when many people like to give special gifts to others.  Bath Robes = The Perfect Gift with Simplicity 1562, an “@Home Easy-to-Sew” pattern!  If you’re really big on holiday shopping, you’ve probably already started, or perhaps you’re done already.  I used to do a lot of shopping for Christmas but that’s a thing of the past for me.  My Christmas shopping is limited to my husband, two sons, mother, and nieces & nephews (only 3 of them).  I also participate in a gift exchange with my Gourmet Cooking Club once a year.  Whenever I host a Christmas Tea Party, I will give a small gift to my guests.

This has worked out really well for me and eliminated the stressful feelings that accompanied my efforts to purchase gifts for everyone.  At some point I began to realize that I was allowing myself to be distracted from the reason I celebrate, and that is the birth of Jesus Christ.  Since I released myself from that burden, the holiday season is very peaceful for me and my family.

December 25th is also my husband’s birthday.  Since we have been married, he always gets special treatment for Christmas.  I always buy him both, Christmas and birthday gifts.  He also get’s a homemade birthday cake of his choice.  I love to bake, so I don’t buy cakes unless I get in a bind and need something at the last minute, but never for my husband.  He ALWAYS gets homemade.

This year, I decided that my husband and sons will receive gifts from my sewing machine.  Part one of their gifts is the bath robe.  During the last pattern sale at JoAnn Fabrics, I purchased Simplicity 1562.  For my sons’ robes, I purchased anit-pill fleece fabric from JoAnn’s while it was on sale for 70% off (WooHoo!).  I sent photos of the fabric to them and they liked the first choice.  They’re so easy!  The fleece was very easy to work with and the guys really love their robes.

Bath Robes = The Perfect GiftAfter I finished my son’s robes I took my husband to the fabric store with me to choose his fabric.  My plan was to get another fleece print, but on the way to that section he spotted this fuzzy, plush fabric and said, “I want THAT.”  So off we went to the cutting table.  The moment the attendant starting cutting into the fabric, I knew this would be a messy job, but I was not prepared for how BIG of a mess it would really turn out to be.  There were little black fuzzies everywhere; my machine, my clothes, the walls, arms, face, glasses.  They even started going up my nose.  Take a look at my machine below.  This photo doesn’t even tell the true story.  It was actually worse than it looks.

Bath Robes = The Perfect Gift

So, if you’re planning on using this fabric, I’ve received great advice from two sew sisters.  WEAR A DUST MASK!!!  Seriously!  For the clean-up, I just used the hose of my vacuum, and it worked perfectly.  I even used it on my machine, but I will be taking her to the shop for her annual tune-up after this project.  I tried using the lint roller on my clothes, but it wasn’t enough.  I took the vacuum hose to my clothes you guys!  Hahaha!  It worked!

There were several moments, during construction, when I wanted to just stop.  However, I thought about how good this man is to me, and how supportive he is of my craft, so I kept pushing.  I’m so glad I finished because it looks great and he LOVES it.

Bath Robes = The Perfect GiftI told the guys the robes were part of their Christmas gifts and that they could wear them when I was done, but I wanted them to wait until after the photo shoot.  Well, my youngest son walked by the studio one day and saw his robe hanging on the door.  He asked if it was done.  When I told him that it was, he said, “YES,” grabbed it and took it to his room.  I just sat there with my mouth open and let him go.  Hahaha!  His excitement made me so happy.

Bath Robes = The Perfect GiftI just love my guys!  They’re all very supportive of my sewing and like to see me so enthusiastic about my projects.  Making these robes for them gave me such happiness in my heart.  It’s been a long time since I’ve sewn anything for them.  Next up: they all get shirts.  I have lots of work to do, so I’ll see you all next week.  Enjoy more photos of my guys in their robes.

Bath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftBath Robes = The Perfect GiftAll Photos Courtesy of Anita Morris!

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