Okay, I’m very curious to know. How many robes do you have? I’m asking because I feel like I’m about to go completely off sewing ALL the robes after making this one. Hahaha!!! It’s the fabric. OMGoodness!


If you were at my Tea Time Live event last month on YouTube, then you got a glimpse of this robe on my dress form. If you missed Tea Time Live, you can watch the REPLAY HERE.



The Veronik Robe Pattern is by Closet Core Patterns. You can mix the features to create the look you want.

  • Length: Mid-calf or Above knee
  • Collar: Traditional Band or Notched
  • Sleeves:
    • Elbow length with facing
    • Wrist length with folded hem
  • Pockets: All Views have slanted pockets
  • Sash Holder:
    • Traditional belt loops
    • Side seam opening

The pattern is currently available on the Closet Core Patterns website (0-20 and 14-32) in PDF only. The company rates the pattern as Beginner, and I agree. If you have basic sewing skills, you should be able to complete the robe.

The pattern instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. There are 10 pattern pieces included but not all will be used for both views. The number of pieces you use will depend on the design you want to create.


Inside the Garment

Now, let’s take a look at the inside of the robe. I used my Baby Lock Soprano to sew french seams for the entire robe (except one seam). I absolutely love to create professional looking seams on my garments. The pattern doesn’t suggest French seams so if you’re a new beginner, no worries. You can use regular seams to make the robe.

I love the addition of the hanging loop underneath my label.


Remember when I said I sewed all french seams except one? Well, that’s because I messed up on the right side seam and placed the right sides together. I didn’t realize what I had done until the seam allowance had been cut. At that point, there was no going back, so I just serged that one seam. Hahaha!!! Shhhh… Nobody will know. I’m only telling you because I like to show the insides of my garments. And I also want you to see that it’s okay to let mistakes be mistakes and still wear your garments. I actually got a good laugh out of this one. 


Fabric Options

The fabric suggestions call for the following:


Structured Robes (light to heavy weight wovens)

  • Linen, Flannel, Cotton Poplin

Drapey Robes

  • Viscose, Rayon Challis, Tencel, Cotton Voile, Silk

I purchased this beautiful EcoVero Challis in black from Core Fabrics. The print is called English Garden Inspired Floral.


This is pure luxury. Oh my goodness! I did not expect the fabric to feel so good against my body. If you will be purchasing anything from Core Fabrics, make sure you use the code: ANITAD10 for 10% off your one-time purchase. The offer is good until September of 2023.

Alterations Information

I didn’t make any alterations on the pattern. It was perfect as is. I sent my file to PDF Plotting to be printed because I don’t like putting them together myself.

Notions Information

The pattern calls for light to medium-weight interfacing and there are no other notions needed.

My Plans for the Garment

The garment can actually be worn as a layering piece for outdoors. However, I’m reserving mine for indoors only, and I’ve already worn it several times. It’s incredibly comfortable, so I like to put it on after a shower. The fabric is light and feels amazing against my skin.


I have 3 robes and this is the first one I grab for lounging now. It’s also a good piece to wear while sewing – easy off and on for fittings. Sitting in my recliner with a cup of tea while reading the instructions for a new pattern feels absolutely divine while wearing this robe. This would be a nice piece to make for our next Tea Time Live. Don’t forget to join my Private Email Community if you plan to participate and submit your pajama project to be shared at our Tea Time Live in December. We’re gonna have so much FUN!!! And if you’re waiting for the pajama sew-along on my YouTube channel — it’s coming. I will start recording next week. Stay tuned!

How would you wear the garment?

Would you sew this robe? Do you have the pattern? What type of fabric would you use? Talk to me in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Sue

    Hi Anita. Beautiful robe! I visited the fabric site and that pattern size 0 is for 47” bust. There are no smaller sizes. Hummm. Is this a speciality site?

  2. Mehadi Naymul

    It’s Real nice.
    can you please share about the fabrication of this robe?
    Actually, I work producing garments for many countries.
    I love this one so I think we will do it.

  3. Angel

    I’ve made the robe and nightgown, and I looked this pattern! I’m making a matching sleep shirt with the remains 2 yards of fabric. The fabric is a cotton/ rayon blend, that is so soft and comfortable, especially during my personal summers!

  4. Jo Anna Jones

    Anita- It has been awhile since I’ve emailed you or been on your site-I just wanted to check on you to see how you are doing Luv. And, I love the current robe that you are modeling. I also wanted to check out what you have sewed lately. I love reading your encouraging words. I can tell ya sewing is one of my biggest passions as well as sketching people and clothing. I would love to have my own line of clothing one day.

    Anita-I love your passion about teaching people the basics of sewing. Sewing is a hobby of mine and I’ve been sewing awhile and I am still learning so much about sewing through your videos.

    Well, I just wanted to say hello beautiful lady. I hope you and your sons are doing well. Take care until next time.
    Jo Anna in NC!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Jo Anna, you really put a smile on my face with this message. I love that you thought of me and took time to check in. Thank you for blessing my heart today. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Delores


  6. Linda

    Hi Anita. I have bunches of robes and am always looking for a new one that is comfy…I have one “go to” (off the shelf, zipper front). The rest hang on hangers in the closet. They looked great online or on the rack, but once home, did not fit properly or were just not comfy enough. This one looks divine! I like the thought of a more structured robe for the winter months ahead. The detail on this is fabulous, all the way down to hook loop at the neckline. (p.s. thanks for showing us your goofs…). All the best to you!

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, Linda, I totally understand the garments hanging in the closet not being worn. I’ve been there and I’m about to do another declutter pretty soon because I have some pieces that haven’t been worn over the last year. Time for them to be replaced. I’m glad you like the robe. It’s a great pattern.

  7. Chris Sherman

    I absolutely love this. What type of material is this. Will be a great project to sew.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Chris. There’s a link to the fabric in the post.

  8. Sheila

    YES, YES, YES!! I love this robe. I have never made a robe. I may try to make it. It looks very cozy. I love the fabric you chose. Another hit as always.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Sheila! It’s a great pattern and easy to sew if you have experience.

  9. Shelly

    It’s so pretty! I love the floral pattern; it would look awesome as a duster with jeans and a cami too! Also, I kind of like the idea of wearing a robe while sewing/fitting. I’m usually dressed for the day, but this would make it easier.

    I have four robes, but mostly wear my favorite cozy one. I’ve only sewn one robe. I sewed it last year and I haven’t even worn it yet. It has such a delicate look to it that I just like looking at it, lol.

    Happy sewing!

    1. Anita Morris

      Shelly, I’m cracking up over you just looking at the robe. LOL! I challenge you to wear that robe at least one time next week. Then come back and report to me, ma’am. LOL!

  10. Mary Jean Cunningham

    That is so pretty! I’ve made two robes but none as pretty as this one – I mostly wear them for very brief periods of time when I get out of the shower, before I get dressed, and have made a very light cotton robe in black for the summer (something I’ve never seen in a store but is just what I wanted – the value of being able to sew!), a fairly light black velour for early fall and late spring, and then in the winter I have a heavy fleece robe in ivory, but it’s only for after the shower – the rest of the time, I’m dressed – but I love my robe wardrobe, and the one you made is tempting me to make another one! They are easy to make so very gratifying as the biggest fitting problem is just making sure you’re in the right size range.

    1. Anita Morris

      Mary Jean, you’re getting me all excited again. Just hearing you say “robe wardrobe” makes me want to get busy making more robes right now. I do need a new winter robe though so that’s definitely on the agenda. And, yes, I agree with you about not having to worry about fitting when sewing robes. I will be on the lookout for another amazing fabric for my next robe.

  11. Anne Hyatt

    Beautiful robe! It is inspiring me!

  12. Vickie Skelley

    Definitely like that robe!!!! Giving me an idea for Spring. My sewing project for the December-tea is a robe but a short robe pj outfit. Looking forward to it Anita.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, Vickie, that sounds so fun. I’m so excited for our Tea Time.

  13. Robin Eshelman

    I have one robe I don’t wear, unless it’s really cold. I am either dressed or in bed! I have never been in the habit. Your robe is lovely and the fabric is gorgeous!