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CEMOSTRONG – Prayers for CEMO!

Hello everyone!  I know it’s been quite some time since I last posted to my Blog.  As you can imagine, it’s been a very trying time for our family.  However, I wanted to come today and update you with my husband’s progress. Thank you for your continued prayers for his healing and please keep them coming.

Since my last update, CEMO has been hospitalized twice, once for a headache which revealed that the tumor has returned as a more aggressive form called Glioblastoma (the fastest growing of brain tumors). The second and most recent visit was due to seizures after receiving his first radiation treatment.  As of now, he is being treated with chemotherapy and radiation and his body is receiving the treatment without complications.  The brain swelling and seizures have caused other complications, including deficits in his mental capacity. God has CEMO in His loving care and I continue to believe that a complete healing is coming. I’d like to share this message that I posted on my personal facebook timeline two weeks ago to let you know how we are handling everything and how much your prayers are helping to keep us lifted.  I appreciate all of you so much! God bless you!

CEMOSTRONG - Prayers for CEMO!


Update: My husband has brain cancer. He has survived 2 brain surgeries within four days of each other to remove the tumor. Two months later, the tumor is growing back aggressively. His cancer is incurable.

For some, merely uttering these words is enough to usher in panic and fear. It would be so easy to ask, “Why him?, Why our family?” Not once have I asked that question. Instead, my question is, “Why not him?, Why not our family?” The God I serve is no respecter of persons. That means he doesn’t play favorites. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; being followers of Jesus Christ doesn’t exempt us from adversity and affliction. Instead, Jesus tells us that in this world we WILL have trouble, but that we are to take heart because He has overcome the world (John 16:33). He told us this so that we may have peace and not be surprised when trials come our way. Remember Job in the Bible? God said Job was blameless and upright, that there was no man on the earth like him. Still God allowed Job to be severely afflicted. In the end, God restored Job to better than before, but Job had to endure the affliction.

So how do we “take heart?” We STAND in our faith! We TRUST God! We ENDURE what He has allowed. STAND! TRUST! ENDURE! In order to “take heart” in this way, we need the power of prayer. Let me tell you something. Never in our lives have we experienced such a powerful presence of God. Without a doubt, I know it is because all of you are praying for Cecil and our family that this peace which surpasses ALL understanding is with us. God is moving as you pray. I don’t have anything to “show” you that explains how blessed we are by your prayers, and I wish you could SEE the unseen, but since you can’t I’ll try to give you a picture with my words.

In addition to the physical healing that I believe is happening in Cecil’s body, there’s a spiritual breakthrough happening as a result of your prayers. When you’re going through something like this, life is still happening around you. There’s no pause button for life to “leave-you-alone” while you’re being healed from cancer. In real life, there are real problems and while I would love to be able to shield us from EVERY other problem right now, that’s just not reality. However, what I see happening is freedom from bondage in areas of our lives that have nothing to do with cancer. Someone is praying for our family to be healed beyond cancer. I just know it because God is breaking the chains. I see the chains falling you guys. God is using this trial to release us from some stuff. This is beyond anything I ever expected. When we started praying for Cecil to be healed from cancer, I never imagined God would take it above and beyond. His Word is living and active. We are living this truth: “Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” (Eph. 3:20-21) STAND! TRUST! ENDURE!

The healing, breakthrough and deliverance are happening simultaneously. This is not an easy road to travel. There will be painful moments, nevertheless, we are willing. We’ve both said, YES, to what God has allowed. He knows best and His plans have to do with His kingdom. I imagine us coming out of this like Job, better than when we went in. Many years ago a friend was sharing her life story with me and at the end she said, “I’ve been through the fire. I came out smoking but I didn’t get burned.” It reminds me of God’s Word that says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” (Isaiah 43:2) Every time I read this I get a visual of my family emerging from a cloud of smoke, with our hands locked together, lifted to God, smiles on our faces, and purpose in our eyes. “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11) STAND! TRUST! ENDURE!

If you have ever prayed for Cecil and our family, even once, THANK YOU! If you have prayed for us consistently, THANK YOU! If you have prayed when the Holy Spirit leads you, THANK YOU! If you have simply spoken the name, JESUS, on our behalf, THANK YOU! Each and every prayer is received by God and we are beyond grateful. With so many people praying, some we don’t even know, we are completely overwhelmed by the grace of God showering His unconditional love on our family; the love of God protecting us with His unbreakable shield; the provision of God sending His saints in full force to STAND in the trenches with us; and the peace of God empowering us to STAND, TRUST, & ENDURE!

We pray for all of you too. Yes, in our time of prayer we are always thanking God for our prayer warriors and asking Him to bless you. God is GOOD!

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!



Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Evie Jones

    This is my first visit to your blog, recommended by Emily Hallman Designs.
    Sending a prayer to you and your family at this difficult time. May God keep you.

  2. Tanji Divinity

    I just ran across this blog showing my friend, who is interested in sewing. I am your middle school classmate and neighbor. I so admire your strength. God Bless you and your family. My father (the truck driver on the street) suffered this same brain tumor. May God continue to bless you and your family.

    Tanji Divinity

  3. Ardella

    Psalm 23: Yahweh is my Shepherd *Teachings are powerful! I have learned so much! Feeling led to share as YOHANAN (JOHN) 6:63 says that, “It is the Spirit that gives life, the flesh does not profit at all. The words that I speak to you are Spirit and are life.

    Shalom Anita! Just prayed a prayer over you and your family. Prayers for healing of mind, body, and spirit. Praise Yahweh!

    TEHILLIM (PSALMS) 141:2 Let my prayer be prepared before You as incense. The lifting up of my hands as the evening offering.

  4. Cynthia

    Praying for you and your family! God is! God will! God did!

  5. Gale

    Anita, Cemo and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Balinda Zimmerman

    I am sharing this story from your blog with my tiny little internet audience and asking for additional prayers for your family as you continue to fight the good fight and walk the path laid before you!You are a true inspiration to Christians everywhere and we miss your beautiful soul on the sewing group. As you walk this journey, remember you are not alone. Hugs and prayers

  7. Payricia

    I’m so glad that I discovered people unlike myself, who enjoy sewing, and I will pray for your family as I will continue to pray for mines. May God bless you Anita on this journey

  8. Ayo

    This is my first time on your site….. I checked in to admire your outfits (which are beautiful, elegant and just lovely to behold by the way…) and instead, I am swept away by the inspiration strength, and courage you are showing…
    I pray that God’s healing hand will continue to rest upon you and yours, that he will be your strength, support and source of peace and joy, especially in the times when it seems hard to find.
    You are all in my prayers.God bless and protect you all…

  9. Cassandra

    Thanks for sharing. I needed this so much. It has blessed me more than you know. God bless you and your family.

  10. nalani

    Holding Cemo, you and your entire family in the Light!

  11. Becky Bjornson

    Hi Anita! I love your blog, you are beautiful inside and out. So sorry about the bumpy road ahead. Have you talked with your doctor about the polio virus as a treatment? One of my co-workers and friends Kate Burke lived for seven plus yeas with brain cancer. Look her up, she had such a strong faith and she was so uplifting. I’m keeping a picture of you and your husband happy and healthy on your next vacation. Becky

  12. Roni

    CEMO and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! Believing God is in total control and HE is our comfort, fortress and healer…..Amen!

  13. Kris

    I loved your words today…and your belief in God and what He will do for you and your family is remarkable. I pray for your guidance, strength and love will guide you and help you in the coming days. God Bless you and your family

  14. Tomasa

    You, Cemo and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Joanie

    Anita- God is being glorified in your strong witness. I am believing God will be magnified and revealed to so many people because of your family’s faith!

    I am praying for you to remain strengthened in body and spirit..


  16. Gayleen

    I will keep praying for your family daily. We all appreciate you taking the time to give us updates. You, Ms. Anita & your family are in our hearts daily! In the midst of everything your going through, you keep a focused faith. We all love you. God Bless!!!!

  17. Myra

    Anita, you and your family remain in my prayers. Thank you so much for sharing such a personal part of your life with us and while I believe writing these updates may be somewhat “therapeutic” for you, it still is a lot of work and takes time. Please know that we stand as army with God surrouding your family with prayer. You are truly blessed my friend.

  18. Thelma

    Thank you Ms. Anita for the update. I have been checking almost every day as we continue to pray for you and your family.

    But Jesus beheld [them], and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. Mathew 19:26

    Be blessed and encouraged my Sister in Christ.

  19. Gwendolyn Horton-Dukes

    I will continue to lift you and your family in prayer. I will stand with you and believe with that all things are possible with God. Continue to keep the faith.

  20. Dottie

    Will keep you in prayer.Remember God is in control.May God continue to Bless your husband and entire family. Keep the faith.

  21. Diana

    Praying the continued, unexplainable, awe inspiring presence of our Great God and Savior

  22. Robin

    Praying the prayer of faith over your entire family. In Jesus’ Mighty Name!

  23. Eryn

    I’ll continue to keep your family in my thoughts.

  24. Krystal S

    Prayers for continued strength for your family. You have such an amazing spirit. Praying that God continues to provide you comfort.

  25. Denise

    Anita, continued prayers for you and your family!

  26. LeJeun

    I will continue to ask God for his healing for you and your family . God Bless You.

  27. KS Sews

    Oh Anita. Hugs and Prayers and best wishes.

  28. Linda L

    HI Anita, as the psalmist sings JESUS never fail. You Cecil and family keep your head up. Your are bless.

  29. mirline k

    Greetings Anita,

    I was just thinking of you this past week.. my thoughts are with you and your family. Be encouraged.

  30. Roz

    God is truly able!!!! I am encouraged by your testimony of faith. I was just looking on your blog to see if there were any updates. Prayers for you and your family.

  31. Marilyn

    I keep you and your dear husband in my daily prayers that God, the great Healer continue to place His Healing Hands on His precious child, Cemo and grant him a complete healing. You are an amazing woman with a deep faith in an amazing God. May God continue to heal Cemo.

  32. Sherry

    Anita, thank you so much for the update and for sharing this with your bloggers.

    Your faith and positive attitude is so inspiring. My continued prayers for your family and a special prayer for complete healing for Cemo. God is able.

    God bless you and continue to stay strong.

  33. Aileen

    We serve an awesome God who can do what we cannot. Stand on his promises and continue to speak words of faith.

  34. Marsha

    God Bless you, Cemo and your ENTIRE family. This is a TRUE testament of not looking with your natural eye, but seeing God’s sufficient grace with your spiritual eye and being overwhelmed with his goodness in the natural!! My Pastor, Bishop Simon Gordon said on Sunday during his sermon, you need “trench” people to help you when “trench” battles and then while I was reading your testimony, you mentioned it. Even though I do not know you and your family personally, I am willing to be a trench person in your wall of intercession. God continue to keep you all until the day of his return.

  35. Andrea

    I am so encouraged reading your post, tears were just flowing! Continue to be a woman of Faith, inspiring and encouraging others as you, yourself are going through. I am keeping you, your dear husband and family in prayer and believing God for CEMO’s complete healing. God is well able!

  36. Pauline Hazely

    In your time of need you can still give words of encouragement they say I have Lupus and I am going through a lot right now and your words touched my soul bless you heart. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  37. Catherine

    God has blessed you with so much strength. I will continue to keep you in pray. Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony.

  38. Barbara

    I am keeping Cemo and your family in my prayers. Anita, God bless. God is GOOD!

  39. Maggie Fieger

    You are a very strong woman and family! I am continuing to send prayers to you for Cecil and your family to fight this cancer and be healed.

  40. Ms. Sheila

    Hey Anita. Thank you for the update. I have and I will continue to pray for your husband Cemo. Yes, GOD is a healer. I truly believe in the power of prayer. Praying for a complete healing for Cemo. I have already claimed this in Jesus Name. I truly admire your strength. You are truly a strong woman of GOD. Be bless.

  41. Florence

    And so it is!

  42. Like

    My prayers are with you and your family.

  43. Yashika

    I am super inspired by your faith in God. I will pray for your family and for you. You are such a light. Please keep your resolve.

  44. Heidi

    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! God is in control!!

  45. Shontell

    You are an amazing woman of faith and as I pray I’ve submitted a prayer request for others to be in agreement as well. When one part of the body experiences affliction the entire body feels it as well. Though I’ve never met you, I definitely feel connected to you in the Spirit. I look forward to the continued testimonies of God being the Great “I AM” for your husband and your family. Continue to be encouraged and I pray your sweet sweet spirit remains for all of us who follow you.

  46. Anna Marie

    Praying ? for you in the family

  47. Rochelle

    Praying for CEMO! A healing is coming your way.

  48. Donna

    Thank you for taking time to update us with your inspirational message. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  49. Sherry

    Ms. Anita, Thank you for the update. I am constantly thinking about you and your family and will continue to lift you all up in prayer. The Bible says by His (Jesus) stripes you are healed. I am praying for continued healing for CEMO.

    God Bless!

  50. pam

    As others have said to God be the glory. Thank you for being a godly example to all of us. Continuing to pray.

  51. Lori

    Thank you
    Lifting your family in continued prayers

  52. Yolanda

    To GOD be the glory! Prayers for the family and to let everyone know that HE has the last say so. GOD BLESS YOU!

  53. Regina

    Praise God for His awesome healing and peace! Anita, I am overwhelmed by your courage, great strength, and love for God and your family. Your testimony is a beacon of light of God’s awesome power and love. I will continue to lift you, Cecil, and your family up in prayer. ❤️

  54. Elizabeth

    So happy to see your post today! I had been scrolling through my emails looking for your name. Stand, trust, endure! He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

  55. Tori

    To God be all of the glory!!!! The peace that you are experiencing, I was able to tap into that same peace by reading your words. May our God in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, continue the work He has given unto you. If we want to reign with Jesus, we must suffer as well. Not many people like this part of being a follower of Christ but it is necessary. It is in our weakness that we are made Strong in HIM. I bless God for your testimony and I thank God in advance for all that He is doing in your family and all other lives that are being touched by this as well. GOD is definitely a present help in the time of trouble! If He brought you to it, He is more than able to bring you through it. Thank you Jesus for your keeping and healing power! Glory to your name in the highest!!!!!!!

  56. Monique

    Your husband and family are in my prayers. God IS ABLE!

  57. Glenda

    Anita, you and your family are always on my mind and in my prayers. You are such a powerful and witness to our Lord.

  58. Aldrena Jenkins

    Anita, I will continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you so much for your beautiful email of love, encouragement and faith.

  59. Cici

    I’m crying as I write this. Your faith and testimony are inspirational. I’m across the country, Cecil & your family have been lifted up in prayers by my church congregation. I do not know you in person, , but in Christ you are part of my beloved family. God is amazing. He led me to you for sewing inspiration and now in inspiration to become more in my faith life. It is I Who thank you! How great is our God and Savior Jesus Christ ‘Lo though I walk thru the valley of death, you are with me’. What a promise.
    I will continue to pray for Cecil’s healing and for your family’s faith to remain the strong. God bless you all.

  60. Theress

    God is good and his mercy endureth forever! Keep the faith. I shall continue to pray for your family. Glad your husband has a God fearing woman standing by his side!

  61. Ginger

    Anita my prayer is that God continues to heal your husband and your family. Your strength and your faith is so strong and it inspires me just like your sewing and creativity. Please stay strong in Christ and know that he can and will meet all our needs.

  62. JEANNE

    Hi…believing with you and your husband for total healing.

  63. Marie Davis

    My most sincere prayers are with you & your family
    You are a witness to all of us

    God bless

  64. Linda

    Hallelujah is the highest praise! God is moving in your family’s lives and I’m glad about it! May God continue to bless y’all!

  65. Angie

    Beautiful. I first thought I just love the fact that I found you on Youtube because I started sewing and you have some of the best video’s and definitely the best instructions but now I really know why I was drawn to you. We have the same faith and serve the same true and living God. God is so able to heal and I will be praying for your husband and yourself along with others that God will show up in a mighty way. Nothing is to hard for our God.

  66. Kaija Brinson

    Thank you Anita, that is such a powerful confession of your love and faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I will continue to keep your family lifted in prayer.

  67. Sandi Shorter

    Anita you and CEMO and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay committed in your faith as you have shown you are. We must all love one another to our fullest breath for we never know what the next moment brings. It’s only through Gods Devine presence and love do we find peace. Stay strong in His arms.

  68. Kimberly Austin

    Beautiful……. May God continue to sustain and strengthen your family ALWAYS!!!!

  69. Aneser

    I sit with tears, I can feel the presence of God even in your writing. I pray that Gods will be done. I am praying with and for CEMO and your family ????

  70. Cookieface71

    Thank you for sharing such a personal side of your family. Never waiver from God’s unchanging hand. Praying for Cecil’s healings. God bless you.

  71. Pamela hill

    It is so sweet of you to take time out to give an update on Cecil when you so need to be with him and focus on him and his health. My husband has had heart surgeries lately and you have to just give into your faith. My prayers are with your family

  72. Alecia

    Hi Anita. I’m thrilled to hear how God is showing up and showing out for your family. WON’T HE DO IT?

  73. Peggy

    Anita you are truly a woman of God! Even in the deep depths of the valley you are an encourager because God is with your family. After that sermon, what more can I say? Nothing but Amen!!! Always praying for you all.

  74. Carolyn English

    Thank you for the update Anita, I have been wondering how your husband is doing. I have been and will continue to pray for Cecil. God is ABLE.

  75. Lesa G

    Hi Anita! Thanks for the update. Your faith is sooooooooo strong and your words were truly a blessing to me today. You are right to focus on the fact that God is in control. Keep praying and believing and God will see your family through this.

  76. Lillian

    Hi Anita, It’s good to hear from you! I have been thinking about and praying for your family. I know you will have an awesome testimony after this! I can tell through what you shared that He has given you a strength beyond what you could have in and of yourself. I am a firm believer in the power of God! I believe He is still working miracles! Continue to stand on the promises of God, my Sister. He can truly do “exceedingly abundantly more than we ask or think.”

    1. Angela

      Hi Anita, thank you for sharing your testimony! It is powerful. God is moving. Continue to live a surrendered life to the Almighty God, nothing is impossible for Him and to Him when you believe. I will continue to pray for you and your family and for complete healing for CEMO. You are right, I understand about praying for a physical healing; and God begins to heal the soul too. God heals completely, so that means spirit, body and soul. It is only God and God alone who is working this out for you and for His Glory!

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