I had the great honor of witnessing one of my young ladies get married this past weekend. She was a member of my girl’s club called, “Young Ladies of Christ” when she was younger. Both the wedding and reception were absolutely breathtaking. There was so much intention behind the planning. My favorite part was when they washed each other’s feet. Oh my GOODNESS! I’ve never seen or heard of anyone implementing this aspect of Jesus’ love into a wedding ceremony. I had to keep my composure because I felt myself wanting to do the ugly cry. I couldn’t do that because I thought I was way too cute in my new Fit & Flare Dress. Here’s a photo, below, of the newlyweds.



Warning: This blog post is photo heavy. I wanted to show you closeup details so I’ve included more pictures than usual.

When I saw Carlos Correa with Vogue Patterns post his version of this Vogue 1950 Fit & Flare Dress, on Instagram, I think I gasped and stopped breathing for a few seconds. Then came an exhale of sheer delight because I KNEW I would be adding it to my wardrobe. This is MY STYLE! I love a good, classic fit & flare. But the NECKLINE is over the top beautiful.


This was such a fun project for me. I knew it would be a good choice for the wedding. As usual, I styled it with accessories before cutting into the fabric. This helps me to imagine what the garment will look like when I’m wearing it. And the outcome, in this case, was exactly as I envisioned — very classy and elegant.


Vogue 1950 is a fully lined, Fit & Flare dress. The bodice is close-fitting through the bust with a spread collar, collar stand, and notched lapels. It has short sleeves, self-covered belt and buttons (decorative only), thread belt carriers, side seam pockets, invisible back zipper and center back hook & eye closure.


This is most definitely an ADVANCED sewing project. I consider myself an INTERMEDIATE level sewist and I was able to complete the dress. I think it may be time to graduate myself to Advanced level. There are 18 pattern pieces required to sew the dress. While the pattern instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow (depending on your sewing skill level), I found myself baffled a few times. I kept reading and studying the illustrations in those instances, until it finally clicked. Once I understood, it made perfectly good sense. Hahaha! Does that ever happen to you?


Bodice Details

Here are some closeup details of the bodice.


Inside the Garment

The lining construction for this pattern is very well designed. I love that it produces a crisp and clean finish. This is what you see inside of high-end garments.


I used my Baby Lock Soprano sewing machine to sew the entire garment and the Baby Lock Vibrant to finish off the seam allowance on the sleeves. I used a size 14 Jersey Needle to accommodate the thick fabric (discussed later). I set the machine for a Narrow Zig Zag Stitch with a 2.5mm stitch length and 0.5mm stitch width. I used a walking foot for all the major seams, and a regular zipper foot to install the zipper.

Next, we have the front of the bodice. Look at how beautiful that lining is designed.


There’s nothing more beautiful than a clean  invisible zipper insertion with a lining.


Since the sleeves, collar, and lapels are not lined, I decided to serge the seam allowances of the armholes to keep everything neat. The pattern instructions suggest trimming close to stitching and turning the seam allowance toward the sleeve. So, if you don’t have a serger, you can follow those instructions.


Here’s a look at the skirt lining attached to the bodice. Very clean. 


In order to prevent the lining from twisting inside while wearing the dress, I added a French tack between the lining and the dress at the bottom. The pattern guide instructs you to hem the lining. However, because I was pressed for time, I left my hem raw, but I will probably go back and hem the lining at another time for stability.


We've Got Pockets!

I don’t need to have pockets in every dress that I make, especially when working with really thin fabrics. But THIS one was a must, so I’m glad they were already included. And the pockets are pretty deep, so that’s a plus.


Here you can see a closeup of the pockets with my hands fitting nicely inside. The pocket has a clean finish as well.


I found myself posing with one hand in my pocket for pictures. Here I am with the newlyweds — hand in pocket. It just automatically went there every time. Hahaha!

Fabric Options

The pattern calls for Moderate Stretch Knits, such as Bonded Knits, Double Knit, and Scuba Knit fabrics. The fabric should have at least 35% stretch on the cross grain. I used this beautiful NAVY PONTE KNIT that I picked up from my local JoAnn Fabrics. 


The collar, lapel, and hems of the garment are raw (no hemming). Therefore, you must use a fabric that does not fray. 


They suggest lining fabric but knit isn’t specified. I used a lightweight knit fabric for my lining because the Ponte fabric is very heavy. I didn’t want to add more weight to the dress by using a thicker lining.


Since I wanted my belt to be thick, I used a Heavy Weight Upholstery Vinyl Fabric for the belt backing. I purchased the vinyl from JoAnn Fabrics. It helped to create the perfect weight and thickness for the belt.

Alterations Information

I was able to sew the dress straight from the envelope without any alterations, and the fit is excellent. I cut a Size 8 on all pieces except the sleeves. My biceps are a bit thicker, so I cut a size 10. It took me 3 days to complete the dress. Day 1 was spent cutting all the pattern pieces from fabrics, and interfacing the main fabric for belt. Days 2 and 3 were full sewing days, and I finished just 2 days before the wedding.  I MUST stop waiting until the last minute.


Notions Information

The pattern calls for a 22″ Invisible Zipper, Hook & Eye Closure, 1 1/2″ (4cm) belt buckle to cover, and four 1 1/8″ (3cm) buttons to cover. I purchased my COVERED BUCKLE KIT from Mood Fabrics.

The COVERED BUTTONS are such a beautiful touch to classic garments. I purchased mine from JoAnn Fabrics.

I used a HOOKS & EYE CLOSURE to secure the top of the collar. 

Styling Options

The neckline of this dress makes a bold statement, so I kept the jewelry simple. I styled it with a gold heart, pendant necklace and matching earrings that my friend, Maria, gave me for my birthday this year. I added a gold bracelet with rhinestones which fit in just right. Everything was styled around the necklace. The beautiful surprise about the necklace pendant is that it mimics the neckline of the dress.


My gold strappy heels and beaded clutch were an excellent match for the jewelry and very fitting for the style of the dress. They finished off the look to create a pure, elegant appearance.


The wedding was beautiful and my dress was a success. This is a beautifully designed pattern, and I highly recommend it for INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED sewing levels. Below is a picture of my friend Maria and I at the wedding. She’s the one who gave me the necklace for my birthday.

What do you think?

I would love to hear your feedback. Scroll to the very bottom of this page to leave a comment.


Thank you for stopping by today! 💕

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  1. Carlene

    This looks absolutely stunning on you, and you did an amazing job. It is beautifully put together, well done! I am buying this pattern simply to make a skirt because the flare is exactly right for what I have in mind, and I really wanted pockets and a back zipper. Thanks for sharing so many details – much love

  2. Beatrice

    Hi Anita,
    I am Beatrice from Paris, France. I will sew this dress today (and the days following…) for a wedding too. You are so beautiful in this dress, it is encouraging.
    I made a sort of muslin for the top fit in a remnant of scuba I had, and I think I will take the 14 size instead of 16 I usually take, because it is stretchy, what do you think of that option ? And also I wanted to know what kind of stitch did you use ? normal or stretchy one (I have a sort of mini zigzag on my brother sewing maching that can be used to make like a normal stitch except it is stretchy. I have a surger too, but I don’t feel like using it for this project who requires precision.
    Félicitations ! c’est magnifique !

  3. Ann

    Your dress is beautiful. Thanks for including pictures of the inside. Great work. Details are everything.

  4. Lisa

    Such a classy look! Everything about the dress flatters you. The covered buckle and buttons add to the high-end look. Very nice.

  5. Patty

    Everything you make is just over the top stunning! I sewed for years but was rarely able to get those professional results. Seeing your work has inspired me to try again. Looking for something simple, pj’s maybe or an easy summer top.

  6. Lorraine

    You look amazing.
    Your sewing abilities are impeccable.
    Love this dress!

  7. Patricia

    I really love this dress. The flare of the bottom and the fitting at the top makes it so elegant. I would want to make it in a few colors but I will make it in white first because I have just the right material for it. You look beautiful in the dress.

  8. Lorraine


  9. Marilyn

    I absolutely love this dress and all your makes! True inspiration ❤️

  10. Tonya Jackson-Rolle

    Skillfully sown! You look stunning in this dress! I have a desire to make this dress. However, I must figure out how to lift the neckline due to my heavy bust. Also, your choice of fabric was spot on. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

    1. Anita Morris

      You are very welcome. Have fun sewing your dress, Tonya.

  11. L Lewis

    Does anyone know if they pattern comes in plus size and how I can get it if it does?

    1. Anita Morris

      The website shows that it’s available up to size 24. I don’t see that it’s available in plus size. 😢 I’m so sorry.

  12. Octavia Downey

    Love your selection of pattern and all the details of how you made this dress. I have been sewing since Jr. High School. Some patterns you may have to read several times then everything will click.i am at a stage in my sewing where I go to a local fabric store, in my area DMV , G Street Fabrics buy material then sew something just for that one item to add to my closet to wear. I will go back to your older blogs and read them

  13. Janet

    I bought this pattern the last time Vogue patterns were on sale at my local Joann’s. I bought it because I loved the design of the bodice, but not necessarily the flared skirt because the picture on the envelope made the dress seem more of a stiff A-Line instead of drapey. Seeing how you sewed it up and styled it, however, has gotten me excited now to sew up the whole dress as pictured. Will be going out to Joann’s soon and purchasing some ponte knit.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, Janet, I’m so glad you saw this post then. Have fun sewing your dress.

  14. Yolanda

    You look FABULOUS and absolutely beautiful in this dress. Love the collar!!! I am so glad you are back but I respect your decision to live your life!

  15. marilyn

    Hello Ms. Anita, I saw your post yesterday. I don’t usually respond to anything that I see but you did a superb job on that dress. It fit well and you looked so pretty. I have been sewing since I was 12 and I am now 68 years old and I don’t think I could have done that great of a job. But I believe that you can always learn new things. While watching you on YouTube, I learned that you are a woman of faith, as I am. I then started watching more of your videos. I love the way you teach. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing and hearing more of you.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Marilyn! Thank you so much for responding today. I am really happy to have you here in the community and thrilled to know that you enjoy my YouTube videos. I agree with you 100%. I’m always learning and improving my skills. It makes me so proud when I learn a new technique. Stay tuned for more projects and inspiration.

  16. Ginger

    Beautiful as always and the dress is fabulous, I want to definitely make one for myself

  17. Anna Gonzales

    Stunning, Anita! You are an inspiration! Thank you for all you share!!!

  18. Niafabu

    Hi Anita I have been following your for years now frist it was that skirt for beginners I fell in love with the way you explained ever
    Thing now look at you sister I am so proud of you I wish I could sew like that. Peace and blessings the dress is beautiful job well done

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Niafabu! Wow! You’ve been with me for a really long time. Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you.

  19. Lystra

    Absolutely gorgeous, I love everything about this dress.
    Thank you for sharing ❤️

  20. Trish

    What a gorgeous dress. Love it!

  21. June Williams

    I absolutely love the look and design of this dress. I am a little intimidated by the process but after looking at this post I’m seriously thinking of giving this a try. Any chance you may do it again and with a sew a long?

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, June! There will not be a sew along for this one. I keep the tutorials at beginner/advanced beginner for now.

  22. Karen

    Anita You have done a excellent job. I have looked at this pattern myself and will be buying it now. I just hope you will do a tutorial. X

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you Karen! There won’t be a tutorial for this one but if you’re Intermediate/Advanced, you can do it. Just take your time and read the pattern carefully.

  23. Diana

    That dress is the epitome of why I love Vogue Patterns. Boy howdy, Anita! You hit another one out of the park!!! I aspire to sew on this level.

    1. Anita Morris

      You’re absolutely right! Vogue includes high-end details that produce high-end results.

  24. Delores


  25. Charisse

    Beautiful dress, perfectly constructed, awesome make and you look gorgeous!

  26. Ann

    The dress is stunning as is your workmanship! You always inspire me 🙂

    I haven’t sewn in quite a while and I’m really thinking about pulling out my sewing machine and serger.

    Thank you!

    1. Anita Morris

      You’re very welcome. YES, pull out that machine.

  27. DJ Hall

    One word, STUNNING!! The neckline absolutely caught my eye too, immediately. I would certainly consider you advanced. Look at that lining! It’s amazing. Thank you for showing us all the details up close, (and there are many). So beautiful, and you rocked it.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much and I’m really glad you like the close-up details.

  28. Berdia

    Hi Anita
    Your dressi is do beautiful. My husband and I both been sick. I am just now trying to catch up on your emails. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Anita Morris

      I’m glad you’re feeling better and catching up on the emails.

  29. Aisha

    The dress is beautiful and you styled it perfectly. I love it!

  30. Sally

    Anita, this blue flared dress looks exquisite . So does the wedding gown! I love your idea of putting accessories together first to imagine the look. I think this is a good discipline for me to try. I have toooooo much stuff! So I am trying to be more streamlined in my makes and my wardrobe.
    Thanks for your inspiration from across the Atlantic to me in Wiltshire (home of Stonehenge) . Though I often curse technology , this is one of its blessings!
    I’m going to consider this dress for next year for sure.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh my goodness, Sally! I’m so glad you appreciate the styling in advance discipline. I’ve been doing that for years and it’s one of my favorite parts of the sewing process. Three cheers for technology. I’m so happy to have you here.💕

  31. Helen

    Absolutely beautiful Miss Anita!

  32. Sheila

    Absolutely love this dress. And you look beautiful wearing it. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

      1. Janet Traynham

        The blue is so beautiful this time of the year it’s a romantic color .
        You looked beautiful.

  33. Mary Jean Cunningham

    Well, I thought you were an advanced sewist all along! Absolutely beautiful dress, beautifully made and perfect on you – WOW!! Wonderful that you were able to bring your vision to life just in time – deadlines make things happen, but I would think it had to be a little bit nerve-wracking, too – I’m sure you had a beautiful back-up dress, though, just in case. Yes, I’ve heard of the foot-washing that some couples are including in their weddings – a beautiful reminder of the reciprocity of love and the putting aside of one’s own ego for the service of the beloved.

    1. Anita Morris

      Mary Jean, that’s exactly what I communicated to the couple. It’s a physical representation of the covenant they were making to always care for one another, in good and bad times. It blessed my heart deeply to witness that love. YES, it’s always nerve wracking to sew at the last minute. I most certainly had a back-up and was really thinking about not sewing this dress because I waited so late. But then I decided to just start, and if I didn’t finish, it was okay. I could wear it another time. But once I got started, I was having so much fun that I became determined to finish. I’m SO GLAD I did, because I loved wearing it to her wedding.

  34. Amy Moccardini

    You’re igniting the desire to sew in me. Such a beautiful dress on a more beautiful lady.

    1. Anita Morris

      Yeeesss, get that machine in motion. Thank you so much.

  35. Dorothy

    Anita,love,love ,love that dress you look amazing . How did you know that blue is my favorite color . Beautiful sewing and thanks for sharing. You are really inspiring me to get my sew jo back. Thanks again for sharing your makes.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hey Dorothy! I love blue tooooo! I’m all here for the inspiration. Let’s Go, SEW Sister! Get that machine humming again. I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  36. Dianne Black

    The old saying goes,,,Fit you to the T, and the color was perfect.

  37. Tammy Myers

    You are quite talented, and I appreciate the time you spend teaching us beginners. Currently working on the pajama sew along. After four attempts, the pants are perfect! The V-neck top needs more practice though. Don’t think I could attempt a dress like this without your help. Oh, the pencil skirt sew along only took me two months, but it is perfect! I just keep making the same patterns until they work. Your videos get at least 100 views each, just from me! Anyone else do that? You are an inspiration! Thank you Anita!

    1. Anita Morris

      See, you are the type of student I like to work with because you understand that learning isn’t about perfection. It’s about growth. I love that you don’t give up on yourself. Do you know how many people would never spend as much time as you have to master your skills? Do you know how many people would never spend two months to perfect a pencil skirt. The major breakthrough activity you mentioned here is; “I keep making the same patterns until they work.” THIS is called mastery!!! Do the same thing over and over until you have mastered the skill. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your determination and drive to master your craft. Whew! You have made my entire day. Thank you so much for leaving your comment. Seriously, you are my DREAM STUDENT. Keep growing SEW Sister! You’re going to be an AMAZING sewist!

  38. Mimi

    Your dress looks so much better! I saw this pattern at JoAnn Fabrics but decided not to purchase because I didn’t care for it. By you have changed my mind!

    1. Anita Morris

      Wow! I’m glad you saw my version then because it’s really a great pattern.

  39. Evelyn Porter

    You are amazing!!! I couldn’t wait to see you in the dress!!! When you posted a picture of the wedding without your picture, I was like : “when is her picture coming “ . You look gorgeous!!