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Hi-Low Tunic – Project Runway Inspired

Hello everyone!  I had to convince myself to “just go with it” for today’s post.  Do you know how it is when you’re not really feeling your outfit in a 100% kind of way, but you wear it anyway, hoping it will grow on you?  That’s where I am right now with this Hi-Low Tunic.  I’m not in love with this look on ME, but I think it would be totally cute on someone else — maybe a curvy girl.  Yes, a curvy hip would give it that “POW” punch it needs.  I knew, going in, that this tunic wasn’t my style.  Nevertheless, I wanted to give it a try because I thought I could make it work.  Not only that, but I’d like to step outside my norm from time to time and try new styles.  So I will continue on with this post, keeping in mind that this is me trying something different, and maybe someone else will like it and make their own.  By the way, it hasn’t grown on me.

Hi-Low Tunic – Project Runway Inspired

This Simplicity pattern, inspired by Project Runway, caught my eye because of the many options available for the tunic.  You can make it with or without sleeves, short, long, or hi-low.  It also includes shorts and leggings.  As I looked at the different views of the tunic, I began to style each of them in my mind, something I do often when viewing patterns.  I decided to try View E first (hi-low) because it’s not something I would normally choose.  I will be sewing View C next, because I think it will look more appealing on me.  Ooooh, I can’t wait!  One thing I LOVE about this pattern is the “simplicity” of it.  It totally lives up to it’s brand – a very simple sew.

Create the Look

  • Pattern = Simplicity 8094 (View E) – Out of Print  – Try HERE
  • Fabric = From My Stash (purchased from JoAnn’s a long time ago)
  • Hat = Burlington Coat Factory (Not available online – I purchase my hats in-store)
  • Leggings = Kohl’s

What About You?

So tell me, what do you think about this hi-low tunic?  Be honest.

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember:  “When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!”


Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Project Runway Hi-Low Tunie

Hi-Low Tunic


All photos courtesy of CEMO!


Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Sharon ball

    Anita, I purchased some of that same blue printed fabric and I actually like the wrong side of the fabric better than the right side because of the tie dyed look it has so, it’s sitting on my fabric shelf waiting for me to decide what side I want to use….lol! Your outfit is so casual and comfy looking. Once again you, you have a hit.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks Sharon! I did the same thing. Really didn’t know which side to use. I think the tie dyed side will look great in a M6886.

  2. Shari Williams

    I love it Anita and you look great in it!

  3. Yvette

    Anita, you’re always so beautiful.
    I think this whole outfit compliments you very well!

    God bless!

  4. Monica

    Very nice. I think you look very cute and casual in it.

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