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New Look 6512 – Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re having a peaceful week so far. As for me, last week ended with a crash when my washing machine stopped working. I immediately became upset, not knowing what to do, because I’m so accustomed to my husband fixing everything. He was an amazing handyman and we hardly ever had to call for repairs. Only after he tried to fix something and couldn’t would he call for help. I loved that about him. I put out a distress call on Facebook, friends came to the rescue right away, and the machine was fixed the same day. God is amazing in His provisions.

On Sunday, I went shopping at JoAnn’s and had a blast buying lots of fabric during the 70% Off Doorbusters sale. I arrived home to a leaking water heater. I couldn’t believe it was happening. The same family came to the rescue again, and I have a new water heater with a five-year warranty. Peace of mind is priceless. I’m so very grateful. I’m learning to live in my new normal.

New Look 6512 – Off-the-Shoulder Dress

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Well, I’m baring shoulders again this week. Is this dress adorable or what? This New Look 6512 – Off-the-Shoulder Dress caught my attention because of the button front and elastic casings at the shoulders. The pockets are a fun detail too. I just knew it would look fabulous in this linen blend that I picked up from JoAnn’s Fabric Store a while ago. I didn’t realize it when I purchased the pattern, but the buttons are not functional. GASP!!! Yep, it’s a faux button front. It’s fake! SCANDAL, I say!!! Hahaha! If you like the look of button front garments but aren’t comfortable with sewing buttonholes yet, you can accomplish this look without sewing a single buttonhole. WooHoo! However, once you get the hang of sewing buttonholes, you’ll love making button front garments, so don’t avoid them forever. If you missed last week’s post HERE, I talked about a tool that I used for the first time to help make buttonhole and button placement much easier. I used the Simflex Expanding Sewing Gauge again to arrange the placement of my buttons on the placket of this dress. I love learning about tools that make my sewing easier, quicker, and more enjoyable.

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

I plan to wear this dress very casual, with flat sandals or sneakers. I think it would also look great with a pair of wedges. The model on the front of the pattern envelope has it styled with a pair of ballerina-like slippers just like THESE from Forever 21. They look so awesome with this dress. I chose to style mine with these lace-up high heels because the color is right on.

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

The pattern instructions call for attaching the bow to the back band of the dress with snaps. I wasn’t sure if I would like the bow. Therefore, I attached it with pins temporarily to see if it would work for me. After viewing photos and seeing the back with the bow, I love it. I will now attach the bow to the dress with snaps.

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

We’re still experiencing very hot weather in my town, so I can wear this out to lunch, the movies, or run errands (with flat shoes, of course). I’m having lots of fun sewing now. My studio makes me happy again. We never got around to decorating it because after my husband retired, we started traveling, then he was ill. I’m planning to get started with the decorating pretty soon. That should be exciting.

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Well, I’m still working on my photography. I’m learning that you must change the camera settings with each photo shoot. I just assumed if I captured good photos in one session and used the same settings for the next shoot in the same location, I would achieve the same results. That’s not the case. I got totally different results. It’s okay. I’m patient and will continue to practice.

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

New Look 6512 - Off-the-Shoulder Dress

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!




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Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Carol Wangui

    YASSSSSSSS! This post gave my LIFE! I am so excited to see you walk that runway, heels clacking, music jiving, love it. You are amazing. As you learn, we learn and I love that you share that.

  2. Yvonne Thompson

    Love, love , love… front and, back!
    You do it every time… gorgeous !!!

  3. Pam

    I LOVE IT!!! So cute and versatile. And your runway debut was fabulous!!! 🙂

  4. Carrie

    What a knock out! That is a lovely look and color on you and the shoes – oh the shoes!! Anyone not following you and your blog are MISSING OUT!

  5. Vernita Francis

    I love it you did a beautiful job as always…and the bow in the back….bang….what a surprise…. thanks for sharing.

  6. Celine

    Anita, you are amazing! I have watched your tutorials on baby lick Soprano many many times and I just invested in one!! I have been sewing on my moms machine since 1963! About time for a new machine. I am going to attempt a dress, for the beach. Simplicity pattern called for knit fabric I know there must be stitches which are designed for knits. Could you give me your opinion on which stitches are best to use? So glad your family is close by and so loving and available for you!! Celine Beers

  7. Lynette

    Awwww!!!! Too cute….rocking the runway. That dress is fabulous with the bow and all… on with the shoes. Looking forward to your sew-along videos on YouTube….as I said, you were the first that I saw and brought every single pattern. Thanks for everything sweetie and take care.

  8. Linda L

    Your garments are so well made and look beautiful on you. I have been reading your blog for sometime as well as your reviews on Pattern Review. I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award because your blog is so inspiring and positive. If you are willing to participate please visit my website at to read the rules to post on your blog.

  9. Veronica Cox

    OMG! You are way too AWESOME! Your pics are lovely and your runway video is just….AHHHHHHH!

  10. Mattie Johnson

    1. Making this for my cruise vacation in October. In different colors!
    2. Anita. You’re going to have me doing extra calf raises! ??

    1. Anita Morris

      Hahaha! Get it in, Mattie! Have fun making your dresses.

  11. Sandra

    Hi Anita! Another golden success! This dress looks so good on you. Every detail is so well done. Your photography skills are superb. If you hadn’t told anyone that you were taking your own photos, no one would ever know. You’re great model too! But what impresses me the most, is how in every reply comment you give, you are encouraging others to not hold back and be all that God has design us to be. So BEAUTIFUL!!! God’s Blessings!

  12. Crystal Collins

    You look amazing in this dress! Yellow looks great on your complexion. I am so glad that you have friends that can help you with your home repairs.

  13. Rosalind Hamilton

    Love the dress and it looks great on you. happy to see your back and life has moved you on. Well you have some great friends that came to help you in your time of need with house hold things. For myself I doing good. Still keep on taking care of myself. Checking everything, all the time. Need to lose more weight, so in the YMCA a few times a week. Cannot believe just how much I’ve gain during these last two years. I’ve lost 11lbs so far. So I trying to renter my sewing room as well. I have started a coat for my honey and need to hem it before it get’s cold. LOL. It is so hot here in Georgia, until it will be January 2019 before he can wear it. I will be done long before that. maybe y the end of he week. Now I need to make a small bust adjustment for myself. Things have changed. Nor sure if I want to wait until I drop more weight or what. I could make somethings I could where, I’ll see. So happy to see your back with a big bright smile. God Bless. Have fun sewing, later.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Rosalind. Glad to hear you’re doing okay. Enjoy your sewing.

  14. Dasha

    I love this dress and your video!!! So cute!!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Maybe one day you can share a tutorial on how to make these shoulders? ☺️

    1. Anita Morris

      I’m actually thinking about it Dasha.

  15. Michelle Young

    Younlook lovely in that beautiful dress. I just purchased a similar fabric from Joanne’s on Monday, sadly I missed the sale due to date mixup. I like the dress for myself,but a little on the fence with the off the shoulder thing. Maybe I could add straps to cover my bra strap which are most defiantly needed or flip the sleeves up. I’m glad to hear that you have a loving family walking along side of you at this leg of your journey.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Michelle. I think shoulder straps would be nice. The dress has front and back facings, so adding straps would be easy and cute.

  16. TipStitched

    I wouldn’t have even given this pattern a second look but you made it beautiful! I just love the sleeves and the pockets! I might have to get this pattern.

    1. Anita Morris

      I can definitely see you rocking it, Tiffany.

  17. Peggy

    I am new to your blog. You are beautiful as is your sewing. I look forward to seeing more of your ‘shine.’ God is good.

    1. Anita Morris

      Welcome, Peggy! Yes, God is so Good!

  18. Anita Morris

    Thelma, 50+ is fierce, honey! Like I told Donna, old is as old does. I don’t think “old” at all. Pull that pattern out and get to sewing.

  19. Aretha

    That dress is so adorable and the color is on point. It looks great on you. You have a eye for knowing what works best on you. I am inspired by you. I’m working to live in my design. Keep doing what you do well.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Aretha! Yes, honey, live in your DESIGN!

  20. Lucy

    Anita, your dress is DARLING! I love it. I have this pattern and you’ve convinced me to move it to the top of the stack. Great job on the pictures.

  21. Donna Angell

    Oh my goodness how cute is that and the color is spot on trend. I was thinking I was too old to wear such a dress but wow you make it look so good I need to sew me that dress!!!

    1. Anita Morris

      OLD???!!! Naaaw, sister! Old is as old does! Pull that pattern out.

  22. Cunthia

    Anita you did an amazing job with this beautiful dress. I really enjoyed your video! You will continue to grow and my husband was on the road as a truck driver since I met him. Do I can identify with you feeling helpless when things in the house stop working. I decided to learn how to turn off the water valves and also I would encourage you to take a few classes at Home Depot!
    You will survive!

    1. Anita Morris

      OMGosh, what a great idea! I would love to take some classes at Home Depot. Thanks so much for the advice. I’m gonna look into that. Yes, I will survive.

  23. Yvette McInnis

    Hi Anita, you have done it again! You are so adorable. I love love this dress and you are wearing it well. You are such a great student of your husband’s teaching whether you know it or not! Job well done. Keep up the great work, doing what you love while inspiring others!

    God bless always!

  24. Rosalind

    Hi Anita, you are doing a good job with your talent. Question – do you have any suggestions on making the dress to fit on my shoulders? I think the dress is really cute.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Rosalind. The elastic at the shoulders should help to hold the dress on your shoulders. Just make sure you cut the elastic to a measurement that will help keep the dress up. This may require testing different lengths of elastic.

  25. Maureen

    Anita, you are amazing. Your attitude teaches me that one should never allow grief and sorrow should to over shadow one joy in living.

    Well done!

    Now I’m off to sew that dress.


    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Maureen! Have fun sewing your dress.

  26. Neti

    Fantastic! You are working the camera like America’s next Top Model. Such a great dress and those Shooze. . .

  27. Gretchen

    Yes ma’am I have this pattern and as a newby was waiting on someone to post that they’ve made it and show their make. I have the pattern and the fabric so I guess you just gave the inspiration. Thanks Anita……..You did a GREAT JOB on the dress and photography!!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Gretchen! Have fun sewing your dress.

  28. Aundrea D.

    You did great.

  29. Linda Ramirez

    I have had this pattern for awhile now but after seeing your version, i’m going to try it. I love the color. I have to admit that i need to add more color to my wardrobe. You look beautiful in this dress. Thanks for your inspiration.

  30. Art

    Beautiful!!!! I’m sure I’ve seen that pattern so many times and never noticed it. I love the color and your sewing amazing – I know I wouldn’t be able to make mine as beautiful as yours. But you have inspired me to give it a try. Thanks, Anita!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Art! Yes, give it a try. Just take your time.

  31. Tracy Charalambous

    Anita love the dress it’s so summery. Lovely to see you smiling & enjoying sewing again. X

  32. Bernadette Thomas

    You hot some moves. Loving this and you. Blessings

  33. Alejandra

    You look beautiful! Love the dress and the video. I’m also learning that taking pictures of myself is not as easy as taking pictures of others.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Alejandra! Yes, learning photography is a process.

  34. JaCaffa

    You are such an inspiration! I love your spirit! Beautiful clothes as well!

  35. Look at that smile!!! I love “learning to live in my new normal”. I love your transparency and I thank you for trusting us with your story and your journey. And thank you for being an example of keeping God in everything, even a blog. I needed to see that!

    1. Salina Curtis

      Oh yea, love the dress (you always slay)……and those shoes!!!!!!

  36. SueKeator

    Love the video. I would think a linen blend would be stiff but the video shows the drape and movement. Love the styling of it too!

  37. Caroll

    LOVE IT!Beautiful dress. And the color is oh so good!☺ The video only enhances your abilities. It made my day. To me, the video relays: class, strength, determination, and fierceness!Handle it’

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Caroll! I’m handling it, sister.

  38. Rosy

    Absolutely stunning! LOVE the bow detail on the back! ❤️??

  39. Riesha Simmons

    Ok, Mrs. Anita, you better werk. I love the runway video, your smile is amazing. You look wonderful.

  40. Florence

    Work it Ms. Anita! So glad you are happy in you’re sewing room once again. You look fab as always and how wonderful you had shoes to match! I also love your pick for the runway song?

  41. Sherry

    Anita, you look amazing and that garment looks like it could be on the rack at Macy’s. You are an amazing seamstress. God has blessed you with a true talent.

    You are such an inspiration. God has given and will continue to give you the strength that you will need to keep going and to keep living.

    Cecil is smiling down from Heaven.

    Keep doing what you are doing.

    Peace and blessings.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Sherry! He would have loved seeing me in this dress.

  42. Gwendolyn styles

    You did a great job as always. The mini runway video is fantastic! For a minute there I thought your were going to bust out into a laugh!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Gwendolyn! Hahaha! I was cracking up on the inside.

  43. KS Sews

    I’ve had my eye on this pattern for forever. you’re going to make me alter my summer sewing plans! :-p

    Absolutely gorgeous on you in that color especially!
    And thank God for good people <3

  44. julia evans

    You look lovely. Though we have never met I often think of you. The color looks good on you.

  45. Lori Bernard

    Awesome Dress, you look fantastic!

  46. Paulette dowdie

    OMG! I have this pattern just waiting to be inspired to make it! Love Love what you did with it!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Yaaay! You’re gonna look GREAT in this dress. This is so your style.

  47. Michelle

    I love it!!! You model that well. I think I will try to get this pattern and make this one (at least try). Still not very confident with my sewing, but I won’t give up. Getting my new cutting table next week (it’s being delivered)!!!! I know you’ll have lots of fun decorating your sewing room. Your emails on new posts, I so enjoy receiving them and looking at what you’ve created. Keep them coming :0).

    1. Anita Morris

      Yaaay, Michelle! Congratulations on the new cutting table. Have fun making your dress.

  48. LaToria Bollilng

    Good Morning Anita, your dress is gorgeous. You have inspired me to invest in a tripod for my phone so I can take pictures of me wearing my garments. I don’t want to blog about the garments I’ve made without showing me wearing them.

    I’m glad you are back to sewing.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, LaToria! Yes, honey, get those pics of you wearing your garments on your blog. Your subscribers want to see it on your body for sure. Have fun with it.

  49. Kelly Kennedy

    I love it when there is a new Anita by Design e-mail! It’s the first e-mail I open and then immediately click on the link to see the details of the lovely new item you’ve sewn. I’m sure it takes a lot of work to photograph and chronicle process and details of the garments you make, but I want you to know how much I appreciate it. I’ve always had a mental roadblock when it comes to garment sewing – mostly thinking that I don’t have the skills to make something that doesn’t look “home sewn”. Your blog and learn to sew videos have given me the confidence to tackle garments. I’ve been making skirts (with zippers!) and knit tops and they are actually wearable! Thank you so much!

    1. Anita Morris

      Awesome, Kelly! I’m so glad to hear that you are persevering through the doubt and sewing garments that you’re happy with. Keep it moving! You’ve got this!

  50. Triple D

    Anita, I so admire your strength and level of faith. It reminds me as I go through this valley I’m traveling at this time, to hold on, everything will be alright and that help is on the way.

    You are beautiful and that “cold shoulder” number makes me think I could get away with it. I’d have to do some leg crunches, peck pumps, and arm lifts but if that takes too long, I simply walk around strutting my stuff with the confidence you always display!!! Luv u girl!

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, sister, YES! You can do this! Hold on and keep your head up. No trial can overtake you when you keep your focus in the right place.

      Strut yourself as you are, then keep strutting when you reach your goal.

  51. Elizabeth

    Good morning dear! I just love your constant positivity. It is such a blessing to have loved ones at the ready to help. May the Amighty continue raining blessings on you.
    This dress looks lovely on you! I have this pattern. I’m still at the fear of failing stage ?so I have not made it yet. I need to get on it.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks, Elizabeth! Make the dress. If it fails, make it again. Mistakes are our best teachers. Get on it.

  52. Carrie Cunningham

    Love your dress znd your styling! That bow is adorable and those shoes are too beautiful!
    I love using my simflex tool! It’s sew handy!
    And your video…well done!

  53. Chelene Nightingale

    My Sister in Christ, You are truly an inspiration! Your testimony will help so many women! And your talent and beauty radiates! Love this dress on you!!

  54. Kaija Brinson


    I love the mini runway video..with that old school classic playing in the background..Werk it!

  55. Talisha Barham

    I love the dress and color choice! Cute video too ?!

  56. Shontell

    Miss Anita you are absolutely an amazing woman! I enjoy following your life and sewing journey. You truly exemplify what a Proverbs 31 women looks like. I love your transparency and your style and honey you are definitely rocking that dress! I live that you’ve jumped back into your sewing and as usual you rock.

  57. Jodie

    I love that you are sewing again….you can tell it brings you such joy!!
    And even though you got your sewing machine fixed….it’s not that important. You can just make new clothes all the time—who needs to wash them? LOL!!

    1. Rosalind

      Jodie, I know that you meant “washing machine”, but your post is too funny.

    2. Anita Morris

      Hahahhaaaaaa! Jodie, I am dying! Right! No washing machine? No problem! You have a sewing machine. Just sew new clothes! Hahahahaaa! Love it!

  58. Constance

    Lady, lady, lady… This look is so you! I love the video you are Ready and giving it! I might just have to find time for that sewing project. Loose and comfortable, yet so chic and stylish. Thanks for sharing, so happy to see you back on your sewing game.
    Love ya SewSista

  59. Angie

    I love this. I usually don’t even think of the New Look patterns but this is one I must get. I’m gonna have to stop sleeping on New Look. Thumbs Up

    1. Anita Morris

      Yeees, Agie! New Look has some cute patterns.

  60. Carmen Salome

    Just love that on you. I bought that same fabric love it. Great job on the video.

  61. Lashawnda

    You look amazing Ms. Anita. I love the dress and the matching shoes. Keep inspiring us please!!

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