Sewing My Stash | Burda 7043

I’m still sewing my stash. But before I talk about the dress, I want to share something with you. Yesterday was International Women’s Day and I was thinking about the amazing year I had in 2021. As I was reflecting upon all the accomplishments and wins, I had an empowering thought. My greatest accomplishment last year was that I decided to BELIEVE in myself.


When the limiting beliefs tried to resurface, I shut them down and did the opposite of what they told me. As a result, not only did I launch my first Online Sewing Course for Beginners, but I also officially launched my Speaking Services under the Anita by Design brand.


I want to encourage you today to BELIEVE in yourself. You have so much to offer the world. BELIEVE!


Know who you are! Believe who you are! Live as if you believe who you are!

Sewing My Stash | Burda 7043

Now, let’s get into this dress. I love a classic sheath dress. In my last blog post, I said that I would be sewing 20 patterns from my stash this year. I changed my mind and decided I will sew 22 in 2022, just because it sounds better. Hahaha! I’m using the hashtag #sew22in22 on Instagram. There’s also another SEW Sister who has created a challenge on Instagram called #make22in22. So, this is my 3rd garment – only 19 more to go. WooHoo!!!

Pattern & Fabric

I used Burda 7043 with a Ponte knit fabric for the dress and a lightweight knit/tricot for the lining. The pattern is no longer in print, but you may be able to find it on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, or anywhere older patterns are sold. The dress is fully lined with sleeveless and short sleeve options. The bodice is gathered at the bust with single darts on the skirt beneath. The back has double darts on each side of the zipper. There is a back slit which I omitted for my dress.

Sewing My Stash

I had already sewn this dress twice before, so I knew it would be beautiful, especially with such an amazing color. I made the black one pictured below for my very first blog post in 2016 and called it my Audrey Hepburn dress. I loved it so much that I made another one in white. But this time my inspiration came from a Barbie photo. I used a Ponte knit fabric for both dresses.

Sewing My Stash
Sewing My Stash

I actually started on the dress a several months ago but put it aside because I didn’t feel like making the adjustments after the first fitting. Therefore, it sat on my dressform until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to finish it to wear to a speaking event. Then I changed my mind and wore a different green dress that I made in 2016. But it’s okay because this dress will surely grace another stage in the future.

Sewing My Stash
Sewing My Stash

I only used one sewing machine, the Baby Lock Soprano. The hem on the dress was sewn by hand. The fit is really good, but I will take in the lining at the sides in the hip area. There’s a bit too much fabric and it causes wrinkles underneath the main fabric. Also, since it is a free-hanging lining, I plan to tack it at the sides to prevent it from twisting under the dress when I walk.

Sewing My Stash
Sewing My Stash

I accessorized with bling jewelry, a rhinestone, fringe, clutch purse, a pair of pumps that are for sitting only. I told you before that pointy-toe shoes and I are not friends anymore. It’s a shame because the shoes are just fire. I added a scarf around the neck with a brooch for a different look. It would also look amazing with a blazer on top. I may sew it again with a beautiful print fabric.

Sewing My Stash
Sewing My Stash

How would you style the dress?

I plan to wear this dress for speaking engagements, church, dinner, and other special events. I would love to hear how you would style this dress. What color fabric would you use? Leave a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by,

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES! 


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This Post Has 28 Comments

  1. Debi Mascia

    I’m wondering why you are no longer posting your videos on youtube. Your channel was my go to channel for sew alongs and pattern reviews. It was nice to sew along with you. It seems like so many people start a youtube channel, gain a high number of subscribers and then drop their channel. I miss your weekly videos and hope you return to posting them on your channel.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Debi. Thank you for being part of my YouTube community. I have in no way dropped my channel. More videos are coming. I appreciate your support.

  2. Audrey Moore

    You are such an inspiration. You look fabulous in everything you make. I started following your videos about a year ago. I love watching you sewing videos and I am eagerly awaiting a new. Keep up the wonderful work.


    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Audrey. Yes, life has been busy but more sew along videos are coming soon.

  3. Ann

    I love the dress but im heavy soiwouldhave a sleeve. It is beautiful.

  4. Anne

    This dress looks good on you in black, white and green!
    I have never sewn an invisible zipper in a dress with a lining. Any good tutorial tips?

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Anne!Thank you so much. Oh, yes, I insert invisible zippers into lined garments all the time.

      1. Attach zipper to dress first.
      2. Attaach lining to dress at neckline.
      3. Fold and sew lining to zipper tape. You can do this by hand or machine.

      It would be easier to demonstrate in a video one day. ?

  5. Karen

    I love this dress, and I am planning to sewing #22 new outfit and using the patterns that I already have

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Karen! Yaaayyy!!! That’s awesome! I’m so glad to hear you’re planning to sew your stash this year too. Let’s Go!!!

  6. Monica

    Anita, beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging others to sew, but mainly to be a Godly woman.
    I love all the dresses and the styling.

  7. Kathelia

    The dress is stunning, and you styled it beautifully. Thank you for the inspiring and encouraging words. This is my first time interacting with sisters that share a passion for sewing. My mom who was my sewing partner passed in 2020 so I haven’t sewn in a while. I decided to start sewing again this year not sure if I will make 22 pieces (that really inspiring), but I plan to sew at least 10 pieces this year.

  8. De

    This is a stunning look! I love your scarf (I’ve used scarves since high school and still have a stash of all shapes, sizes and color patterns) and the jewelry is perfect. I only wish I could wear those shoes!!
    Thanks for the inspiration. I purged a lot of patterns last year and I’m planning to do so again. For 2022, my goal is to sew pieces to coordinate with items currently in my closet. I don’t know how many that will be but I’m going for what I need. Shopping trips will be for footwear.
    I am so happy for the accomplishments and blessings God has bestowed upon you. Very often, I share your site with other ladies for inspiration and sewing information. Keep stepping!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Hiii De! Oh my goodness, I love scarves. Like you, I have a whole collection of them in different sizes and prints. I love your 2022 sewing goal. That is so important because it’s really easy to sew a bunch of clothes and not have any cohesiveness in our wardrobes.

      Yes, yes, yes! My shopping trips are for shoes too. It’s so amazing because we can buy any shoes we want and match them to fabric later. Thank you for the blessings. I receive them all, my sister.

  9. Tarah

    The dress is lovely on you. If I were to make it, I may try a black (favorite color), a red (has to be the right shade of red) or a deep purple. However, I think all the colors and the way you styled your dresses are perfect. You mail the fit on all your projects. My goal this year is to master the fit of one dress. I think I will use your TNT (McCall’s 7531) to start. Thanks for sharing your makes and the inspiration. Continued blessings.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Tarah! Yes, all those colors will look so beautiful for this dress. The styling makes all the difference for me.

      Fit is so personal and it really takes lots of practice to learn what works for your body. I like your plan to master the fit on “one” dress. YES! Have fun learning as you go. If one technique doesn’t work, try others. You can do this!

  10. Sandra Strueber

    Ms. Anita you continue to amaze me with your poise and spirit! I absolutely love that color dress and I wouldn’t change a thing. I went to a high school where we had to wear dresses, hats and gloves everyday including in the summer. I still think finishing off a good outfit requires a hat and gloves. That’s a rule that stayed with me and I was in high school 50 years ago! Continue to set goals and inspire others. You are living the dream!

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh my goodness, Sandra! You just blessed my entire heart with your words. Wow! How I would have enjoyed wearing hats and gloves to school. Thank you for being here.

  11. Cynthia

    Good job, Ms Anita….
    Keep progressing and lifting yourself from low spots with positive self-talk!
    I have far too many patterns to push myself with your new campaign, but I have promised myself not to purchase any new patterns. (Have you seen how expensive they are now and now no $4.99 sales!!) if you can guess how old I am, let me whisper …I have some of the first patterns I purchased back when Vogue Patterns were 75 cents! lol I have broken my promise only one or two times last year, though. lol Yes, I have been sewing for many, many years! lol
    You are progressing well toward your goals. I admire you because my mom was a widow at 35 with three children, and I witnessed how it changed her spirit…so stay sweet. There will be both highs and lows, so don’t forget your heavenly Father, who is always with you.
    Before I go, let me leave you with a small sewing tip. When you attach your threads to keep your lining from twisting, you can use the Babylock serger thread chains of different lengths down the side seams of your dress. Placing them at waist and hem should do the trick. Shorter lengths at the waist seam allowance, and the longest length at the hem. Much easier than creating the loops we created decades ago!
    Signing off…
    Always praying for you and your family….

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I will remember the serger tip when securing lining to the dress. I cherish your prayers. Have a beautiful rest of the week.

  12. Jackie

    I love all of the dresses and the way they fit. I love your shoes, where did you find them?

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Jackie! I purchased the shoes from Steve Madden years ago.

  13. Patty

    Lovely dresses, Anita. Did you hem the scarf on your serger or sewing machine? What technique did you use, please?

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Patty! I didn’t make the scarf. I purchased it many years ago. To hem a scarf like this I would use a narrow, rolled hem on my sewing machine.

  14. Dara

    You look Amazing Anita! Unfortunately that style would not look good on me but you are Rocking it! I Always enjoy your posts.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Dara! This is my signature style. I love sheath dresses.