VOGUE 8649

This is pattern #7 of my personal challenge to sew 22 patterns that I already have in the year 2022. That means I have 15 old patterns to sew in 6 months. Oh dear! I need to pick up the pace.This is a real oldie but goodie. It came out in 2010 and is Out-of-Print. I don’t remember when I purchased it. What I do know is that I’ve pulled it out many times and kept changing my mind about sewing it. Have you done that? I change my mind all the time. Hahaha!

VOGUE 8649


Vogue 8649 is a semi-fitted, pullover knit top. I love the kimono sleeves, and the hip line length. However, when I pulled it out again in May, I had a different idea. I wanted a simple sheath dress for a wedding. I decided to lengthen the top to below the knee.

VOGUE 8649

You may be able to find the pattern wherever older patterns are sold. While writing this blog post, I checked and saw a few copies on Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon. The pattern calls for Two-way Stretch Knits and the suggestions are: Rayon-Lycra, Cotton Lycra, and Wool Lycra. It’s a beginner-friendly pattern and only requires 4 pattern pieces to make the top. I cut a size 10 and it was perfect for the fabric that I used.

VOGUE 8649

The only notion required is 1/2″ single fold bias tape. You can actually make your own knit bias tape but I used purchased woven bias tape because I had it in the color I wanted. I prefer to use knit bias tape when sewing knit garments, but woven works out fine too.

VOGUE 8649

The upper front comes in 4 different cup sizes (A, B, C, D), making it easier to get the fit you desire.

VOGUE 8649

Fabric Options

I used a beautiful Brushed Poly Knit that I purchased from my local Joann Fabrics. I’m a big fan of brushed poly knit. It’s comfortable and lightweight. Plus, there are so many beautiful prints to choose from. You can also find lots of it online at They have an abundance of options.

VOGUE 8649

Inside the Garment

VOGUE 8649
VOGUE 8649
VOGUE 8649
VOGUE 8649
VOGUE 8649

Styling Option

I styled the dress with a pair of red, open toe, pumps, pearl earrings and bracelet, ribbon necklace with pearls, and a small, green clutch purse.

VOGUE 8649

Congratulations to the Bride & Groom

Allison, one of the young ladies I mentored from a little girl until high school graduation, married John. They actually got married in 2020, but couldn’t have the wedding they had planned because of the Pandemic. So they exchanged vows with a few family members. Last month we got to celebrate with them as they exchanged vows again and had the reception.

Here is Allison with two more of my young ladies, Mia and Velena! My girls are all grown up. I love them so much.

How would you wear the dress?

Do you have this pattern? If so, how would you style the top? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

VOGUE 8649

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This Post Has 39 Comments

  1. Rebecca Grace

    Your dress looks amazing on you, Anita — so much better than the illustrations on the pattern envelope! Of course the fit is exquisite as usual for you, and the neckline looks like it lays really nice and flat with no gaping. Does this pattern include a dress option or did you lengthen it yourself? Or is there another skirt/dress pattern that you merged with this top pattern to create your dress? I would love to try this one! PS: Thanks for including the inside-out photo. That’s super helpful for beginners to see!

  2. Barbara

    The dress is lovely and so are you. I have seen the lengthening of a top before. I may try it
    B tenley

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Barbara. I have several top patterns that I’ve lengthened to dress length. And there are many more that I want to lengthen.

  3. Ginger

    OMG I love what you did with this pattern. I think I have this pattern can’t wait to get home and check. Maybe You would like to do a tutorial ?✌
    I love all your makes!!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Ginger! I hope you find it in your collection. I decided not to do a tutorial since it’s out of print.

  4. Trish Palm

    I love how you show other options to something so simple. I would not have thought to transform a top into a dress. Thank you for sharing your talent. I love the dress and the fabric. And, may the married couples union be blessed for many years.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Trish! Sometimes I see a dress immediately when I look at top patterns. ?

  5. Lynette R Patrice

    Thank you also for sharing the special day. Beautiful couple and young ladies.

    We wish them well!!

  6. Lynette Patrice

    Hi Anita,

    That is one simple, but beautiful dress you transformed. Great job!!

    How many inches did you lengthen it? Did you start right at the bottom of the blouse?

    It’s amazing how you can definitely make clothes in your style to suit you. You gotta love sewing your own clothes.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Lynette! I can’t believe I forgot to share how I lengthened the dress in this post. I used another pattern and merged the lines. I think it may have been McCall’s 7531, my pattern. You can also measure from the bottom of the top to wherever you want the hem to end on your dress. Yes, LOVE sewing my own clothes.

  7. Jacqueline Ferri

    What a lovely dress! It’s a classic , never going out of style!
    Thank you for sharing the information about the fabric, it really is beautiful. My mother used to buy many Vogue patterns which I now have. A few had a small patch to sew inside the garment. There are a few patterns my mother never used so they are just about new! So nice to spend a wonderful occasion
    all dressed beautifully!

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, definitely a classic. What a treasure to have your mother’s patterns, Jacqueline. And how awesome that they included patches with some of the patterns.

  8. Coach Laura

    I too have this pattern in my stash. I had seen a review where someone else made it into a dress, so I’ll probably make the top with the material I already have earmarked for it and the dress later. I hang on to all my old patterns, especially the ones with A-B-C-D sizing because I’m lazy and don’t like doing bust adjustments. Thanks for the blog.

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Coach Laura! Yes, the patterns with cup sizes are the best. You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed the blog post.

  9. De

    Congratulations to the happy couple, their friends and mentor! The dress is a perfect wear for the occasion. I love the print; it will look good for any season. You knocked it out of the park again. I’m lining up a few sewing projects I plan to start soon – a gift, a little home decor, and a few pieces for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Anita Morris

      You’re very welcome, De! Sounds like you’re gonna have some sewing fun. I love hearing about sewing plans from other SEW Sisters.

  10. Gaynell

    Beautiful dress & it fits you perfect. Nice young couple. They young ladies are pretty. Thanks for sharing.?

  11. Linda

    Hi Anita. What a great story about the wedding! Your mentees certainly have grown to be lovely ladies! Your dress is fabulous. I do change my mind all the time! I did so last week, after purchasing fabric from StyleMaker for one of my patterns – but thought it would be better suited to another pattern currently on its way from PDF Plotting. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the inside of the garment. That helps me so much! If I had to comment on accessories, I am all for a little bling. A shiny choker or a shiny barrette in your hair. Still stunning without though. Have a blessed day!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you, Linda! I love that we can change out minds about our DIY garments. Oh, how awesome to be able to have full control over every aspect of our creations. Oh, yes, the bling is always a plus. You have a blessed day too.

  12. Mary

    I love the dress and I love your site !

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Mary. I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying the blog.

  13. Marilyn

    You look stunning in that dress. When my mom passed away in 2007, I was cleaning out her things. She was a master designer and seamstress (daughter did not take after her). Sometimes she used patterns, but she mostly designed her own. I did find some Vogue pattern that were so old, they cost 25 cents. She used to tell me that she had to save up any extra money she had to buy a Vogue pattern because they were more expensive than the other brands. If she really couldn’t afford the pattern, she would tweak the design and create her own. Like you, she was a perfectionist, but every garment was amazing. Like you, she would press all the time. I was too lazy and skipped that, so she used to tell me that my garments scream ‘homemade’ and not in a complimentary way. I’ve learned a lot through your videos. Thank you. Marilyn

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Marilyn! Oh, I love hearing about the prices of patterns and sewing tools in the past. I still have a few zippers that I purchased when I first started sewing in the early ’90’s and they were under $1. Sounds like your mom had impeccable sewing skills. I’m glad to hear that you’re learning from my videos.

  14. Simone

    What a sweet story. Love the dress.

  15. Victoria Holman

    I don’t have this pattern but the dress looks lovely on you. I would love to start sewing old patterns and would love to share. Stay tune and God bless you ❤️.

    1. Anita Morris

      Awesome, Victoria! Looking forward to hearing about you sewing your old patterns.

  16. Henrietta

    The dress is so you. It’s lovely. Glad the bride and groom had the opportunity to really celebrate.

  17. Kathy

    I love sewing with Vogue patterns. Maybe a little more complicated than other patterns, but the longer dresses/gowns fit so well.

  18. Monica

    Very pretty. Perfect fit, very elegant and yet comfortable. It is nice to see people celebrating life again.

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, it is very comfortable. And I agree. It’s so nice to be out enjoying life.

  19. LAURA O.

    That dress is simply beautiful, Anita! And what a lovely bride! Those young ladies are fortunate to have had you as a mentor!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much, Laura! I love my young ladies so much.

  20. Dara

    Very Pretty Anita! Thank you for Sharing!