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Update: CEMO’s Progress

Hey everyone! I miss you all so much! I want to sew like crazy! ✨Just stopping by to say hello and let you know my husband is doing better. He’s been home for two weeks now and we’re working on getting him back on his feet. ✨All I can say is “God is good!” We continue to trust Him for a complete healing. Thanks so much for all the prayers! They help to keep us strong. ✨I’ll be sharing a couple of makes that I wore on our trip before his surgeries (even though they’re summer looks). ? This photo was taken on our trip too. ✨I look forward to getting back on my machine and CEMO can’t wait to get behind the camera again.✨ Also, I have some very exciting news to share with you guys, but first I have to get some photos.??? God’s blessings and protection to all who are being affected by the hurricanes. We pray for you daily. ?

Update: CEMO's Progress

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Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Denise

    Anita, good evening. I just finished watching your video concerning your husband, and your wonderful news from the sewing machine company. Thank you so much for trusting and believing in God. He can do it, I am a living witness.
    Thanks for your wonderful sewing tutorials.
    God bless you and your family. Continual Prayers for you.

  2. Armena

    GOD IS SOOOOOOO AMAZING, so very pleased to hear your hubby is doing well, and the great thing, you sewing & blogging,and us fans will be right waiting. You just focus on hubby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Maud

    Remember by his strip we have been healed may the Jehovah Rapha be with you be healed by the precious blood of Jesus AMEN

  4. Shelia

    Just found you on YouTube. I have to say, you have inspired me to take my sewing and crafting to the next level. I will be in continuous prayer for healing in your entire family. I am looking forward to your return. Not just for the sewing but as a testimony to others of the goodness of God. See you soon!

  5. Shelbee on the Edge

    Anita, I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your journey on Facebook and I have been sending prayers daily for you and Cecil. I have just shared this on Catherine’s post and wanted to post it here for you as well…

    “I have held the hands of both my parents through a similar battle as Cecil and it is the strength and love of our closest people in addition to our communities and the people whom we reach on all levels who help carry us through these times. Plus faith in our religion and handing over control to our higher power makes the journey just a little bit easier. I have been following Cecil and Anita’s story on Facebook and having been sending my daily dose of prayers for them as well. All I know from my own experiences is that we never our own strength until strength is the only choice we have. And it is clear that Cecil and Anita are so strong in their faith, strong in their love for one another, and strong in their commitment to goodness and kindness. They will walk this journey in that strength and love will always prevail in the end.”

    I will continue to follow along with you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Many hugs to you,


  6. Danette Hutchenson

    Thank you for your love and encouragement shown to your viwers….so glad your husband is doing better….continued prayers for him and your family…God bless!

  7. Queenesther Jones

    Adonai bless you. I did not know your husband was dealing with something. Glad to know he is better. Be blessed.

  8. Tee

    So glad to hear from you! God bless!!!

  9. Linda

    I am a 70 year old white woman and I have to tell you that Cemo is the most handsome guy I’ve seen in a long time! I always enjoy seeing his picture on your blog, he just looks like an interesting and generous man. I wish you both well and send prayers for his quick and complete recovery.

  10. Tonia Cocroft

    Thank God I am so happy that your husband is back at home and doing better

  11. Julia B

    Continuing to pray! Enjoy each day!

  12. Marydee Valdez

    I am so blessed by your news. In Exodus 3:14, God says “I AM WHO I AM”. He is everything we need. You need a healer. I Am the Healer! God is not man that he should lie. How blessed we are to be children of the most High God and to have Jesus our Savior who prays for us when Satan comes to sift us.
    Love you both my sister and brother. Keeping you covered in prayer.

  13. Roz D

    Anita, God is the Greatest. I am thanking God for what He is doing for your husband.

  14. La'Sherry

    THANK YOU JESUS!!! I am so happy to hear that CEMO is doing better and that he is home from the hospital. I will continue to keep you both in prayer for full recovery.

  15. Karreemah

    I am so happy your husband is doing well and will continue to keep you both in my prayers for the duration of his recovery!

  16. Cheryl

    Praise God!!! Thank you for sharing.

  17. Ms. Sheila

    That’s good news Anita. Praise God. I will continue to pray for his complete healing for your husband. I will continue to pray asking God to continue to strengthen you. May God continue to bless you and your family my sew sister.

  18. Deirdr

    So happy and thankful God has HEALED your husband and he is on his way to a full recovery! God Bless!

  19. MaryAnn

    I have missed your post, but know you have other matters to attend to. I pray that CHEMO continues to improve. God is good, all the time. Prayers to you both.

  20. Lesa G

    Hi Anita I’m so glad to hear he’s doing better. I will continue to pray for you and your husband. May God keep you.

  21. Nancy Wagner.

    Thank you for the recent update. I love your blogs, sewing and fashion. You have been truly missed. Praying for continued progress for your hubby. And you as a caregiver. My oldest twin daughter and her family have been blessed beyond words from the hurricane. She’s east of Bradenton. The storm was just a few miles from her house with the full force winds. She also is a Florida state employee so she had to work at a special needs shelter. She’s a wonderful worker. Did her best to be a great help yesterday. Many elderly ill had to come there. She was a blessing I’m sure to them. She’s a registered dietitian for the state. Her husband and daughter worker very hard getting their home prepared. God is good. I’ve prayed for your situation too. You’ve been missed. I love to see your gorgeous fashions. Hoping you’ll soon be creating. Blessings!!!

  22. Kelly

    Continue to stay positive and believe God has a healing coming soon!!! By His Stripes we WERE (already) healed!!!!! Amen, God bless you and your hubby ❤️

  23. Melody Furtado Lema

    Anita, We have been praying for your family. I found every prayer list possible, and I added his name. It is the very, very least I could do considering how much you have added to my sewing. God is good, and he will reward you because of the loving and sharing heart that you have.

  24. Yolanda Kennedy

    Hi Anita,
    I started watching your videos in June with no prior sewing experience whatsoever, and I must say you are a great instructor. I have completed Projects 1-4, and I am so proud of myself. Before starting Project 5, I decided to became a subscriber, which was just yesterday. I immediately saw your post regarding your husband. I was saddened to hear about your family challenge, but I was rejoicing when realizing that you have strong faith. That strong faith is going to get you through this. My husband had a stroke back in March. He is still recovering, but doing well. It’s only by God’s grace and mercy that we have gotten through this. You too will get through this by just trusting, believing and leaning on God for total healing.

    I do have a question. Will you teach on inserting a lining in either a skirt or a dress? Most of the skirts and dresses that I purchase are lined.

    Peace and Blessings!

  25. Sharon Parker

    Praying God continues to bless both of you.

  26. Peggy Johnson

    ? Hi Anita and praise God from whom all blessings flow. He is our healer, strength, peace and so much more.

  27. Lana Dean

    To God be the Glory for all the great things he has done. By you sharing this news about your husband has helped a lot of people, just because of your faith others can see the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Again to God be the glory. I’m still praying for your family. Isaiah 53:5 ” Jesus said by his stripes we are healed.” I’m thanking him for the victory. Be bless my sister in Christ and take care of yourself. Like Marvin Sapp say,
    Just know He Has His Hands On You.

  28. onie moore

    Good news, God Bless

  29. Diann

    What a blessing that he is better. May God continue to bless the 2 of you and keep you safe in his arms.I pray for your husband’s continued good health and also your strength in the Lord. Be Blessed

  30. JC

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing! So glad to hear of God’s blessings upon you, your husband, and family. 🙂

  31. Heide V

    So happy to hear this…will continue to pray 🙂

  32. Faye Reid

    You are so very gracious in sharing your updates. Wishing you both only the very best and a complete recovery for your CEMO.

  33. Martha

    Hi Anita – thanks for the update. Good to hear hubby’s on the road to recovery!!

  34. Tosha

    Hello Anita

    What a blessing to hear from you…..I was doing some site searching (archives) from some of u guys I follow and I literally said I wonder how Mrs Anita and hubby is doing and then to check my email. I am elated he’s coming along well and I think about you guys often. Thank you for the update and I pray for your continuing recovery to be a blessed one. May God bless you and your family .

  35. Zona Bentley

    God bless you both. You are always in His love and care.
    Trusting in God is all we can do,we do what we can and leave the rest to Him.
    Love to you and your family.

    Zona Bentley

  36. dARA

    Thank you Ms. Anita! We BELIEVE GOD FOR TOTAL HEALING AND RESTORATION FOR MR.CEMO! ” HE IS FAITHFUL LIKE THAT! Thank you for your prayers for us to!

  37. Yolanda

    So happy for your Husband great news! GOD is good! But take your time and we will be here waiting. Remember when you live in your design there GOD will shine! You and the family are proof of that!

  38. LINDA L


  39. Sue Furbee

    Very happy for you both with the good news!

  40. Cynthia Willis

    I’m so happy to see your report and good news about Cemo. Anita, don’t forget to take of yourself, rest is vital to caregivers, too! I will continue to pray for you both.

  41. MirlineK

    Thanks for sharing and staying positive Ainta. Your truly an inspiration- God bless and peace be with you and your family. Xoxo

  42. pam

    Praise the Lord – so good to hear. Thank you for the updates. Continuing to pray

  43. Kris

    I was so happy to hear about God’s blessing in your life.
    My prayers and hopes for all of you.
    Your family has Love & prayers coming to them.

  44. Brenda

    Thought of you today and wondered how Cemo is feeling. When I opened my email I was so glad to hear he’s improving. Continued prayers for your family!

  45. Linda

    Hallelujah is the highest praise! So glad for you, both! Fight on, Cemo! God’s got this, too!

  46. Cici

    Prayers continue for CEMO’s continued recovery.

  47. Kenya

    Praise God!!

  48. Marilyn

    I was just thinking about you and Cemo as I keep him in daily prayer. What a blessing that he is home and doing well. My fervent prayers will continue. God bless both of you.

  49. Alecia

    I’m so glad he’s doing well. Ain’t God good all the time?

  50. Avis

    Glad he is doing well.

  51. Ursla

    Hi Anita
    Good to hear that your husband is doing much better. Stay in prayer. We missed you.

    1. Ginger

      Anita I am so happy to hear that your husband is making great progress, my prayers to him for continued healing and for you as well that you remain strong and healthy to continue to help your husband on his journey to recovery.

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