You are currently viewing “50” & Fabulous – Birthday Giveaway!

“50” & Fabulous – Birthday Giveaway!

Hello everyone!  Well, I’d like to close out my birthday week by blessing someone with a birthday gift from me.  I’m so grateful for this talent God has given me.  If I can help even one person to learn this craft and become as passionate about it as I am, and in turn, use it to bless others, then my time will have been well worth it.  Follow the instructions below to enter for a chance to win.

Entry Requirement

To enter the drawing you MUST be SUBSCRIBED to this blog.  You may do that right now by entering your email address and clicking the subscribe button in the side bar or at the bottom of this post.  As a subscriber, you will receive email notifications whenever there is a new post to the blog.  Rest assured that you will NEVER receive spam mail from Anita by Design.  Follow the video instructions below for the next step in entering the drawing.

Winner Announced

The winner will be announced here on the blog next Friday, AUGUST 19th!  The winner will be notified by the email address used to subscribe to the blog.

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember:  When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!


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"50" & Fabulous - Birthday Giveaway


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Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Dottie

    I realize I’m too late to enter this contest but I haven’t seen your blog for some time. I learned so much by finding you on Youtube by accident a few months ago. I subscribed but haven’t seen any notices of your updates until now. I’m sewing now, still new, but loving it thanks to you. Happy Birthday. May you have many more

  2. Sylvia Dumais

    Hello Anita, i want to wish you a very Happy Birthday, you are truly an inspiration to watch. I love all your videos and how explicit you are with your instructions. I love how much of a positive person you are, you make me smile and happy , you give me the push i need to on with my sewing. I am short bodied so not too much space between my chest and my waist i woul love to know how to alter and fit my clothes also making button holes.

    Thank you and God Bless !!

  3. Naamah

    I will love if you will teach how to sew fluffi sleevs in eazy way. Thanks for your videoes ,its such a blass to finely be able to learn all that stuff beacuse of peapole like you. Happy birthday !you have an amazing smail and you look 30.for real. P.s sory for my bad inglish

  4. Sharon

    I Would like to learn to make new covers for my couch and some upholstery tips and techniques.



  6. Kimberly Jackson

    Hi Anita, I would like to know how to sew a ladies blazer for a pants or skirt suit. Happy Belated Birthday I hope you had a wonderful time.

  7. Amanda Bellamy

    Hello, I’m not sure if my comment posted but I was trying to learn how to add a belt to my skirt that I can tie in the front and back. I would like it to be part of my skirt not separate.

  8. Susie Baker

    Anita, Happy 50th Birthday! Thank you, thank you, for your wonderful video tutorials. Your beginners course is fabulous. You deserve an award for the best and truest beginner videos ever. You have left nothing uncovered and it is a pleasure to learn from your very detailed step-by-step. I would love to see step-by-step video tutorials on sewing some of the vintage patterns out there. I love everything vintage but the patterns seem very difficult. Also, when demonstrating the videos, it would be great if you could point out when to serge as you go, for those of us that have a overlock/serger. Thank you again and God bless you always!

  9. Vivian

    Hello! Beautiful lady, YES you are listening! It is always wonderful to know that someone hears you.
    I would love, love, love to learn how to read a pattern in detail. The notches, lines, arrows, etc and from there I can be a knowledgable sewer. Thank you

  10. April

    I would like to see a video tutorial on the process of drafting a personal top sloper and then sewing a garments using that pattern (Start to finish project)

  11. Amy Lebron

    Wow… don’t look 50!!! It’s like blessings in your life glow thru your face. May they multiply in God’s name.. As for me, I wanted to take on a hobby and decided on sewing. Started checking some videos on You Tube to check and your videos truly inspired me and I thank you for that. Anita: my “encyclopedia” :). What I want to see on future videos, will be how to adjust patterns because of “body challenges” and I am not talking about wide hips or a belly – I am talking on extensions that I might need to do on a pattern sleeve or neckline in order to protect myself further due to skin cancer or modifications to only one side of your upper bodice piece due to invasive breast biopsies. How would I make those pattern adjustments to only one side of the pattern? WIll I select a size up/down on the paper pattern only or there’s is a way to measure “the challenges” and then transfer those specifics to the pattern? How do I adjust the paper pattern and fit it toward that? Should I use current wardrobe pieces and use them as reference before cutting the new paper pattern, instead?

    Thanks in advance. Cheers and blessings for your birthday and for the sewing machine winner. (Hope it’s me….LOL)

  12. Latasha Wise

    Hi Anita, I love your blog I have learned a lot from watching your videos. I would like to enter into the world of self drafting bodices of different types. I’ve made many skirts but have a fear of drafting my own tops.

  13. Stephanie

    Hey sis! Happy Birthday! What I would like to learn in sewing is, how to make more clothing such as pants, jeans and dresses using non-stretch fabrics…It seems that most patterns are surrounded around stretch fabrics but I feel that the real challenge is in creating beautiful garments with non-stretch fabrics such as cotton, brocades, linens, etc.. I hope that one day, you will start a advance sewing class to those of us who are experienced newbies to intermediate sewing seamstresses who would like to further our knowledge in our sewing craft also! Thank you sis and well done! I love your style!

  14. Art S.

    Hi Anita, thanks for asking us what we would like to learn about. I would really like to learn how to line a skirt or a bodice with a zipper. Thanks! Good luck everyone!

  15. Judi

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I just love your blog and videos. I could use help with buttonholes and also some of the specialty feet like narrow hem foot (bane of my existence! ) blesings!

  16. JoAnn

    Happy birthday. I enjoy watching your video tutorials. I would like to know about pattern fitting techniques. I want to make nursing scrubs.

  17. Patrice

    Happy 50th Birthday!! I have a top that I just love. Would love to learn how to draft a pattern from a ready made garment. Thanks in advance. Good Luck to all and God Bless

  18. Jeannie Jones

    Hi Anita, I need help adjusting bust sizes. I am full busted DD and every time I make a top with darts the darts end up sitting on top of my chest. Lol! I’ve tried watching videos to show you how but they lose me around the middle of the video. I don’t know if you have experience in doing this, but you explain things so well.This would help me a great deal. Thank You! and Yah Bless!

  19. Courtney

    Happy birthday Anita!I hope it was wonderful. The thing i would like to learn is how to sew sequence fabrics because there are a lot of beautiful dress I see that are covered in sequence that I would love to know how to recreate them for myself.

  20. Camille Bess

    Happy Birthday Ms. Anita! I so love another August Biryhday! My birthday is August 19th!! Thank u for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and talent. I’d love to learn more about altering patters to fit plus size or full figured women. I’m very curvaceous. Usually I can fit into a 14/16 patter by always have to figure out (try or attempt to) how to adjust the skirt to fit my hip measurement.

    Hope you had a blessed birthday weekend!


  21. AnTia Thomas

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Anita! I would love to learn more about fabric choices. When I look at the back of my pattern envelopes I see several suggested fabric names that do not match the names that I find in my local fabric store.

  22. Ruth Arroyo

    Happy belated birthday! I would like to learn how to create styling designs when using simple patterns. I’d love to be able to make several several tops with minor modifications on the style that make them seem completely different.

  23. Jean Martin

    Happy Happy Birthday Anita. Love your videos. I would like to learn how to make patterns and remake bargain store finds into something fashionable.

  24. Blanca Vazquez

    Happy birthday ! I would really like to learn pants for a girl like me with a small wait and big hips i always have problems finding the right fit for me at the stores. Underwear too!!!! Shorts!

  25. Nikki

    Hi Anita,
    I have been lurking on your YouTube channel for a bit, I really like your videos! Happy Birthday! I got stuck today working on a button down tunic top. I am unsure of how to make a continuous lap on the sleeve slit. I could really use a great tutorial on that. I just cant get it to sit right, and I don’t really know how to get around the point without my fabric getting all bunchy. Then when I finally got it mostly flat, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to look like it does in the picture. I think I may be missing something or doing something really silly and I just don’t realize where I am going wrong. Help me Please!

  26. Mihaela

    Hey girl,, happy late birthday , I love how happy and smiley you are! I would like to learn either comfortable bras to fit busty ladies, or anything modest, pencil skirt, tops. And what do you recommend for beginners to know and learn ?? May God continue to Bless You ?

  27. Gayle

    First and foremost, I would love to wish you a Happy Fifty & Fabulous Birthday! I’m so grateful to have found you on YouTube. I am definitely a beginner, I don’t own a sewing machine and never have. I only learned about sewing from my late grandmother who was a seamstress. I only know how to sew by hand and I asked God to guide me to someone who could teach me to be as great as my grandmother and I came across your channel on YouTube. I would love to see a tutorial on making boys clothes (t_shirts, jeans, jackets, etc).

  28. Shika

    Hello Anita, I would like to learn how to make button up shirts. I do have a pattern and the fabric, but am a little nervous about it. I have never done buttons so that is one reason why I am nervous about. Thanks for all you do to help!!!

  29. Novella

    I want to learn how to sew so badly. It all started one day when I helped my granddaughter with a sewing by hand project and it brought back many memories. My mother taught me how and I made lots of clothes for my dolls. I also remember my mother making our clothes on a machine and showing me the ropes of sewing when I was a young girl. I then started thinking about making and selling silk hair wraps and so I need to learn how to sew. I found your page and seen the many things you’ve made and now I want to do more than just wraps. I am in the process of piecing together all my material for your class, one piece at a time…smile. I can’t wait and make my first anything. Also I have ideas about make and possible selling so of my own creations. Thanks for the free tutorials, they are very helpful and I think you are great.

  30. Kalyn

    I would love to learn how to sew customized lingerie that fits and supports busty girls! I have a DD cup size and have heard that sewing your own bras into lingerie helps but air still want the final product to look cute…

  31. Stephani

    Hi and happy 50th birthday! Wow…God bless…you sure are rocking 50 and certainly do not look it!
    Although I’ve been sewing since my mom taught me at about age 8 (I am 44 now) the past 10 years or so, I have been doing more kid stuff, teacher gifts, and home decor type of projects. Having 4 kids in 5 years meant two things…absolutely no time for hobbies and then of course what 4 babies (the last two were twins) did to my once flat belly.
    Now that the youngest are 6, I’m finding I want to get back into sewing again for me. Looking for a refresher on my sewing skills, I stumbled upon your blog and You tube videos. I’m so happy that I did!
    I used to be great at fine tuning my purchased patterns as far as sizing goes. But, now I’m not necessarily a plus size, but need some creative adjustments to hide the belly and would love to see a video tutorial that would help with not only sizing adjustments all of us need, but that extra twist to help hide our less than favorite body parts and make our fit more flattering.
    Thank you!
    My mom always taught me to be proud of my sewing but that it was always her goal to fool everyone and make it look like they were stylish and not the homely homec class nightmares from high school.
    I also have to say, your sewing is amazing and your projects are gorgeous! Your tutorials are by far the best I’ve seen…I am hoping to see your videos continue to help continued advanced skills!

  32. Tami

    Hi Anita and Happy belated birthday to you! I am a plus size and its hard to find patterns i like thats in my size so i would like to know the right way to upsize a pattern. Thank you.

  33. Denise

    Would like to learn about choosing fabrics for garments

  34. Wendy

    Happy Birthday! Your dress is beautiful!
    I would like to learn how to make a cute overcoat or trench coat. I also would like to learn how to make patterns. Thanks!

  35. Snezana Sokolovic

    Hello,Anita! Happy B-Day!! You look more like 40. I would like to learn more about darts and bodices, principles that are universal for different fitted projects.

  36. Arianne

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You make 50 look so good;) I just ran into one of your videos yesterday and I was hooked! You’re instructions are so detailed and you’ve answered many questions that I have. One problem that has been plaguing me is fabric bunching up when I sew. I’ve only tried simple projects like pillow cases and basic skirts for my daughter. No weird fabrics (nothing stretchy or too thick or fragile) and I usually have my tension between 3-4. No matter how much I troubleshoot it seems like I can sew for a while and then all my fabric gets eaten up again. I don’t know if it’s me or my machine but it’s super frustrating to take more time troubleshooting than it would to actually sew my project. Do you have any theories in that or suggestions?? Thank you so much!!

  37. Jessica Dietrich

    Praise God…50 years old …that is AWESOME! I would love to know how to adjust a pattern if you fit one measurement for on body section but a different size in another section. Hope that made sense! Again Happy Birthday ?????

  38. Rods

    Happy birthday!!!!!! I would like to learn how to thread a sewing machine. I know that’s basic, nevertheless I am very new to this! Thanks in advance

  39. Sandy

    Happy birthday! I’d like to learn how to better fit a pattern. Thank you!!

  40. Evelyn Lindecamp

    Hello Anita. Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful week. Regarding your question for the wonderful giveaway, I would like to learn how to sew a bodice with lining and no sleeves. Thank you and I hope I win the beautiful sewing machine.

  41. Fatima

    Happy birthday . I have enjoyed ur tutorials and looking forward to more in the future . Thanks I would love to learn more about pattern adjustments

  42. Roxanne

    Anita, I just love how you take us step-by-step through patterns. I’d like to see more of those. I’d also love to see how to sew princess seams. I’m not sure if that was covered in a video. I’d also be interested to learn how to choose fabric for specific projects – for example in your first circle skirt video you used a knit but the pattern envelope didn’t list a knit as a recommended fabric – how did you know your knit fabric would work so well with that pattern?

  43. Bridget

    Hello Anita and happy belated birthday. I would like to know how to sew a button up shirt.

  44. Kathy Wise

    Good afternoon Anita and Happy Birthday. I would l like to learn haw to make fitted Blazers. Thank you for blessing us with the gift of sewing. As you continue to bless us so may God continue to bless you.

  45. Valerie

    Happy belated birthday! Im so grateful for you creating this blog and the YouTube tutorials. I have never touched a sewing machine up until now and with your help I actually have items I can wear! I have learned so much so far but I have 5 children and if there is something I would like to learn, it would be to make them little outfits.

  46. Roxanne

    Happy birthday Anita! Girl, you do not look 50! What is your secret. Is it all the sewing that keeps the stress away? Well, as far as what I would love to learn, there is so much. One thing would be altering patterns. I have a hard time fitting sometimes. I do want to thank you so much for your tutorials. I just started sewing and they have helped me a lot. I needed the basics from even understanding the pattern envelope. Thank you for all you do and God bless you!

  47. Linda L

    I read your review of your lovely birthday dress on Pattern Review. I just learned of your blog today and learned that you provide sewing lessons. If I was selected to win the sewing machine I would in turn give it to a group home for women that have recently been released from prison.. I think it will be beneficial for them to learn to sew or relearn. They would be able to view your You Tube sewing videos. As for me I haven been sewing fir many years but still struggle to sew pants so video on fitting pants is of interest to me.

  48. Stephanie

    Fist thing Happy 50th Birthday! I would like to learn invisiable zippers.

  49. Stephanie

    First, Happy 50th! I would like to learn invisible zippers. God bless you!

  50. Courtney T.

    Hey Sew Auntie. Happy Birthday!!!! I would love to do some “fraken pattern” projects and DIY Accessories.

  51. Iris

    Many Blessings to you Mrs. Anita and Happy 50th birthday. I would love to learn how to sew my own clothes. Rather it would from a pattern and or drafting my own. I am a plus size woman and it is hard to find cute clothes without having to pay an arm and a leg for them. I want to look good while wearing my clothes too. Who said you can’t be dressed cute and plus sized.

  52. Susie Glaze

    Hi Anita. Happy 50th! Thank you for all your help. I have trouble choosing the correct fabric for my beginning sewing skills. I love the soft fabrics but they seem out of my league and seem to require so many settings or particular needle types. When I’m at the fabric store I seem to be going in a hundred directions and I just end up with cotton. So frustrating. Then after I’m finished with the garment I don’t wear it because it just isn’t what I had in mind. Ugh. I love the fabric you used on the straight skirt but think I might not be ready for it. (No serger)

  53. Beckie

    I would love to learn how to sew for a better fit. Am smaller on top and bigger on the bottom and rib cage and would love to wear dresses but they never fit so I would love to learn to make one. Thank you too for your channel. I love how you show all the steps I feel I can maybe learn to sew because of you. God bless you and Happy Brithday.

  54. Teresa Penson

    Happy Happy Birthday Beautiful! Welcome to the Elite Class of society! After sewwww many years of sewing, believe it or not, I never really mastered buttonholes and I avoid them to the fullest! (Almost Ashamed to say!) But if I could learn to master the technique of buttonholing, this would take my sewing game to the next level! And sew would that Brother!!! Much love!

  55. Charlotte

    Happy birthday.

    Im struggling at the minute trying to do a bodice for a design ive made but im trying to get the back neck line to stay flat and also the armholes don’t sit right either if you could do a tutorial on that I would be great.

  56. Thelma Black, Blacksewing

    Happy Birthday Anita, 50 is truly fabulous 🙂 Thank you for offering this wonderful Brother sewing machine. I would like to learn how to choose patterns that flatter your body type.

  57. Marquitta

    Hello Anita, happy birthday Queen! Love all of your designs, I would like to know how to sew a short-sleeve long jacket. I’ve had this vision in my head for quite some time now and would love to learn. You have a happy birthday hon and enjoy being you.

  58. Deborah Gore

    Happy 50th Birthday!!!!!
    I would like to learn how to determine what type of interfacing to use for different fabrics. So many types of interfacing so choose from. When is it best to use iron on or just sew in. The list goes on. Please help!

  59. Sina

    Anita Happy Birthday!!!
    the thing i would love to learn is how to sew a sweater with welt pockets.
    thanks for your helpful videos 🙂

  60. Gurnam Kaur Khalsa

    Dear Anita, Happy Blessed Birthday! I am so grateful to have found you. As a long time sewist and teacher, I aprreciate the calm, organized and logical way you present the tutorials and even though I consider myself experienced, I learn something every time I watch, I also appreciate you grace and gentle, sparkly spirit.

    I would like to learn more about sewing with “difficult” slippery and delicate fabrcs.

    Thank you very much.

  61. Dannette

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
    Your blog is awesome!! Hemming a circle skirt or dress.
    I would love to see a tutorial on it. I thank you in Advance.
    Have a blessed and wonderful Friday Mrs Anita.

  62. Heidi

    Happy birthday! We turn fifty in the same year. You asked about something to learn for a beginner and I thought it would be nice to have a tutorial on how to attach a collar. Again many happy returns! God bless you with a long happy life!

  63. Tammi T

    Beginner sewer here – I’m curious about learning what different types of stitches are needed besides a straight stitch. My machine came came with a number of presser feet that made me wonder if I would ever try any of the options presented.

  64. Sandra

    Happy Birthday, Anita! I hope your birthday week has been wonderful and filled with God’s true blessing. I discovered your blog site when my granddaughter came across your YT channel searching for beginning sewing projects. I searched back to your first post, and read each one like a really good novel unfolding in real life. Your words are full of life, very inspirational and are seeds sown into others. You are kind hearted, and it’s apparent you choose your words carefully to please God. I am so grateful and blessed to have come across your path in your journey. I am coming back to one of my dreams that have been put on hold due to family responsibilities. I’m a career woman working in the finance/administrative field. Although I’m blessed to have a successful career, I have a yearning to be like my Father (God) a creator. So here I am, gleaning from your gifts and talents that God has blessed you with. Would you be so kind to do a tutorial on the awesome peacoat you did from the Vogue pattern V8884? It covers a wide range of sewing techniques that I believe many of your followers would love to learn including myself. It would be nice to have this lovely coat to style in for this upcoming winter. By the way, you look gorgeous wearing it in grand style as you do in all of your creations. Thank you for your consideration, and may God’s blessing be with you and your family!

  65. Sasha

    Happy Earth/born day Anita. I would love to learn how to make a peplum top. Thanks

  66. Erica

    Hello! Happy Birthday!!! I would like to learn how to make pants with a zipper and a blind hem.

  67. Tamarra

    Hey happy 50th birthday. Wish you many more. What I will like to see is how to adjust the stomach area in a sewing pattern. Thank you for being a inspiration.

  68. Cara Rivera

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I would like to learn how to draft a pattern from my favorite existing article of clothing. I have a few dresses that are so perfect that if I could make a bunch of those…. i would never wear anything else lol.

  69. Bonita

    Happy Birthday,First things first, I would like to learn more about using border prints.
    Thank you for the give away,I enjoyed the video….

  70. Adelia

    First off all, happy Birthday & God bless you! I would like to learn how to make a couture dress to wear at work as a music teacher that is comfortable, fitted, and stylish.

  71. LaRhonda Grant

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! May God Bless you and keep you to see many more! I am a beginner and would like to know how to do french seams! I’ve noticed that my work doesn’t have that clean or near clean look andvim eager to learn more techniques. Once again happy birthday!

  72. Rhonda Ladson

    Happy birthday and may GOD bless you to see many more birthdays! I would like to know how I can add a cap or 3/4 sleeve to a pattern that calls for sleeveless. Thank you!

  73. Beatriz Loven

    Hi! Happy Birthday!!! I know this might be odd but I’d love to learn how to make cloth diaper patterns bigger to fit bigger kids. I’ve been scrambling the Internet looking for patterns but can only find up until 50 lbs or so, I’m asking because I have a son with disabilities (he’s 10 but still wears diapers) and it’s getting so costly buying the disposable ones. I’ve been ready to make the switch for my son to cloth diapers for a while but can’t find a pattern and since I’m a beginner sewer I need some help. Thank you for your time! God bless!!!☺️

  74. DeAnna Flores

    Happy Birthday Anita!! I would love to see a tutorial on a hoodie. Like for working out or running errands in – BUT cute (mom like not 15 yo kid). Thx n u make 50 look fab!!

  75. Mirline K

    Greetings Anita, since all I wear is dresses, skirts & some Blazers… You can probably already guess what I’d like to learn. Yup! All three? I’m excited and looking forward to more of your tutorials? Be blessed Sis! And enjoy your weekend!

  76. Yvonne Q

    Happy Birthday! I would like to learn about dress alterations.

  77. Seun Sodunke

    Happy Birthday once again 🙂

    I’d like to know how to self draft patterns for basic clothing items. Items like, dress, pants, shirt, skirt…etc.

  78. Yvonne Q

    Happy Birthday Anita! Hope it was great. I would like to learn pattern alterations.

  79. Eula

    Happy birthday and may God bless you with many more. I would like to learn how to make a double welt pocket.

  80. Nola

    Happy Birthday again Ms. Anita!

    Well, I started to learn to sew almost a year ago and would love a tutorial on different seam finishes and hems and maybe beginning serging. I was able to purchase a used serger for dirt cheap, but am scared to death of it! I’m always afraid I’m going serge to close and trim off more fabric then needed. So for the most part I still use my pinking shears. (sigh) I don’t need a sewing machine at the moment, but if I should so happen to win your giveaway, I’d love to pass the blessing on to a friends grand-honey that is 10 years old that started sewing the same time as I. She is excelling in this craft in leaps and bounds and I think she is ready for her own machine now! 🙂

  81. Tamyco

    Frist happy 50th BIRTHDAY I SEE GOD SHINNING. I would love to learn how to fit waist bands and set in a sleeve I hate that they put a sleeve that you have to ease on also I’m trying to teach my 13year old daughter to sew along with me and my old brother is giving me trouble I would gift this one to her

  82. Shantina

    Happy Birthday Anita! I would really like to learn how to sew a gathered skirt with an invisible zipper and pockets.

  83. Jackie

    I would like to feel more confident in altering commercial b cup bodice pattern to c cup. Or any other areas of the pattern that need to be tweek for a better fit. I would love if you would also address that issue, which I know a lot of sewers encounter. Sometimes sewers give up in sewing commercial patterns because they have problem making it their own. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

  84. Sammie Coward

    Happy Birthday! The first thing that I would like to learn is, how to size casual and denim pants to achieve a more tailored fit. I want to get the same fit from my DIY pants. Being a mom of five,I have a little pooch that needs to be hidden. Secondly, how do I achieve a more supportive underarm fit minus the wide gape I get when making a halter type dress ,per pattern size.

  85. Julia Evans

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday week. I would like to learn how to perfectly line up buttonholes.

  86. Dee

    Happy Birthday, God Bless, I would like to learn how to sew a blazers.

  87. Penny Chew

    Happy Birthday, I am new to your Youtube Channel and have learned so much. Your style of teaching is great. I would love to learn to make a simple dress completely on the serger. Mine just sits there staring at me. lol thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  88. Sabrina

    Happy bday ! I would like to learn how to match stripes/prints . Thanks

  89. Theressa Walden

    Hi Anita, I would love to see a tutorial on making the perfect fitting pants. All of the pants I’ve ever tried to make from patterns have been too small. Thanks.

  90. JC

    Happy Birthday! Lovely dress! I would like to learn how to sew a beginner jacket ??. Thank you

  91. Monee Blackwell

    Hi, Mrs Anita Happy Bday!! I’m just beginning to learn and how to keep the seams straight and high waist pants.

  92. Monica

    HI, Anita, & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just stumbled upon your channel about a week ago and watched your circle skirt tutorial. I really appreciate how thorough you are in the lesson from explaining the pattern and going shopping for fabric. It made me feel like I was learning from my mom. ? You seem very sweet & passionate about sewing. I can’t wait to watch all your other tutorials. I just started learning to sew, & I think it would be helpful to learn about adjusting a pattern to size. I most recently made a vest for my husband, & it was a bit too small on him despite the measurements I took beforehand… I have a skirt pattern I would like to make for myself, but I’m hesitant to start because I think it will come out small as well. ☺️

    In any case, I will enjoy watching whatever tutorials you post so that I can learn a bit of everything. Thanks for all your work, and I hope you had blessed birthday! ????

  93. Andrea Schraeder

    Happy birthday Anita! I would love to learn more about bust adjustments. I love your tutorials!

  94. Rochelle Miles

    Hello Anita! I would like to know how to add lining to an unlined pattern. For example, a jacket or a dress that a pattern original does not have lining. In addition, I would like to learn how to franken-pattern. Take two patterns and join them to make one. What is the secret to doing this? I am still a little confused on grading and how to choose what size to cut for your pattern, but in due time I will learn.

  95. Freda

    Happy Birthday Anita

  96. Natoya

    How to install an inzisable zipper

  97. Debbie

    Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I already have 2 sewing machine so I don’t need anymore. and what ever you tech is fine with me but would like to learn more about how to put a zipper in a dress

  98. Melisha

    Hi Anita, you look fabulous! I love your tutorials as well! I would love to learn how to add lining to any garment.

  99. Teresa

    Well Anita, I have two machines already so, I here to wish you your hearts desire and Happy 50th. Fifty looks good on you. Enjoy your celebrations

  100. Julia

    Hi Anita! Anything you teach will be fine with me! I made Project 1 and 4 and wear them together with a jeans jacket. Who knew that skirt and top would be such a flattering outfit! (I’m a slouchy pants and tee-shirt work-at-home girl) So I’m up for anything! THANKS for ALL you do!

  101. Monique

    Greetings and Happy Belated Birthday. I would like to see a tutorial on lining a skirt. Wishing you a blessed day and year. Thank you.

  102. Lorraine Woodwark

    Happy 50th Birthday Anita. I would like to learn how to make fitted but comfortable slacks. I would also like your video to include how to make adjustments from the pattern. Thank you.

  103. Kathryn M

    I have two machines already so I will leave that for someone else. But I did want to wish you a happy birthday.

  104. Dilshad Bhamani

    Hello Anita, a very HAPPY 50th. Life gets better and beautiful from on. Thx for your tutorials. Have been quite a help to me and my nieces who also have started watching and loving your tutorials also. I would love to learn different ways of adjusting the pattern to fit sizes not given in the pattern envelopes. Also learn to sew outfits with linings, learning to work with laces and cutting zippers when you do not have the required size zipper. Thank you

  105. Amani

    Peace Queen! Elated 50th BirthDay anniversary to you!!
    I would like to learn how to adjust the crotch in patterns so that it isn’t baggy (in the front).
    Thank you kindly for sharing your passion and knowledge of sewing. I am able to now share this side of creativity with my own young girls. Blessings to you & your family.

  106. Essence Archibald

    Happy Birthday!!

    I would love to learn how to sew dress shirts for men. My husband is of the big and tall variety and it’s hard to find shirts that fit him correctly without them costing a fortune. I’m brand new to sewing and you videos have been my guide for learning everything. Being a young woman I have found that sewing has become a lost art therefore it’s nearly impossible to find a teacher but you have been awesome! I hope you enjoy your birth week and keep the awesome videos coming!!

  107. T.

    Happy Birthday! What a great blog and so generous of you to share. I love the idea of being able to request what readers would like learn. I would also like to see blazer/jacket construction with lining. Thanks much and I hope you have had a wonderful week.

  108. Faye Lewis

    Firstly, happy birthday! Enjoy every minute of it. I’d really like to learn more about perfecting shirt collar application.

  109. Antoinette

    Happy Belated Birthday!!! I would like to learn how to sew with plaids and stripes

  110. Aviva P.

    Happy belated birthday Queen!!! You make 50 look wonderful :-). Mrs. Lady I would love to learn how to draft my own patterns and time management on how to fit sewing time in my busy schedule of being a single mom with a J.O.B. lol

  111. lisa

    Happy Birthday hope you have a blessed day! I would like to know how to sew facing inside of blazers. Thank you for all you do.

  112. Renee

    I am New to your blog and I have not had the opportunity yet to participate in making anything yet. You you tube video inspired me to explained in turning some of the old into something brand new. I would love to see you transform something old into something new. Thank you for showing up just in time. 50 is the new 20. Life is grand, so let’s continue to LIVE with LOVE.

  113. LaVonnia

    Happy 50th Birthday Anita! I would like to learn about button holes. The different types and basically how to make it look professional.

  114. Geneva B.

    Happy Birthday, I pray you are blessed with many more ! I would greatly appreciate a tutorial on how to line a garment.

  115. ayesha

    happy birthday Anita..!!!and I want to learn how to do placket on sleeves and front of the top…thanks..

  116. Andrea

    Happy 50th Anita, looking FABULOUS. I need help with buttonholes & zipper installation. Love your blog!

  117. LaTonya White

    Happy Birthday Anita! I would like to learn about proper dart placements.

  118. Constance Franklin

    A new trend fabric for the fall includes velvet. A tutorial on sewing with texture fabrics like velvet would be great !(cutting on the nap and sewing seams with textures would be the learning goal).
    I adore your gift and lady you wear it well. Happy Fab 50!!! Thank you father for blessing her to share with others.

  119. Lesley Groom

    Hello Anita,
    Firstly, may I take this opportunity to wish you a very Happy 50th Birthday, and I hope you have enjoyed your week.

    You asked what subscribers would like to see taught. Personally I would like to be shown how to make trousers/pants with pleats in the front and also have the trousers tailored and fitting nicely.

    Enjoy your week as Queen
    Best wishes

  120. Donna

    Happy birthday. Now that I’m retired, I’m starting to sew again. As many have mentioned, I would like to learn how to fit pants. I’ve been trying to sew a simple circle skirt for my grand daughter and she selected a slippery lycra spandex so even though the pattern is easy, sewing the fabric has presented quite the challenge! So in addition to pants fitting, I would be very interested in learning techniques for sewing knits and “challenging” fabrics using a regular sewing machine. (I don’t have a serger.) Thank you,

  121. Williemae Marzette

    Happy Birthday Ms/Mrs. Anita. Pray that your birthday was filled with love, laughter, and blessings. One of the many things that I would like to learn about sew as I am very new to it is, stitch terms and the meanings. Thanks in advance and my God continuous blessing be upon you.

  122. Sherry

    Hello Anita and happy birthday. You wear it well my sister. I love your blog…Dresses and skirts are my favorite. I would love to be able to create my own garments because I have a hard to shop figure. From what I have learned so far, I find sewing to be very relaxing and liberating.

    Enjoy your birthday week and may God continue to bless you.

  123. Fatima Babanmallam

    Hello Anita. Happy Birthday I wish you all the best things you wish for yourself. well I will like to learn how to cut garment without pattern.Thank you in advance and have a blessed day.

  124. Melanie

    Happy Birthday Ms. Anita!! I would love to learn more about finishings and ways to make the garment look neater (darts, topstitching). Also how to line a skirt or dress.

  125. Serrell Boateng

    Happy Birthday Anita, I would like to learn how to get better fit/adjustments and also learn how to make some simple patterns. Happy birthday!!

  126. Elizabeth Fowles

    Happy Birthday Anita, your such an inspiration to me as growing young woman of God. I would love to learn how measure and sew correctly and how to set up a sewing machine for a beginner.

  127. Kim H

    I would love to learn how to sew clutch bags/zipper pouches.Also, Rompers and blazers.

    1. Belunda C.

      Happy Burthday lovely lady. I would love to learn how to sew a blind hem and rolled hem.

  128. Pat

    Happy Birthday Anita. I would love to find a good pants pattern that fits and I can interchange with different fronts. The inseam gives me fits and it goes into my pile of unfinished products. LOL

  129. Janice

    Happy birthday! Thank you for the lovely tutorials. I would like to learn how to line a garment. Thanks!

  130. Karon Cooke-Euter

    Happy birthday to you Anita. I would appreciate learning the piping technique. I often see the delicate work on some garment often giving it a classy finished look but it seems like hard work for a beginner. Appreciate your time.

  131. Theresa

    50 is definitely undeniably FAB if you are the an example of that! Also you are not just Queen for the week but the month! I am an August 4th baby. Happy Birthday my fellow lioness! I’d love to learn how and/or when to line patterns that don’t call for linings. I have some faux stretch leather and want to make some pants but not sure how to line them. Have a FANTABULOUS birthday month Ms. Anita!

  132. K

    Happy Birthday. Love your tutorials. I would like to learn how to create my own patterns. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  133. Mary Ann

    I would like to know how to make a simple reversible jacket. Your joy and happiness radiate to us all from your tutorials and your blog posts. I smile everytime I see you. Thanks for all you do for us subscribers.
    Mary Ann

  134. Michelle King

    Happy Belated Birthday to You! I would like to learn how to sew a blouse (something easy to sew, but looks nice). I cam’t wait until you post more videos.

  135. Pamela Ford

    Happy Birthday! I would like to learn more about using a serger, especially finishing edges. Thank you.

  136. Pam

    I love your style and happy birthday week. I would like to learn more about making a great fitting pair of pants.

  137. Kimberley Williams

    Happy Belated Birthday Anita! May God bless you with 50 more! I would love to know how to sew a pair of pants.

  138. Cheserae

    Hello and happy birthday! I would love to learn about how to drape fabric for a dress and how to sew that in tact, as well as how to make a structured coat.

  139. Gabrielle

    Happy Birthday Anita! 🙂
    I would like a tutorial on how to sew long sleeved shirts.

  140. Jennifer aladegbami

    Happy birthday Anita, you are beautiful. I would like to learn how to draft sleeves ,a lot of times I like a pattern,but wish they has sleeves. It would be awesome to learn how to do that.

  141. Angela Hill

    Happy Birthday Ms. Anita, I am thankful just to be able to learn how to sew and thank God for you, Ms. Anita I just want to learn how to make my own clothes that’s all and to look nice in them I am not able to get the things that I want because I’m a single parent and my child need things so sometimes I have to make due with what I have but if I can learn how to make my own clothes especially pants and to do it right I’m fine, because I can do it myself and to look good in what I have made.

  142. Ericka

    Happy birthday cookie.. I have been loving your yt channel and all that it has brought us begginers. But what I would love to learn is more about these darn grain line. They have me so confused my head starts to ache. So if you could please break it down like you do so well I would love and appricate it.

  143. Laura Bullock

    Happy Birthday Anita! You are 50 (Golden, Golden, Golden, Golden) and fabulous –> Living life like it’s Golden. I have totally enjoyed your videos, so thorough. I love the way you explain every step of the process. Thanking God everyday for life and for talented people like you. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge. You are definitely fulfilling your calling. May God bless you with many, many more years. Now, what I would love to learn is how to make my own undergarments, particularly bras without that dreaded underwire but still helps in that area. As I am working out with my wonderful husband and my weight fluctuates, I would like to be able to make my own, opposed to going to buy new items with every weight drop.

  144. Dianne

    Your smile is infectious!!! Happy Happy Birthday Anita!!

    There are so many things I would like to learn about sewing which is why I look forward to your tutorials with baited breath but if I had to pick one thing, I would like to learn to make structured jackets. Oh and how to add boning… And everything to do with zippers… Sorry couldn’t pick just one. ?

  145. Deborah Morse

    Happy Birthday, I’ve just started sewing again after many years. I’d like to know how to make patterns fit me.

  146. Carolyn Crowder

    I hope you’re enjoying your birthday week Anita!!!! I would love to see a video of you threading and using your serger and other finishes for garments.
    Enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend!!!

  147. Heather

    Happy birthday! I would love to see a video about how to fit a design for someone with a large bust. My daughters and myself are large chested (DDD) we have a terrible time finding shirts, dresses, bathing suits, etc..that fit well. It would be great to see a video that shows how to adjust patterns to fit larger busts☺

  148. Reality Richardson

    Happy birthday!!! I would love to learn how to change the tension or how the tension should be set. I have a thrifted machine and my thread keeps breaking and I think its the tension so I need help?

  149. Roshelle

    Happy Blessed Birthday!!! I thank you so much for all you have taught me. I would love to learn more about Darts and where to place. Some patterns are so vague to new sewers.

  150. Nakita

    Hello Anita! Happy birthday. May you enjoy your day. As a beginner youtube has been my teacher and i want to first thank you for being one of those teachers. What i would love to learn to do is color blocking and perfect a swing skirt and lastly how to attach a bow tie to a dress.

  151. Ginger

    Happy 50th I wish you 150 more years of LIFE & SEWING. I would like to learn how to make pattern modifications to have a perfect fitting garment and how to make a tailored coat.

  152. Gwen

    Happy 50 years young to you! There are many things I would like to learn, but right now if I could just figure out how to match plaids, stripes etc. I am so tired of sewing with solid colors because I hate uneven seams. I know you only asked for one thing, but, please let me just say I am so afraid of my Serger. I’d love a class on using the Serger. I have read the instructions over and over watched Youtube videos but I still do not have the confidence to even turn it on. :o)

    Once again, Happy Happy Birthday WEEK!

  153. chandrika

    Happy birthday Ms.Anita!!! May God continue to bless you with many more!! I would learn how to use measurements to make a block for my future pieces. I love your blog and your style!! Thank you!

  154. Tawanna Craig

    Hi Anita. Happy Birthday and welcome to the club. It’s an amazing club to be a part of. I have two reasons. One is simple. As an Event Planner, I do a lot of fabric drapping. I would like to be able to buy the fabric needed and sew the sides to make them neat and not frayed. I would like to make my own tablecloths, overlays and napkins as well. My second reason is to one day be able to make my own fabulous outfits to wear to Events I design. Thanks and take care.

  155. Joyce

    Happy Belated Birthday I’m really enjoying your videos and encouraging words! For me right now just reviewing (no machine newbie) all your videos. Stay Blessed!

  156. Florence

    Hello Ms. Anita. I would like to see how line dresses and how to determine the appropriate lining to use for different fabrics. Thank you for continuing to share your gift.

  157. Regina


    Happy 50th Birthday Anita!! You wear it well. I would like to learn how to match up patterned fabrics. I love love love stripes & houndstooth fabric.

    GOD Bless You & Your Family

  158. Marsha Randolph

    Continued blessings. I am not a beginner but I am beginning again. I use your beginning courses as a refresher.

  159. Sophia

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anita!!! Love your blog!

  160. Kathleen Mixon

    Happy Birthday! I love your dress and tiara! I would love to learn more about fitting a garment to your size and still look good.

  161. Maxine

    Happy Birthday Anita ?I sew for myself as well as for others and I don’t want to keep buying the same pattern over and over again therefore I would love to learn how to size up or size down a commercial pattern. Thanks

  162. Nikira B

    Congrats! I would like to learn how to do princess & French seams..those are so hard for me. Also the different stabilizer needed for different garments.

  163. Sophia

    Happy belated Birthday!!! LOVE your blog!!! Thank you!!

  164. Lynnette Braye

    God Bless & Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Anita,

    I would love to see a tutorial on pattern alterations so that my garments may fit and look as nice as your garments looks on you. Majority of my garments are too tight or too big.

    Thank you

  165. Chelsea

    Happy Birthday!!! I have never sewn before but I would like to learn to make an apron.

  166. Lori Morton


    I would love to learn more about Buttonholes…and different zippers (Totes, dresses, kids clothes.etc) I am awful at both :/

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  167. Beverly W

    Happy Birthday Anita! I would love to learn more about how to serge fabric ends when you don’t have a serger. I would also like to learn how to make easy home decor item (simple pillows, table runner, etc.)

  168. Sheri

    Happy Birthday! I hope that you enjoyed your day. What I would love to learn how to adjust patterns for my bust and butt.

  169. Cathy

    Happy 50th Anita!! May God bless you with many more:) again, I love you videos and I would like to see more on how to do buttons, thank you! 🙂

  170. Jonnetta

    Happy Birthday! I have been watching your videos and I would love to see detail fabric video

  171. KJK STYLE

    Happy belated birthday Ms. Anita!

    I would love to learn coat construction.

    Let me know what you think since we only have a couple weeks of summe left I would love to start to plan on making my winter items.

  172. Candy

    First and foremost Happy 50th birthday to a beautiful lady inside and out., God bless you with many many more ?? ??
    I haven’t seen in many years and I’ve been thinking of doing it again so I can teach my 12 year old granddaughter. I’d love to see information on the basic supplies to begin sewing once again. Thank you for sharing all yiu do with us. It’s an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others.

  173. Vanessa Stevens

    Happy 50th Birthday, Ms. Anita! May God continue to bless you!
    I would love to see alteration and pattern fitting techniques. How to measure accurately. My biggest struggle is that I have been sewing garments that don’t fit. ?

  174. Laureen Divis

    Happy birthday! I’m sewing with my hand woven fabric and I would like you to explain the different seam finish options. Thanks

  175. Sandy

    I need to learn garment fitting.

  176. Felicia

    Good Morning! You look absolutely lovely! I would like to learn several things: 1. Zippers 2. Buttons 3. Grading up and down a pattern. I do plan on purchasing the book you recommended in the beginners sewing class.

  177. Ursula Shelton

    Good Morning and Happy Birthday Anita. I am learning a lot from your videos and I am very grateful for this forum. I have learned how to sew side pockets correctly, back in the day everything had pockets so thank you for showing me how to sew pockets correctly. Loved the birthday dress and hat, girl you were too sharp. Have a wonderful weekend.

  178. CallMeSu

    Hi Aunty Anita!! I would like to learn how to flawlessly insert sleeves in woven garments. I’ve seen many tutorials but I still find it challenging to ease all that fabric with no tucks and puckers! Again,Happy Birthday!!!


  179. Vanda

    I would love to learn how to make a jacket. I also would like more info on alterations.

  180. Angel Singleton

    Happy Birthday may god bless you with many more. My daughter and I are beginners and are learning to sew together and she loves vintage and would love see more tutorials on vintage. Be blessed!!!

  181. Pham Bowens

    I would love to learn how to attach an inset sleeve properly. My first attempt when making a shirt for my son was a disaster, one that left me totally frustrated and hesitant about sewing garments as opposed to purses and home decor. I’ve only been sewing for 3 months and know I need to get this down before I attempt again.

  182. Lela Wilson

    Hello Anita. I would like to learn how to attach a lining correctly. Thank you so much for the tutorials. I’ve enjoyed them!!

  183. Donna

    Happy Birthday Anita, I am a beginner, would love to learn about button holes and more on zippers. Love all your videos. God bless you and all you do for us. Thank you so much.

  184. Chiante

    Hey Anita,
    I’d like to learn how to make slim fitting pants that stop at my ankle. Thanks!!!

  185. Marie Elliott

    Happy birthday Anita! I read every single thing you post! I would like to learn more about choosing the correct fabric for the pattern chosen. Thank you!!!

  186. April Dawn

    Happy Birthday Week!

    I enjoy your thorough teaching style so anything you want to share I’m down for it.

    I would love to learn more about outerwear.

  187. Marilyn

    A happy and blessed 50th and a wonderful year ahead. As many of the other posters stated I, too, would like to learn how to line a garment. I believe you said that you are working on intermediate tutorials so perhaps lining a garment will be in those. I look at so many patterns that look easy but as soon as I see the word ‘line’ I immediately abandon the idea of constructing it. Thanks for sharing the gift God gave you. If I won the sewing machine, I would donate it to our local senior citizen center as there are many wonderful people who ‘used to’ sew but no longer do as they were forced to give up their machines. I am blessed in having a wonderful machine that my dear mom gifted to me.

  188. Donya

    Good morning, Anita!I hope you enjoyed your Birthday week:) The problem I have with sewing is when I’m attaching a neck or sleeve binding, I NEVER catch all the binding on the underside. I’m so careful while “stitchng in the ditch”. I make everyone in my home their breath (ok, not really hold their breath)until I slowly finish the seam. I’m always so proud of myself grinning from ear to ear until I turn it over to see that i only caught a few spots of the binding underneath, soo frustrating. If you have any tips or techniques they would be greatly appreciated

  189. Jasmine

    Happy belated birthday.!!!! ??? I love all of your videos that I’ve seen thus far. I am a newbie and finding your videos and seeing your tutorials have truly blessed me and sparked some inspiration. So I would like to learn more about making dresses and long flowy maxi skirts. Thanks so much for being such a blessing to others even when its about you.

  190. Mary

    Happy birthday! Today is my 20th birthday. ? I will like to learn to make toddlers/girls clothes, specially dresses and learn to make clothes for me that I’m plus size.

  191. Kelcie N

    Happy Birthday! I’d love if you did a video on button holes. I recently started sewing classes and whenever I see patterns with buttons, I steer clear. I think a beginner sewing tools vid would be helpful too; showing what you’d reccomend a beginner to purchase right away to build their sewing space…I hope that makes sense. Thank you!! Your vids help so much!!

  192. Jerusha White

    Happy 50th! I am an aspiring boutique owner/custom women’s clothing designer and I love your videos. They are always a lot of help and very inspiring. I have been sewing since I was a little girl and I would love to be able to do this full time and break away from the corporate atmosphere. I want to know how to create professional looking seams (other than just a straight stitch) so I can provide quality garments that will last! I often look at some of the clothing I purchase and wonder how to create the different seam stitches.

  193. Lee

    Happy Happy Birthday fellow Leo girl. Many blessing to you and many more birthdays.

    I like seeing tutorials on dresses especially. I am interesting on improving my finishing techniques especially in garments with linings.
    Thanks for such a generous give away.


  194. Michele

    Happy birthday!! I would like to learn about draping.

  195. Nina S

    Happy Birthday Anita we share this birthday month!!! There’s many things I have learned from you over the past few months of joining your blog I’m overjoyed with excitement. What I would love to learn and see you do on the blog is to show how to do the challenging things to sewing like installing linings, buttonholes, installing v-neck collars/band collars or a zipper in front fly pants these are some of things that have stalled me for years! Thank you so much for showing us ladies & gents young or old how to fall in love with sewing again!!!

  196. Leesa Bryant

    Hi Anita,
    Happy Birthday! I really love watching your YouTube tutorials! What I would like to learn is how to smock! I’ve seen some really cute items such as smocking on the waist of pants. Thank you so much for your work!

  197. quinetta

    Happy birthday. I would like to learn about inserting zippers

  198. Cordelia

    Hi Anita and Happy 50th Birthday! You are definitely an example of 50 and Fabulous! Love your style. Even though I’ve been sewing for years, want to let you know how much I appreciate your well your tutorials are presented. I’d like to see a tutorial on fitting pants when using fabric with little or no stretch. May you continue to be blessed!

  199. Dona Donaldson

    Hi Anita,

    I just love your humbled spirit!! Although I’ve been sewing for a while, I’m self taught-I would love to learn how to use the same pattern for different sizes. I usually purchase multiple identical patterns for me and my girls (I have 3 daughters all different sizes, so that’s four pattern purchases all together). Please help!!! Be Blessed!

  200. Michelle

    I would love to learn how to alter/adjust a pattern for hips. I would also love to learn to make my own workout clothes that don’t hug too much.

  201. Carmelita Evertsz

    Hi, I would like to learn how to make the pattern bigger by de side, also to learn how to insert a zip, the waist band

  202. Rebecca

    Happy Birthday may our Lord Bless & keep you & make his face to shine upon you & give you Peace. I read your posts via Bloglovin & look forward to the information you share. My birthday is upcoming on the 22 of Aug what a wonderful & much needed birthday gift this would be

  203. Corynne

    Happy blessed birthday sew sister. I desperately need to know how to do a full bust adjustment! I know it will take my skills and fit to the next level. But this is one of the few alterations I am completely terrified to attempt!!

  204. Chantal

    Happy birthday!!!!! I love how you make every pattern easy to do so well explained. I would love to do a classic white shirt dress with a flared skirt , collar, and three quater sleeves with cuffs

  205. Brigitte

    Hi Anita,
    I would like to learn more about finishing garments, serging, hemming, using bindings, etc. Thank you.

  206. Alencia

    Good morning!I would like to learn how to line skirts and dresses as well as make a jean skirt.

  207. Trenetta

    I am terrified of patterns with buttons so a tutorial on making buttonholes would be awesome.

  208. Cassandra

    Happy Birthday!
    I would like to learn how to line garments

  209. Robyn

    Happy belated birthday! I would like to learn how to sew a henley shirt, or more so a collar. I don’t know why they’re tricky to do.

  210. Cleopatra Allen

    Hello Anita! I am a beginner sewer. I am so thrilled about your relationship and your light! I would like to learn more couture sewing techniques. I have clothes in my mind that I desire to wear, but I can’t afford them, so I want to make them. I want couture, finishing touches and well made clothes. I also want to know more about high-end fabrics–not necessarily expensive, but high-end if that makes sense.

  211. Lydia

    Happy Birthday! I’m very new to sewing so have been loving the series 🙂 I’d really like to learn how to make a dress/top with longer sleeves, or how to make a cardigan. Have a great birthday!

  212. Janice stewartson

    Hi Anita
    Happy birthday again. I would love to learn how to do a simple lining in a dress

  213. Karen White

    Dear Anita,

    I would like to see more of your work. You are patient and detailed, your camera angles show exactly what you are speaking about and the mirror measuring is helpful. All are very necessary qualities for my video teacher. I would like to see a ‘how to’ linen dress, linen skirt (with structured waist band and pocket), and linen top. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  214. Dolors Segalés

    Happy Birthday and happy 50s!! It’a great age, believe me, I’m 51. I would like to learn how to make all in one neck and armhole facing. I think it gives a professional appearance to the garments. God bless you.

  215. Joyce in NC

    Happy Birthday!! Welcome to the 50+ Club. I would like to learn how to construct a tailored jacket or coat.

  216. Latonia

    Happy Birthday!!!! I would love a coat sew along. You’re teaching style is perfect.

  217. Annette A. Wilson

    Happy 50th birthday from this 60 year old. ?? I’d like to learn how to do bound buttonholes.

  218. Laurie

    Hi Anita,
    I would love to learn how to finish the “inside” of my garment. I always feel like it looks scrappy on the inside 🙂

  219. Gina

    Happy birthday Anita, I would love to learn how to make perfect darts.

  220. Shirley

    I’m so glad I found your blog and the fact that that we’re are part of the 50’s club makes it even better… You inspire me to do what I loved every since I was a little girl watch my grandmother sew, I’ve always wanted to do it…after home economic class I was hooked, like you life changes caused me to put it on hold now with 9 grandkids my passion has been rekindled… So when I took my sewing machine out of storage the tensioner was stuck so I took it to the shop, being that it is so old they cannot find the part I need… I’m heartbroken, my father bought it for me when I was 18 years old( R.I.P daddy) so this is why I haven’t started yet, but I’m taking notes and hope to start soon..I hope I win that sewing machine… Thanks Anita for inspiring me! Blessings!

  221. Alecia McAllister

    Hello Anita and happy glorious birthday. I would like to learn how yo line a garmet, such as a blazer or skirt.

  222. Mia Green

    Happy Birthday! I celebrated my 41st birthday on Aug 9th!!!!

    I’d like to learn how to differentiate various fabrics types. What they work best with and their pros and cons.

  223. Angela Alexander

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I would love to learn more about top stitching for a more professional look. The how and when to use it.

  224. Sherry

    I would like to learn how to make clothes that fit me and complement my body shape, while creating stylish pieces that are modest and graceful.

  225. Lorraine

    Fine finishing techniques. I have been sewing for years and as a beginner I was taught the quick and dirty way to finish my clothes. This is something that I still see a lot of from beginners. If you can teach/explain that finishing the inside of your clothing is just as important as the outside appearance this would be a great asset to a beginners.

  226. Yvette McInnis

    Good morning Anita and Happy Birthday again! Thanks so much for being so generous. You are definitely using the talents God gave you! I’d love to see a tutorial on how to layout and cut out fabric with a pattern so it lines up properly after sewing.
    Have a blessed day!

  227. Roxann

    Happy Birthday Anita! I woulld love to learn how to make perfectly bound buttonholes. Enjoy the rest of your birthday week.

  228. Liz

    I want to learn how to make a pair of pants that fit. I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. The waist is always to big and the crotch area never looks right. I need a new machine and this one will be excellent for me.

  229. Paula Cortés

    Hi Anita, happy birthday!! ❤
    I want to learn how to sew a draped coat.

    Kisses ?

  230. Terica Moss

    Anita, I can only hope to be as fabulous as you when I’m 50. Happy Birthday!

    I recently lost 50ish pounds, and I have to belt EVERYTHING. I’d like to learn how to alter my dresses. I’ve been leery about even making an attempt.

  231. Angelic Fullington

    Hello Mrs. Anita, thanks for being an inspiration to me. One thing I would love to learn is how to get a better fit of my finish garments. Thanks

  232. Shirette Johnson

    So exciting! Happy birthday!!
    I would love to make a coat. I have been looking at fashionable trench coats. I have been afraid to try. Lol
    Thank you for sharing your talent and helping others learn.

  233. DIANA

    Happy birthday beautiful lady. Love your video. What I would love to learn now to make is a blazer. Thank you so much. Peace and Love!

  234. Nina

    But I do a little bit of sewing I would love to learn more about making coats and more freshen up so lot of things I forgot how to do. I did take a little bit of sewing in school years ago. And I love all of your tutorials keep the tutorial coming.

  235. Demetra Jones

    Happy belated birthday Anita, I would love to learn the correct needle to use for fabrics.

  236. Ann

    Anita, I really want to learn to make a suit jacket – lined, seams perfectly finished, sleeves, buttons and all …

    (why do buttons frighten me ? )

  237. Sharon Lipford

    Good morning and Happy Belated Birthday. The one thing I want to learn about sewing is how to adjust patterns to fit my hips and waist. (Very hippie with small waist) It always seems to come out wrong. I would love to see a tutorial on it. I thank you in Advance. Have a blessed and wonderful Friday Mrs Anita.

  238. Kaycee Moore

    The first thing I’d like to learn is how to make a few doggie clothes for my pooch before cold weather arrives!

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