You are currently viewing Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary – What I Have Learned!!!

Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary – What I Have Learned!!!

It’s HERE!!!  Today is my Anniversary! WooHoo!  Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary to Anita by Design!  First, I want to thank you all for being a part of my celebration this week. I’ve had the best time getting to know my followers. On this anniversary day, I’m full of gratitude because God has blessed me with a gift I can share. He has blessed each and every one of us with something that can be used for the purpose of reaching out to others, for His glory.

What is your gift?  If you haven’t tapped into whatever that “something” is for you, I encourage you to take inventory.  What is it that you absolutely LOVE to do?  What is it that you wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of your life, even if you’re never paid a dime for it?  Whatever that may be for you, God can use it to inspire others.  People are always watching! Whether you are doing something on purpose to inspire, or just living life day-by-day with no focus, someone is watching. There is an abundance of opportunity out there where we can touch the lives of others. You, who are reading this right now, YOU are gifted.  Embrace your gift and use it.

Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary


Here is what I have learned during my first year of blogging:

  1. I am ENOUGH!  When I was contemplating this blogging adventure, I expressed my concerns to a dear friend and she said something that has proven to be absolute TRUTH. She looked at me and said, “Anita, you are enough!”  I’ll NEVER forget that moment. Hearing those words were “enough” for me to stop doubting what I had to offer. There are tons of sewing bloggers out there, but not a single one can offer what is unique to me.  They can’t offer me!  I’m the only one who can do Anita.  Being myself has proven to be my greatest accomplishment with the blog.
  2. I need COMMUNITY!  There is no way I can do this without engaging with the sewing community.  I’m learning how important it is to connect with, support, share, and learn from my fellow bloggers and sew sisters.  Being a lone ranger, seeking to do this on my own and keeping everything to myself will yield me one result—FAILURE!!!  I need you all.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT is golden!  This is the area where I need the most improvement. Being a very organized person, I need to have things in order because I function best with a routine.  Unfortunately, that has not been the case with my blogging.  Getting connected through social media and trying to stay “social” can quickly eat away the time.  Although I managed to remain consistent in my posting throughout the year, I have been all over the place in the process.  Hahaha!  You people probably thought she had it all together, huh?  Nope!  However, I do plan to get things in order so that I may be more efficient with my time this year.  My first step – Purchase a Planner and USE it!!! (Let me insert here while discussing time management. I’m sending a high-five, shout out, fist in the air, and holla to all my blogging sew sisters who post several times a week –Aaaand sew at the same time.  This has been WORK for me.  I haven’t sewn a SINGLE STITCH all week. Hahaha!  You guys are amazing!)
  4. Stay true to MY STYLE!  This kind of fits in with #1, but I think it deserves it’s own title.  I must KNOW my style, EMBRACE my style, and REPRESENT my style.  Within the sewing community you find a multitude of personal fashion styles.  My style is “LADYLIKE!”  Yes, I just made that up!  Hahaha!!!  Honestly, when I get dressed I want to look like a classy lady.  Therefore, the garments I sew for myself need to complement that style.  Whether it be a pair of jeans and t-shirt, a skirt and tank, a maxi dress, or full ball gown, I want to portray a woman who has confidence and self-respect.  Staying in my own lane, staying true to my style, keeps me “Living in my DESIGN, so that God may SHINE.”

1-Year Blog Anniversary - What I Have Learned!!!

It has surely been a blast sharing with you this week.  Thank you for joining me, supporting and following my blog, and encouraging me.  As I close out my 1-Year Blog Anniversary Week, may I tie it all together and leave you with one final word of encouragement? Make the most of your position in life.

  • Know who you ARE! (Day 1) – Every person has a story about how they’ve become the person they are today. Know your story.
  • Know your “WHY!” (Day 2) – Make sure you know the why behind what you do. There’s wisdom in purpose.
  • Know how you INSPIRE! (Day 3) – Know what it is about you that others are drawn to.
  • Know your MOTIVATION! (Day 4) – Know what makes you thrive, and do that.
  • Learn, Learn, LEARN! (Day 5) – There is a lesson in everything. Embrace the lessons and grow from them.

That’s all for today. I’m off to celebrate with my husband for the weekend.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Who won the $50 e-Gift Card to Michael Levine Fabrics?

And the WINNER is……

1-Year Blog Anniversary - What I Have Learned!!!
(Joseline, from Zimbabwe, entered the drawing on 1/17 @ 1:20 am PST.)

Joseline, you will be notified by email today.  You will have 48 hours, from the time the notification is sent, to respond in order to claim your prize.  Please check your spam folder if the email doesn’t arrive at your inbox.  Another name will be drawn if there is no response within 48 hours (no exceptions).

Thank you for stopping by!

Remember:  When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!


Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  21. Mrs. Chi

    Anita, I remember your very first blog post and still somehow thought you have been blogging much longer. You have done an awesome job this first year and God’s gift truly shines in your designs. Three things I have noticed about you is that you do in fact support and glean from other bloggers, you are a very classy woman, and you stay true to your aesthetic and values. I love that about you. You have definitely been more than enough for me this past year. I tip my hat to you for having the outage to share your gift with the world. Congratulations Anitabydesign! Keep doing your thing!

    1. Mrs. Chi

      That was supposed to be courage, not outage! Lol! ?

    2. Anita Morris

      Oh Mrs. Chi, thank you so much for this lovely comment! I really appreciate you for sticking with me the entire first year. Wow, your support means a lot. I will keep sharing as long as there is interest. Blessing to you!

  22. Greer LeJeun

    Oh! I want to congratulate you on your first year. Please continue, you’re blessing a large peoples who loves your work and teachings they will be a great access to others as well.

  23. Greer LeJeun

    I’m so impressed with your talent that God gave
    you. Not only you love to see you your heavenly
    That you want share his glory with others. He is not selfish God. That’s how he thinks about children he loves. This is a prime example of love For his love towards his children’s. thank you so I enjoy reading the blog. I’m a new person on the block.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh Greer, thank you so much, and welcome to the blog. I’m happy to know you’re enjoying it so far. Yes, Jesus must be first!

  24. Beverly

    Congratulations Anita on you’re first year as a blogger and inspiration to all sewist. I can’t wait to see you’re possible tutorials of the closet case patterns. Blessings everyone. Keep sewing.

  25. Sandra

    Congratulations Anita! I’m so glad to have discovered your blog last year. I was so impressed that I had to go back to the original post and start there to your current post. I look forward to your post every week, not just for your beautiful garments, but also for your words of wisdom. You are beautiful, graceful and kind which are attributes of a classy lady. God is shining through you!

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh Sandra, that really makes me smile. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my blog posts. Thank you so much! I look forward to bringing more awesome garments and tutorials this year.

  26. Deborah Hill/Queendeb

    Anita, your style is truly ladylike. I saw you at the latest conference and admired your style from afar. Congratulations on your anniversary and my you prosper even more this year.

    1. Anita Morris

      Heeeey Deborah! OMGosh, if you attend the conference this year, please come say hi if you see me. I’m so excited about attending again. Thank you so much for your support.

  27. Simone Cuomo

    Happy Anniversary Anita! You have been and continue to be an inspiration. Thank you for all that you contribute.

  28. Rosalyn Green

    Congratulations on your year Anita. Wonderful blog. Beautiful content and very encouraging. Hopefully the Proverbs 31 movement will continue to sewing and DIY for my home and family has been found within me by our heavenly father’s grace. Then he would see fit for us to come across amazing needles in the hay stack.


    1. Anita Morris

      Amen, my sister Rosalyn, amen! Thank you so much for your beautiful words.

  29. Alethia

    Congrats Anita! And, congrats Joseline on winning!!
    I must say we echo the same sentiments, and it’s my mission to help all who care to realize who they are, and what to do with it.
    As for who YOU are, yes, you are a VERY classy, ladylike, lady! It is truly evident you know who you are.
    Keep doing what you’really doing, you inspire so many of us.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much for joining me this week Alethia! I really appreciate your support.

  30. Lawana Powell

    I’ve been following all week and you’ve done great Anita!!! I’m working my way back to the blog…but as you know life gets in the way…I’m so proud of you!

    1. Anita Morris

      Lawanaaaaaaaaaa!!! It’s so nice to see you here. Thank you for being here this week. It means a lot. Yes, I certainly understand life taking its course. You are doing your thing in a great way. I’m so proud of you! Can’t wait to see you at the Conference in June.

  31. Michelle Painter

    What a great post today! Happy Anniversary to you and congrats to Joseline! All the best in your next year – keep them tutorials coming! 🙂

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much Michelle! Yes, I will keep them coming.


    Congratulations Ms. Anita!!!!! You’re very inspirational!!!!!!

  33. Peggy

    Powerful!!! Congratulations Joseline!!

  34. Dee

    Ms. Anita, Ms. Anita!

    Happy 1 Year Anniversary! Isn’t it wonderful to be able to reflect back on how it all got started.
    I have definitely enjoyed your blog and can’t wait to see what this 2017 holds for you.
    I’m glad that you have allowed me to be apart of it all.

    BWHAT! Bust, Waist, Hips and Thighs

    1. Anita Morris

      Heeeey Dee! Thank you so much sew sister! I really appreciate your support. I’m looking forward to doing our Haiti sewing together again.

  35. Michelle

    Congrats on a great first year Anita!

  36. Dara harper

    Congratulations, Joseline!! Happy sewing!

  37. Seronda Wayne

    Congrats on one year! I totally agree with you with staying in our design lane. Also congrats to Joseline!

  38. Julia

    Congrats to you. Classy is what I thought when I first saw your blog. Very classy. Congrats to Joseline all the way from Zimbabwe, love it.

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh YES! Thank you for saying that. Makes me know that I’m staying in my lane.

      I was so thrilled when I saw that the winner was from Zimbabwe. I’m happy for her.

  39. Paulette dowdie

    Congratulations on your anniversary!!! I did wait today till AFTER my conference call to read your blog…hahahah…. I thoroughly enjoyed this week on your blog, as yes, I did notice, there was a post EVERYDAY!…hahaha… And every post had nuggets. The one that resonates most with me, is ‘Know Your Style’. When I was in college, my boss gave me a coffee cup, with a pic of horses, and one zebra in the midst, with the words that said ‘Dare to be different’. That has always been me.. knowing my style and embracing it, and being true to me, all the time, and not changing me to fit in with the crowd! That is what drew me to you, as we share that in common. You exemplify knowing your style, and being true to YOU. Everything you make, reflects your style.. Classy, elegant, ladylike! You stay true to you, and you bring YOU 100% of the time! Congratulations again, and look forward to the continued journey with you on your blog.

    1. Anita Morris

      Heeeey Paulette! Thank you so much sew sister! I absolutely LOVE that you embrace your style instead of changing to fit in. I think it would just be too much work trying to fit in. So, yeah, let’s just keep doing us.

  40. Deirdre

    Happy Anniversary ANITA!!!!!!

  41. Deirdre

    Congratulations Joseline!!!!

  42. Nikiah

    Happy Anniversary Anita and enjoy your time with your hubby this weekend. Congrats Joseline; so happy you won.

  43. Lisa

    Happy Anniversary! And thank you for sharing yourself and your skills with us.

  44. Florence Brown

    Happy anniversary and congratulations to Joseline!

  45. KS Sews

    Congrats Joseline! Happy Anniversary Anita!

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts this past week!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Thank you so much sew sister, and thank you for joining me this week.

  46. Marie

    Anita you have truly succeeded with the look you’re going for. Whenever I look at the clothes you make one word always comes to mind… classy. Just the other day I was saying to my hubs how much you remind me of royalty, not just as a daughter of THE KING, but as a princess to a king. God bless you Anita, keep up the good work

    1. Anita Morris

      OoooWeee! Now don’t you make me start dancing over here. LOL! Oh, Marie, thank you so much for seeing what my heart desires. “Daughter of The King, and princess to a king!” YEEESSS!!! I LOVE that! Thank you for joining me this week!

  47. Demi Fuller

    Happy Anniversary Mrs. Anita!!!!

  48. sheila

    Congrats to Joseline and have a great weekend !!