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Making a Comeback! + Common Threads 2018

Hello my Sew Sisters & Brothers!

It has been so long since I’ve written a blog post that I almost don’t know where to start. Rather than write a long post about how I’m doing since the death of my husband, I thought I would simply share a video that I posted to my YouTube Channel recently. It pretty much sums up where I am right now in this journey. I’m making my way back and looking forward to sewing again. Click on the photo below for the video update. (Recorded 2 weeks ago)

Making a Comback! + Common Threads 2018
(Video recorded two weeks ago.)

Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

To help facilitate my return to the sewing community I attended the Baby Lock Common Threads 2018 event in Fenton, Missouri last week. Upon receiving the invitation, I was immediately hesitant about attending for a couple of reasons. First, I wasn’t sure how I would hold up emotionally with it being my first time traveling without my husband. Secondly, I had not met anyone from the Baby Lock team yet. Although I’m comfortable with initiating conversations and meeting new people, my mindset going in was different this time, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nevertheless, I decided to be brave and do this thing. This year’s theme was, “We Can Do It.” No coincidence for me at all.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

Shortly before the event began, I was so happy to find out that my sew sister, Candice Ayala, with Sewing Portfolios, was attending also. It was really nice to have Candice there. We were sewing buddies and shared a machine for a couple of the projects we completed. It was her first time at Common Threads too and we both warmed up to the crowd quickly on Day 1 during an activity called “Speed Dating.” We all sat at tables and rotated seats, meeting with each person for about 5 minutes until we ended up back at our original seat. I thought it was a nice way to quickly meet the attendees, especially for a first timer.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018
(Photo by Candice Ayala)

After introductions, on the first night, we gathered in the studio to begin Class 1 where we learned to draft and sew a pair of leggings using the Triumph Serger. The class was taught by Mallory & Zedee of Using their M2M Leggings technique, they taught us how to measure our own body and draft a pair of leggings for a perfect fit. The one benefit they mentioned that hit home with me about self drafting the leggings is that when you measure them to fit your own body, you never have to worry about them being too tight and distorting the print of the fabric. I’m sure we’ve all seen what it looks like when there’s too much stretch across the width of a printed knit fabric when worn too tightly. Not a very pleasant look. My leggings turned out great but I didn’t get a picture of me wearing them. Here is a photo of some that were completed in class.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

On the second day, we finished our leggings from Class 1. Then in Class 2, we completed a quilting project with Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter. Using the Destiny II, Amy walked us through the steps of making Smile Bags to be donated to Operation Smile. Now let me tell you, I’m not a quilter at all, but this was a very simple introduction to quilting. It’s always rewarding to create projects for charity organizations. I believe giving back is essential in life. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “We’re blessed to be a blessing.” It’s true! Our gifts and talents are given that they may benefit others.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

We also had the pleasure of learning from three speakers from the Influencer Panel. Pat Sloan of The Voice of Quilting spoke about building our communities on social media. Christopher Thompson of The Tattooed Quilter taught us how to balance prints in our projects. Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative Company taught us how to engage our Instagram audiences.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

After all our activities were completed on Day 2, Baby Lock surprised us all by taking us to Opera Theater St. Louis to see La Traviata. What a wonderful treat this was, as I had never attended an Opera before. I’ve always wanted to experience the Opera but just never got around to doing it. I really enjoyed it and look forward to attending my next one.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

On the last day, Class 3 was all about embroidery. Nicci Brazzel of Nicci’s Embroidery taught us how to use the IQ Designer function on the Destiny II while we made cute little snap baskets. We learned how to program the machine to create beautiful stitch patterns. Oh that MACHINE! The laser beam!!! The “push-button” needle threader. I’m a complete sucker for easy needle threading.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

Overall, I enjoyed Common Threads 2018 and look forward to attending again in 2019. We were all given a swag bag full of sewing goodies to take home. My takeaway is that when you have something you’re passionate about, and come together with others who share that passion, there is much opportunity to learn, grow, and inspire.

Making a Comeback + Baby Lock Common Threads 2018

As I was already beginning to experience an increased desire to sew again, attending Common Threads 2018 gave me the extra motivation. I look forward to getting back into my studio and sharing more of my love of sewing with you.

Thank you for stopping by!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!


Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Belvia West

    Anita…I viewed your youtube video on making a t-shirt dress; it was fabulous! Even though I have been sewing for many years, I picked up a couple of tips in the way you do things; for that, I thank you! Anything to make things move faster and produce an improved final product!

  2. Gloria

    You are a real inspiration for me! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  3. Fay (UK)

    Anita Welcome back and a moment of silence to remember your husband. Gone from your eyes but forever in your hearts. Myself and the ladies and gents in the sewing group I am in who follow you were shocked to her about your husband even though we knew he was not well, still a shock. on behalf of all of us we are sending you your children and family prayers, blessings and an abundance of strength. Wonderful to have you back.

  4. Sandra

    Hello Anita! What a blessing to hear that you are doing well, and healing in God’s timing. The Holy Spirit will lead you, just listen to His soft voice. Love you and praying for you and your sons! God’s Blessings!!!

  5. Robin

    Love this post! Welcome back!

  6. Linda

    I am happy to hear that you are starting to take small steps to recover.

  7. Teresa Penson

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us! It is with great pleasure that I read your blog and welcome your return! I have truly missed you, your smile, your sharing of wealth of information and your whimsical stories at times!! This girl (even tho we have not YET met in person but have spoken on the phone) LOVES YOU SISTA ANITA!!!!! My sista of anotha mista!??
    Let me know if you are ever on the east coast, particularly Michigan! Lol

  8. Arnetta Washington

    Praise the Lord! Glad you are back. Continuing to thank God for strengthening you daily. May the peace of God also
    Keep you. God bless you sister!

  9. Debbie Cook

    I don’t know you personally and haven’t followed your blog long, but in that short time, I have learned that you are truly an inspiration. Peace be to you and your family as you find your new “normal.”

  10. Danette Hutchenson

    Thanks for sharing Miss Anita, you are such an inspiration to me. God bless you!

  11. Anita

    Greetings! Praying you peace. Your courage inspires. My query today for learning to sew lead me to your tutorials/blog. Your post description made me feel I will be in good hands with your direction. So excited to buy a machine and get started.

  12. Gwendolyn Styles

    WELCOME BACK ANITA! Really missed you!

  13. Lena Grip

    So happy you are coming back. Missed you so much and I am in a great need of a good sewing teacher and you are one of the best.

  14. Linda L

    HI Anita, glad you are back God Bless U

  15. Dionne Lewis

    Welcome back miss happy your back

  16. Toni

    So happy to see you sis!! Welcome back!

  17. Nola

    I have the utmost love and admiration for you sister Anita! You are such an amazing woman and inspiration. I’m so glad God has you in the palm of His hand. You’re going to be just fine…with every setback is an incredible comeback! ❤

  18. Monica

    Welcome back so glad to see you

  19. Angie

    Awesome and I’m so glad to see you back at it.

  20. dorothy scales

    omg you were in my neck of the woods, I live in St. Louis! So happy that you are back. Praying for comfort and peace through out everything. Miracles and blessings my sew sister!

    1. Anita Morris

      Aaaahhh… I flew into St. Louis a day early. I wish I had known. Thanks for the prayers.

  21. Peggy

    Welcome back Anita!! It’s great to have you home.

  22. Pam

    It’s good to see you here.

  23. Vanessa

    *so good seeing you. (Apologies for the grammatical error)

  24. Isa

    Welcome back! Such exciting news a d a great way to start getting back into sewing. I love the M2M Leggings, perfect fit for your body. I can’t wait to see what you can do this year. God Bless.

  25. Vanessa

    Sister, it is so so seeing you and knowing that you and your sons are being kept in Our Father’s care. Anita you are a light and example of the faith we must have in Him.
    I look forward to your future blogs. Thank you for the video to let us know how you are. God bless and keep you and your sons.

  26. Cindy

    Welcome back Anita! So glad to read you’re making your way back, you were truly missed. Continued prayers for you and your family!

  27. Vicki (Sewnaptural)

    Anita. It is great to see you continue with sewing and spreading the joy of Yeshua. I pray you are filled with fond memories as you utilize what CEMO taught you in your studio. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks Vicki! Thanks for the prayers.

  28. Carmen

    Sew glad to see you. May God continue to shine through you.

  29. Heide V

    So happy, or should I say “sew” happy to have you back, have been praying for you and your family, and will continue to do so

    1. Anita Morris

      Thanks so much for the prayers, Heide!

  30. Toni n Reed

    I am so glad to see you back my sew sister!! Your smile is infectious. Keeping you in prayer and looking forward to seeing many more posts from you.

  31. Kaija Brinson


    I am smiling. Great to see you coming back.

  32. Keshna

    so excited to see you are coming back to your sewing.

  33. Brenda

    I have no words, except I’m so happy to see your smiling face! I think of you often and wonder how you and your boys are. Glad you’re back!!!

  34. Deirdre Jenkins

    Hi Anita!!! My day is always brighter when I see a post from you! Just wanted to say hello!

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh gosh! Thanks so much Deirdre!

  35. Libby

    I too am glad to see this post; it’s been a rough few days for me; but when there is
    someone wearing your shoes and steps out, it’s knowing I can too. I love your quote –

    “When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that GOD shines !!”

    1. Anita Morris

      Amen, sister, AMEN! Yes, let’s step out together. We can do this! He is our strength.

  36. Dianne Edwards

    So happy to see that big smile again. GOD is so good. Your strength has been an example in my life.

  37. Cynthia Willis

    I’m so happy you decided to brave the unknown and go to Common Threads! I’m sure you learned a lot, and the comradarie wasn’t great among those creative minds. You are so right, we are blessed when we bless others, doing good for someone else is a reward unto itself! You CAN do It! Love you, girl!

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, Cynthia, YES! I love you too, sister.

  38. Florence

    It’s good to see your smiling face Ms. Anita and glad you found the extra motivation you needed to get you sewing again. I am continually keeping you and your sons uplifted in prayer. Hugs to you and while grief has no timetable, the Lord is a constant source of strength and comfort.

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, He is everything I need to get through this. Thanks for the encouragement and prayers. I appreciate it so much.

  39. Elizabeth

    Welcome back! So happy to see your name in my inbox. You have been missed.

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