You are currently viewing McCall’s 7621 – Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

McCall’s 7621 – Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

Happy Wednesday!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a group of my sew sisters in person for the first time this past weekend. The Sew Much Talent Facebook Group, led by Alethia Hudson had their first Sewing Retreat in Agusta, Georgia. The women in this group have been an amazing support to me and my family from the time my husband was first diagnosed with his illness. They were very persistent in praying for him and our family. They’ve reached out to check on me through facebook, sent packages of cards, once during his illness and another after he passed away. I could not wait to meet and spend time with these beautiful sisters.

McCall’s 7621 – Cold Shoulder Bodycon Dress

On Saturday night we had a Dinner & Gala and everyone made their own dresses for the event. When I found out I needed to make a gala dress, immediately my mind went to a floor-length gown. I started looking through my patterns for something simple but nothing really grabbed my interest. After thinking about it for several weeks, I was coming up with nothing. As the time drew near, I had a conversation with Alethia and she mentioned “cocktail” attire for the Gala. Oooohhh, well THAT made the decision much easier. I was at JoAnn’s one day for a pattern sale and when I saw this McCall’s 7621 – Bodycon Dress, I knew it was the one. By this time, I was very short on time and knew the dress could be cut and sewn up in one day. I went through my fabric stash and found this sexy Metallic Knit that I received from when I was a contributor for Sew Sew Def Magazine. Honey, honey, honey! I knew that this pattern and fabric combination would produce a hot number. If my husband were here, he would say, “Aw Yeah! You look good Nee Nee.” Man, I sure miss modeling my makes for my CEMO.

I have great news for beginners. This dress is beginner-friendly!!! There are only three pattern pieces involved, with no zippers, buttons, or special techniques required. If you have a very basic knowledge of sewing, you should be successful in completing this dress because the instructions are very straightforward.  The various necklines and back options make it a very versatile pattern. If you really want some hotness, sew it up in a v-neck and band with low back. OooWeee, honey girl! They won’t be ready for you. Hahaha!!! I love this dress and plan to sew it again in the future and maybe I’ll do the low back. It would be absolutely fabulous in all kinds of prints. What about a crushed velvet or leather? She’s about to get something started up in here. Hahaha!!! Whatever the case, we will always keep it classy.

Sew Much Talent Sewing Retreat

I had a nice time at the Sew Much Talent Sewing Retreat. Meeting some of my sew sisters in person was the highlight of the trip for me. On Thursday evening, there was a Meet-N-Greet and Brown Bag Challenge, where we teamed up and created garments from unconventional items. The models walked the runway and the winning team was chosen.  

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

On Friday, we attended three classes. Alethia Hudson shared basic information for beginners. Victoria Baylor, of Distinctly You Image Color/Consulting, educated us on the importance of choosing the right colors to complement our skin tones. Gentleman Jim McFarland, Master Tailor, shared his wisdom on tailoring techniques. All three instructors shared great tips for helping us to become better in our craft.

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

On Saturday morning, we had free sewing time where some worked on sewing garments, some learned fitting techniques, some floated around to help others, and I focused on cutting out garments so that I could have projects ready to go upon returning home.

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

I was so thrilled to meet with Victoria Baylor for a private, personal color analysis. Using what she taught us in class the day before, it was very interesting to see how different colors affected my skin tone. My results were both expected and surprising. I knew that I could wear lots of colors, but I was surprised to learn that some earth tones work for me. I’ve stayed away from them because I thought they washed my skin out. What I learned is that there are different undertones for each color, and if I choose an earth tone with the same undertone as my skin, it works. WooHoo! Grays, tans, and browns, I’m coming back to you. I must say it was shocking to learn that bright white doesn’t work for me, but I understand it now because of my skin undertone. I have to stick with off-whites, or not wear bright whites close to my face unless it’s mixed in a print with other colors that complement the skin tone. Victoria shared a wealth of information that taught me how to choose the best colors for my skin tone and different moods. Have you ever had a professional color analysis? I did an online analysis years ago, which helped me to add color to my wardrobe. Before that, I had a closet full of black, gray, tan and brown garments. It was so much better receiving this service from a professional. Victoria shared so much information and draped color swatches over my shoulder, near the face, so that I could actually see what happens when colors work and don’t work. It’s quite amazing to see how the wrong color will do absolutely nothing for your skin tone or even make you look dull, as opposed to a complementary color that brightens your eyes, skin and makes you shine. Now that I’ve had a professional color analysis, I would recommend it to everyone. The results really are helpful. Victoria offers both in-person and virtual consultations.

McCall's 7621 - Cold-Shoulder Bodycon Dress

This was a nice getaway for me. I’m so grateful to God for His provision and love. I look forward to meeting more of my sew sisters in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!

Remember: When you live in your DESIGN, it is from there that God SHINES!




Anita Morris

Anita is the Author of STEP Into It, Overcoming Trials That Lead To Purpose. She is also an Online Sewing Instructor for beginner sewists. She is passionate about helping women to step into their purpose by walking in the calling on their lives. She hosts a popular YouTube channel where she helps women to become confident in their sewing skills.

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  1. Carol Wangui

    It’s awesome seeing all the sewing faves I follow all in a room together. So wonderful. I am definitely hoping to come the next one!

    1. Carol Wangui

      And you look beautiful! HAD to include that.

  2. Monica

    You like like a million bucks!!! Sooo beautiful!
    And your smile is the best part of all 🙂

  3. Lisa Gossett

    SO beautiful!!!!

  4. Chelene Nightingale

    In one day? This made me laugh as I recalled sewing in home economics in Junior high. My mother sewed and like you, she was very talented. Since I was a straight A student, I thought seeing would be a breeze. Oh no, I flopped and big time…a F grade. I used my debating skills and with my mom’s assistance, I turned that F into a C. Thankfully sewing was only half the grade and for the semester I earned a B. Thus my experience with sewing has me in awe of your talent. Way to go Anita! Cemo is smiling from heaven,!!


    This learn to sew is amazing!! And you are amazing too Anita. I want to follow you more.

  6. Nancy E Morris

    You look amazing!

  7. Tarah

    This dress looks lovely on you.

  8. Sheila Simpson

    Girl……..this is THE dress! I love a cold shoulder. I love, love, love this dress, and I love it on you!! This is one I’d definitely make. It’s easy but oh so elegant. Wow, just gorgeous!

    Looks like you have a wonderful time at the retreat. I had a color analysis years ago. So long that I’ve forgotten some of the colors. I know I’m a Winter, if that is still part of the terminology. I can wear neon greens and yellows, and I think bright whites because of the green undertones in my skin. Kinda fun to find out what colors look good on you. It’s always a surprise with some of them. Thanks for a great blog post. ❤

  9. Gwendolyn Styles

    I’m glad you had a wonderful time, there are more to come! And uh yea, the dress is fierce on you!

  10. Peggy

    Beautiful dress Anita. I thank God that He blessed you with that trip. God bless you more!

  11. Rosalind David

    Hi Anita,

    This dress is too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sharisse

    Wow!!!! You look AMAZING!!!
    I need to grab that pattern. 3 pieces? Oh yea!! I can do that

  13. Lisa Spindle

    I am so excited when it comes to seeing the garments you make. You are amazing and your personality comes through in each picture you share. I am inspired and learning all at once
    Thank you so much for sharing yourself with the world. Blessings to you always

  14. Jean

    Just want you to know that you are a beautiful woman inside and out. I don’t know you personally but I feel that I do because of the blog. God has truly blessed you and I thank you for sharing your makes with us. The dress and fabric you chose is on point. You look wonderful as usual. Keep sharing and God Bless

  15. Kris

    This dress is just stunning on you! Wow! What a marvelous retreat for you to attend. Being surrounded by people who love you is such a good healing.. You have so inspired me in many ways. God Bless you always.

  16. Alethia

    Awesome post! I soooo ejoyed your company and I am truly grateful that you were able to attend.Thanks for sharing your time at retreat. I am so looking forward to next year!!

    1. Anita Morris

      Alethia, it was wonderful to meet you in person. Thank you for your time in putting together the event. I really enjoyed spending time with you all.

  17. Rita! Love it and the recent things you have been posting.

  18. Sandra

    Hi Anita, You look amazing! So glad to see you having a great time with other fabulous sew sisters. Can’t wait to see your makes that you prepped for to sew up. Happy sewing and God’ Blessings!

  19. Deirdre

    Oh how I wish I had known you would be there. Hate I missed an opportunity to meet you. And the Mr. Jim no less! I’m sure it was an amazing event!

  20. Rosalind D

    Cute, cute, cute!!!! You are such an inspirational seamstress! Amazing????

  21. Keshna Donia

    Anita your smile is contagious even through the internets!!!! Your dress is gorgeous as well! As always thank you for sharing!

  22. Dara

    You look Beautiful as usual Anita! Looks like you had a “sewing good time”! I would love to attend something like this.

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