Before I begin today’s discussion, I have to ask, “Have you decluttered your wardrobe?”

 WARNING!!! I do not recommend moving on to the next part of this Series until you’ve completed Step 1 of  SWAP. Trust me, it will make the planning process much easier. Since decluttering my wardrobe, every time I walk into the closet, I feel great. This past week, I spent less time choosing outfits. Decluttered wardrobe for the WIN!!! And I’m not the only one who’s reaping the benefits already.


Here’s what Edie had to say:

“I took that first step in decluttering and I feel so relieved. I go to my closet now and just look in because I am so satisfied with what I have done and how it looks. Because I have fewer selection of clothes, it makes easier deciding of what I’m going to wear that day. Thank you, thank you! For even this seemingly small step is so powerful in my day to day selections.” (Edie)

Thanks for sharing, Edie! I’m still amazed at how the clutter prevented me from seeing the potential of my wardrobe. I’ve already put together 5 church outfits for the month of December from what’s already in my closet, simply by mixing pieces I’ve never worn together. This is so much fun! Now I’m ready to take you into the next step.



However, before we move on, there’s important business to take care of first. Last week, I introduced you to the book, “True Style” A Look Beyond the Surface, where author, Glenda K. Harrison, walks her readers through the steps of discovering their personal style. If you entered the drawing for a copy of Glenda’s book, she’s here to announce 2 winners today. Yes, she wanted to bless two people. So, without further ado, here’s Glenda. Click on video below.

Congratulations to the WINNERS! You will be contacted soon. If you’d like to purchase a copy of “True Style” A Look Beyond the Surface, you may order HERE.



After you’ve discovered your personal style and decluttered your wardrobe, you’re now ready to begin planning. I’m a firm believer that writing things down is beneficial when it comes to organizing any project. For that reason, I’d like to introduce you to the “Sew Plan It” Personal Sewing Planner, created by Shari Williams of My Daily Threadz, LLC. After I shared on Instagram, in October, about how unorganized my sewing projects were in the past, Shari reached out and sent me a copy of her new planner.


I’ve never used a sewing planner before and I’m super excited that it became available at such a time as this. I’m very impressed with the beautiful design and amazing product that Shari put together. There are pages for everything you need to plan your DIY wardrobe. Some of the pages included are: Monthly and Weekly Planning Guides; To Do Lists; Style Guides; Individual Project Pages, accompanied by Croquis Sketch Sheets; Vision Boards; Note Pages and more. Shari offers three nationality art divider options; African American, Caucasian, and Multicultural. I’ll be using the “Sew Plan It” Personal Sewing Planner for the next steps in this Series.


Shari will be joining us next week to give away a copy of her Planner. If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, you must be subscribed to this blog, then ENTER DRAWING HERE. (Drawing Closed) Entries are limited to US residents only, as My Daily Threadz is currently only shipping within the Continental United States. All entries must be submitted by Friday, November 30th at 11:59 pm, Pacific Time. The winner will be announced here next Wednesday, December 5th. If you can’t wait, and want a copy right away, you may order HERE now.  To learn more about Shari, you may contact and follow her on these sites: Website YouTubeInstagram Pinterest/  Twitter / Facebook.



As we begin our planning, I’d first like to clarify that this Series will not teach you how to build a Capsule Wardrobe. This term was created by a woman named Susie Faux, in the 1970s. “According to Faux, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be augmented with seasonal pieces” (

While I think the Capsule Wardrobe is a brilliant idea, it’s not what I’m creating at this time. My desire, in this Series, is to simply create pieces (both essential and non-essential) that I will actually wear, with no strict limitations as to number of pieces, color, or types of garments. However, if you happen to be planning a Capsule Wardrobe, the following steps will be very helpful for you too. Let’s begin.

I’ve created a Printable PDF Worksheet to assist you in recording the steps below. If you already own a planner, you may record the information there. I’ve used my Planner to record my 1-Month Sewing Plan, and the PDF Worksheet for the other steps. If you don’t have a Planner, you may use the PDF Worksheet and then transfer the information over if you decide to use a planner later.



During this portion of the planning, don’t consider patterns, fabric or color. Focus only on what you like to wear. We’ll address these other topics later.


Using the PDF Worksheet, we’ll go through the Wardrobe Category Guide above 3 times (similar to the decluttering rounds). With each round, we’ll narrow down our choices until we have one month of sewing planned. Later in the Series, we’ll further condense the 1-Month Plan into weeks. Follow the prompts below and take your time. This should be fun, not stressful (unless you’re working with a cluttered wardrobe). 





Round #1: Where do you go? What do you wear? Using the PDF Worksheet, for each area of your life, write down what garments you like to wear to the places you go. (home, work, school, church, dates, gym, special events, etc.)



Round #2: What do you have in your closet now? If you’ve already decluttered your wardrobe, this step should be easy. List how many items you own in each category. Tip: I recommend doing your laundry before starting this process, or at least including laundry items in your list.

(Example: TOPS: 2 Turtlenecks; 1 Long-sleeve t-shirt; 14 Short-sleeve T-shirts; 5 Camisoles; 3 Tanks; 2 Cold-Shoulder Blouses)


Round #3: Choose the season for which you want to sew. What items are needed to fill in the gaps of your current wardrobe for the season you’re addressing? For each category, list the type of garment you plan to sew. Use your LIFESTYLE list above, and record items you want to wear.

(Example for Fall/Winter TOPS: Long Sleeve T-shirts; Turtlenecks; Sweatshirts; Knit Varieties; Sweaters; )


Using the information you recorded above, list the items you plan to sew for your first month of SWAP. You may choose to sew one item from each category, all from the same category, or mix it up however you desire. Consider the number of weeks in the month, and how many items you’ll be able to complete.


 Important note: Don’t over plan! This is between you and your schedule. Be realistic. One sure way to become discouraged is not finishing what you start by a long shot. In keeping with my normal pace, I plan to sew one garment each week. If I happen to fall short, I give myself permission to carry the leftover project into the following month.


Your 1-Month Sewing Plan is now complete. You may put it aside for now, and we’ll return to it later.


We’ve discovered our personal style, decluttered our wardrobes, and planned our first month of Sewing with a Plan. Now we’re ready to move on to the next step. Be sure to join me here next week, because we’ll be tackling the infamous pattern stash.


How are you doing so far? Do you have any questions, tips or comments? I’d love to hear your feedback. If you feel this content is helpful, please share the post with those you think will benefit from it the most.

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  1. MsLola

    Hello Anita! 🙂 I hope you’re having a peaceful week.

    My wardrobe has been decluttered. There was not much to get rid of. I don’t find that I really need anything else added to it. Maybe a few slacks and turtle necks but that’s about it. My pattern stash is quite small also. I stopped buying fabric a few months ago because I got tired of stashing them away for future projects. From now on I plan to buy with the purpose of making something right away.

    1. Anita Morris

      You are a dream! Thank you for sharing and I’m so glad to hear that you are already on track. Bravo!!!

  2. Nikki

    I’ve done the decluttering, and it was good to donate ‘nice’ things that I didn’t actually wear. Since I haven’t sewn for many years, I feel like a beginner. Shall I go ahead and move through the sewing projects you have for beginners? I don’t even have a skirt, or very many tops, so perhaps this is a good idea for me. Any thoughts?

    1. Anita Morris

      Hi Nikki. Congratulations on decluttering your wardrobe. So it sounds like you need a refresher. You can certainly go through the projects from the beginner’s course. However, I recommend going through Step 2 of this Series first. Find out what you need to add to your wardrobe before sewing anything. The garments in the Beginner’s Sewing Course are all basic pieces, so they will likely fit into your wardrobe. But having a clear vision of your needs before you start will be helpful. Have fun moving forward.

  3. Paris McDaniel

    Anita, I never even considered a sewing planner. With 4 children at home, we have planners for everything: school, groceries, meals, etc. Why did I not think of this sooner? Sewing is my passion and what a great way this is to collect my thoughts without having to start over each day. Thank you!

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, Paris, you’re very welcome. Enjoy your new planner.

  4. Alethia

    Anita, this really is a great and timely series. Your intentional and in depth focus on this subject is note-worthy. Kudos to you! I, myself, am stuck on the first decluttering stage. Items are boxed, but it is imperative that I go through round 2, then round three, lol!

    1. Anita Morris

      Oh, thank you so much, Alethia! Yes, I had to go through all the rounds, including the sixth one. LOL! You’re really gonna love it after you’re done.

  5. Tarah

    I’m excited to participate in this journey with you. Thank you for sharing so we can all benefit.

    1. Anita Morris

      You’re very welcome, Tarah!

  6. Angie J

    Yes, another great article Anita. I’m a shame to say but I have her planner but haven’t taken out of the shipping box yet. I am truly a planner girl, daily planner, spiritual planner and yes a sewing planner which I already have but couldn’t resist Shari’s awesome planner. I will crack it open soon. Thanks again for series because I have even started to spread some of your de-cluttering not only to my wardrobe but even in life. Healthy living all the way around.

    1. Anita Morris

      Yes, Angie! I’m decluttering my entire life too. I’ve always been very organized but haven’t been with my sewing. I’m so excited about this Series because it’s gonna help me to do better. Glad you already have planners. Have fun with your decluttering.

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